Saturday, September 24, 2016

All About Redmi Mi Account Remove or Bypass

As you know on Redmi Mi phones, there is a security option for the user, that they can create Mi Account to Recover the phone, in case you forgot the user name and password of the account it's difficult to open the phone after doing a hard reset. Here is the tutorial or topic about Xiaomi Redmi Mi phones, that can you remove or delete or bypass Mi Account after hard reset or flash or update the phone software.

Why Redmi Mi Account Need?
If you format or wipe data of the Mi phone using hard keys or buttons and the phone has latest Mi firmware or Xiaomi MIUI 7 higher version firmware, then it will ask for Mi account login at the start up of the phone or ask to "Activate this device", see the below image.

Redmi Mi Activate This Device
Now the problem is how you can overcome the problem of Mi Account and can you delete the Mi account or bypass the Mi cloud account. See the below details to know whether its possible to disable the Mi Account. Not all the model of Redmi Mi can be unlock but some can be unlocked or bypass the Mi account. Try the following process on the phone to unlock Mi account on the phone.

Redmi FRP Unlock or Mi Account Bypass:

1) You can remove Mi account using china flashing box, Miracle box support to remove Mi account on Redmi phone using fastboot mode.

2) Another process is you can downgrade the firmware or software of the phone, i.e. if you have the latest MIUI firmware then flash with lowest version i.e. 6 or 5 if available for your phone.

You can download firmware from Xiaomi website or search Google for Redmi Mi Fastboot ROM.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Huawei Y541-U02 Emergency Call Only SOLVED ..

Here is the tutorial for Huawei Y541-U02 Android smart phone Emergency call only problem and how to solve this. The below is the step by step way to solve "Emergency call only" or "No Service" problem on Huawei Y541 U02 Android smartphone.

Emergency Call Only  Huawei Y541

There are two types of file available for Huawei Y541, one is SD update and another is PC Update .pac file, sometimes if you update using SD card using recovery mode this may cause for the "Emergency call" on the phone due to mismatch of the firmware or may be the version or may the CPU details of the phone. 

Yesterday I faced the same problem, flashed/update the Y541 U02 Phone using SD card (Version Y541-U02_V100R001C567B109), after update success there is no network on the phone it shows "emergency call only". So I search the Internet and found another version/type file for the phone, it was in .pac format and can be update using PC, then I used this file for Huawei phone and now it's working fine.

Y541 U02 Flash OK SPD CPU ( Y541-U02_V100R001C567B105_PC_Update_Asia Pacific PAC File )
Download Huawei Firmware Update

Friday, September 16, 2016

Nokia 5130 Motherboard Full Short Solution - Free Computer Tricks

Here is the topic about Nokia 5130 Mobile phone, how to remove short on the Nokia 5130 PCB or board. and here is the tutorial how to repair Nokia 5130 it it's short. If you are a mobile technician then you may know how to check whether the Mobile motherboard is short or not. 

Due to Mobile motherboard short you may face the following problems:
  • Mobile not switched on
  • Battery getting heat
  • Mobile is in Dead condition
So here is the solution for short problem on Mobile Motherboard, for example Nokia 5130, see the below image to solve the short problem. Just remove the capacitor near battery connector.

Nokia 5130 Full Short Solution Done
Remove the capacitor as shown on the above image, now check the Nokia 5130 and it will switch on, before do that check with the multi meter to confirm, that the motherboard short is gone. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Restart Samsung Galaxy A7 When It's Hanged

Now a days some Android Smartphones come with non removable battery, like all most all the Mobile handset manufacturers has some models with non removable battery. In case these mobiles are hanged or stuck then how you can restart those models, because if you hold power button it will do nothing at that time.
How to restart non removable battery Android Smart Phones

So here is the topic about, how you can restart Android smartphones when it gets hanged, if press and hold the power button for long time it does nothing, means the phone will neither Switched off nor Restart. As the battery is non removable you can not remove the battery of the handset, if you want to remove the battery you need to remove whole body of the phone, which is not so easy process. The below is the process to Restart an Android phone when it hanged or not functioning correctly. Here is the example of Samsung A7 but can be try with other non removable smart phones also.

