LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone - Solved

You may notice that, after Hard Reset LG LS770 smart phone it will stuck on the screen called "Configuring Your Phone" and it will not move forward. So here in this topic we will discuss, how to solve this problem on LG smart phones for the Model LS770. The below is the complete and working process to solve "Configuring Your Phone" on LG phones for the Model LG LS770.

LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone Solution Here

How to Solve LG LS770 Configuring Your Phone?
1- Hard reset the phone.
2- After Switch On Go to Accessibility and scroll down to Switch Access and Turn ON.
3- Now go back and click on Next.
4- Do not connect to any WiFi just lick Next.
5- Now it will show "Your Phone is not configured"
6- Now press the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key at the same time For 3 Seconds then release all keys
7- Then Click the back button on touch screen
8- Now you will see two option "Retry" and "Skip"
9- Then just click on Skip and the click Next

That's all now you have successfully bypass the Configure Scree on LG LS770 Android smart phone.

How To Turn Off iPhone 6S When Frozen

Is your iPhone hangs on logo and you are not able to switch off the phone, then you are in right place to know how to switch off an iPhone when frozen. Are you wondering to know how to switched off or turn off iPhone when it frozen or hang on Apple logo?

How to turn off or switch off an iPhone 6s when frozen

How to Turn Off iPhone 6S When It Hangs on Logo?

Method 1:

1- First Hold the Power Key
2- Then press Home Key + Volume Down Key
3- When the phone is off release the Power and Home Key and keep holding the volume down key.


Method 2:

1- First press and hold the power key
2- Now press home key + both volume keys
3- When the screen goes off release only the power key and home key

In this way you can switch off or turn off iPhone 6S if it's frozen on logo or hang on Apple logo. This process is working and tested on iPhone 6S when it's stuck on Apple logo. Please read and follow the above steps carefully and it will work for you.

Oppo Qualcomm EDL Mode Reset FRP and Format User Data

Here you will know the complete process and free frp tool on Qualcomm CPU phones. If you are searching for how to hard reset and frp lock Oppo smart phones, having Qualcomm CPU or chip-set then you are in right place, here you will download free frp and hard reset tool for Oppo smart phones and do the hard reset and frp unlock on any model of Oppo smart phone having Qualcomm processor.

Oppo Qualcomm EDL Mode Reset FRP, Hard Reset and Format User Data

As you know on some Oppo smart phones, if you forgot the Pattern lock or PIN or Password then you may not able to hard reset the phone. When you try to hard reset the phone, whether it's through hard key or settings it will ask to confirm the lock code you used on that particular device. If the Oppo phone is runs on Qualcomm CPU then do not worry, you can easily hard reset and unlock frp lock on this device by using the free frp and hard reset tool edl mode.

How To Use This Tool?

1- Download Qualcomm EDL Mode Hard Reset and FRP Tool from the below link.
2- Extract the zip file, it may ask for password (see below).
3- Now open the tool and go to Qualcomm Tab.
4- Connect the phone with EDL mode to PC.
5- Now click on "Reset FRP" or "Format User Data" It depends what you need to do, then wait until the reset process compete and you are done.


Qualcomm EDL Mode FRP and Hard Reset Tool Here.

If you choose Reset FRP then it will do the frp unlock on the phone and if it's "format userdata" then it will do a factory reset of the phone.

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any kind of damage happens to the phone.

Password = fctfrptool

RBSoft Mobile Tool v1.6 Full 100% Working

RBSoft mobile tool is use full for flashing and unlocking Android smart phones. This tool helps to remove Mi account on any Xiaomi Redmi Mi phones and now it's support MIUI 8.1. Using this tool you can do hard reset and frp unlock and format and mi account on generic Qualcomm cpu. So if you are searching for hard reset Mi smart phones, then this tool will help you to hard reset and remove mi account with single click on Xiaomi Redmi Mi All models.