Restart Non Removable Battery Smart Phones

  • Press and hold both volume Down & Power Key (Within 10 seconds  the phone will restart, tested on Samsung A7)


You can try the other key combination to restart non removable battery smart phones like below.

  • Volume Up + Power  Key
  • Volume Down + Power Key 
  • Both Volume Keys + Power Key
  • Volume Down + Home + Power Key
  • Volume Up + Home + Power Key
When you try these key combinations, please wait up to 10 seconds to restart the device otherwise try another key combination.


Friday, September 2, 2016

How Join/Merge Audio and Video Without Quality Loss

Today I download a Video, after download complete I have two files, One is Mp4 Video file and another is M4a audio file, when try to play the video it shows only video without audio. So the problem is how you can join/merge the video and audio file to play the video with audio? To merge this audio and video file you can use any video converter but you may loose the video quality. Now the question is how to join audio and video with the best way without loosing quality.

Convert Video, Merge Audio & Video with ffmpeg
I got some ideas on Internet how to join/merge the video with audio file. But here I share the very brief details abut how you could merge Audio & Video without loosing the quality and in this way you can also convert the video format and change the audio and video format as you need.

To Merge video and audio you need a software called FFMPEG and can be download from Internet. Here is the example of FFMPEG on Windows Operating System how you can convert, Join or Merge the audio and video. You can get all details on website but here some basic tutorials on ffmpeg to merge video & audio you need.

Merge Audio & Video With FFMPEG Commands
  • Download ffmpeg for Windows 

Download ffmpeg for windows

  • Now extract the file
  • In the extracted folder you will get a Batch file called ff-prompt
Find ff-prompt batch file on the ffmpeg folder

  • Copy the audio and video file to bin folder
  • Now open ff-prompt Batch file and execute the below commands as per your requirements.


1) Copying or Merge audio without re-encoding

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -i audio.m4a -c copy output.mp4

(Replace Video.mp4 with the original file name and  video format and audio format also)

Copying or Merge audio without re-encoding
2) Converting video and Audio
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi

Monday, August 29, 2016

Reliance Jio - How to Check Balance

How to check Data, Voice and SMS balance on Reliance Jio Phone or Jio SIM? There is no USSD code to check balance on Reliance Jio but still you can check the Data, Voice, SMS, JioFi and Video Call balance on Reliance Jio using My Jio App.

Reliance Jio Balance Info Serives
So here is the step by step process to check balance on Reliance Jio and now Reliance Jio offers Unlimited 4G Internet access on Partner Smarphone to avail this offer please visit Reliance Jio Unlimited 4G Data.

How to Check Balance On Jio:
  •  Turn on the Mobile Data
  • Open My Jio App and Click on My Jio
My Jio Balance Check Steps
  •  Click on Skip It will automatic sign in to your Jio Account

Click on Skip Reliance Jio
  • Now Click on the Top Left Corner for Options
  • Then Click on My Plans

Reliance Jio My Plans
  • Now you can see your current Plan on My Jio

My Jio Balance Details
That's all now you can check the details of your Reliance Jio usage and Current plan details on it for Data, SMS and Voice & Video.

Reliance Jio Balance Check on Other Network:

The above process will work on Jio Network, that means if the Data connected using Jio then you do not need to log in just click on SKIP to auto log in, but you can also check balance while connected to the Internet using other SIM or Network. To check balance details on Reliance Jio using Other network please follow the below steps. Except sign up and sign in other steps are same as above.

Reliance Jio Sign Up

  • Click on Sing up
  • Give the Jio Number
  • Get OTP and Enter the OTP
  • Now set the New Password
  • Log in using you Reliance Jio Phone Number and Password
  • Now you can check the balance info on Jio using Other Network Internet

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