RBSoft Mobile Tool V1.6 Full Working Download Here

Added support for new CPU's for FRP and Format for Generic Qualcomm etc.
Supported Cpu For Format And Frp and mi account for all Mi phones.


-supported Xiaomi Redmi Mi readinfo in Recovery mode.
-supported Xiaomi Redmi Mi format in Recovery + EDL Mode.
-Support for unlock MI account for more Xiomi* models added.

Support for Generic phones like LeTv, Oppo,Vivo,Lyf, etc added for Format and FRP Unlock.

Added Support for Auto detection CPU-

Now no need to select model, just connect phone and software will auto-detect cpu and do required operation as selected by user.

In case phone still mi account locked,please tic on alternative mi option and do job again.

For other features like HTC flashing, Qcn writing,etc. please use old module for now. All will be added in next module with more support and enhancement.

This version is still beta. On too much demand of users we have released it. If you find any bug or have any recommendation post with log.

How to Use RBSoft Mobile Tool For Mi Account Unlock?

1- Open the RBSoft Mobile tool.
2- Go to Qualcomm Tab
3- Now put the Mi phone to EDL Mode and Install EDL USB Driver.
4- Now click "Reset FRP" and wait until the process completed.

That's all now you have successfully remove MI account lock on the phone, in this tool now you do not need to select the model, it will automatically detect the CPU and do the 'frp reset' for the phone.

RBSoft Mobile Tool Features:

1- Reset FRP EDL Mode.
2- Format User Data EDL Mode.
3- Remove Account EDL Mode.
4- Format Userdata EDL Mode Xiaomi.
5- Read Info Recovery Mode.
6- Format Recovery Mode.


You can download by searching on Google or click here.

Xiaomi Mi (2016002) Mi Max Remove Mi Account OK

Redmi Xiaomi Mi 2016002 Mi Max remove Mi account or FRP lock success. Here in this topic you will know how to remove mi account on Mi Max smart phone. If the Mi Max Android smart phone is mi account locked then do not need to flash the phone using this process here you can easily remove mi account on this phone.

Here in this process of removing mi account on Xiaomi phones, you can use a tool called RBSoft_V1.5_Full and easily remove the mi account. To remove mi account Mi Max you need to put the phone in to EDL mode and then install Qualcomm QDloader USB driver and use this tool to remove Mi account. In this process you do not need to flash the phone just follow the below process to remove mi account without flashing the phone.

How to remove Mi Account on Xiaomi Mi Max 2016002

Xiaomi Mi Max (2016002) Remove Mi Account:

1- Download RBSoft_V1.5_Full
2- Put the phone to EDL Mode
3- Open the RB Soft tool and go to 'Xiaomi' tab and select 'Mi Max'.
4- Then choose the COM Port and click on Remove Account

Mi Max Remove Mi Account Log:

Select Model: Mi Max
Selected Operation: FRP
Opening Port COM82...Ok
Sending Loader...Ok
Removing Account Wait...Ok
Closing Port...Ok
Job Finish Successfully.
Press and hold power key for 15-20 second for restart.

Download New FRP Unlock/Bypass APK 2018 Here

As you know after Android 5.0 launched in the Smart phone market, there is a new option implemented on Android OS called Factory Reset Protection what we called FRP lock. If you hard reset the Android phone having Android operating system 5.0 or higher without having the Gmail id used on that particular phone then you may stuck on the re-verification screen on the smart phone, that's called FRP lock. You have to provide the same Gmail id and password used on the same handset.

By searching this website you can get some basic idea to bypass Factory Reset Protection or FRP lock, but remember if the phone does not belongs to you and you are not the actual owner of the Smartphone, then please do not bypass the FRP lock or it you are a Mobile Technician then ask for the proper bill of the phone to customer otherwise do it at your own risk.

All FRP Unlock Bypass and Account Manager APK Download

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Download FRP Bypass and Account Manager APK from the below link.

FRP Bypass and Account Manager APK

Download New frp unlock or bypass APK and Account manager APK from the above link and bypass all Android frp lock.