Coolpad Note 5 (September 2017 Patch) FRP Unlock Solution Here

Here you will find the perfect way to unlock Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Coolpad Note 5 Android version 6.0.1 and this solution also work on Coolpad Note 5 having September security patch. As you know after the security patch of September 2017, it's not easy to do FRP unlock Coolpad Note 5 runs on Android 6.0.1 but by following this tutorial you can easily do the FRP unlock on this phone. In this process you do not need any flashing box and it's free by using an Android App and you can do the FRP Unlock on Coolpad Note 5 having latest updates.

Coolpad Note 5 FRP Unlock Done Using Test DPC APK

Coolpad Note 5 Android 6.0.1 FRP Unlock Solution:

1) Download and Install Test DPC APK on the phone.
2) Now open the Test DPC App and select "set up managed profile" click SET UP.
3) Next page "Set up your Profile" Again click on SET UP.
4) Now it will ask you to encrypt the phone, click on the encrypt then click on "ENCRYPT PHONE" to encrypt the phone.
5) Then the phone will restart, after switch on click on setup home.
6) After switch on click "SKIP" Insert SIM and Wi-Fi, then you will see the Test DPC page again click on "SET UP" and click on OK.
7) When it come back to the Wi-Fi page click "SKIP" and then click "SKIP ANYWAY" and then Click on "SET UP PHONE" 3-4 times.
8) Now press the power key to turn off the screen light and press it again.
9) Now drag from the top side on the screen, you will see setting icon click on it.
10) Now enable Developer Mode and enable OEM Unlocking and then do hard reset.

That's all now you have successfully remove the FRP on the phone Coolpad Note 5 which runs on Android 6.0.1 having latest update 2017.

Coolpad Note 5 FRP Unlock Done Version Info:

Build Number : V039
Device Name : 3600I
Model Number : Coolpad 3600i
Android Version : 6.0.1
CPU : Qualcomm MSM8952
Internal Memory :32 GB
Baseband Version :MPSS.TA.2.1.c1-00111-8976_GEN_PACK-1.69365.1.104824.11 [Sep 6 2017 11:03:07]
Kernel Version : 3.10.84-perf
Android security patch level : September 1, 2017

Samsung C3322i Charging Ways

Samsung C3322i charging problem and charging ways, if you face charging problem or unable to get the charging v+ point or if the charging connector legs are not properly connected to the charging IC, then this topic will help you to rectify the charging problem or to find the v+ way to the charging IC on Samsung C3322i, you can find here the complete solution for charging problem on Samsung C3322i.

Samsung C3322i Complete Charging Ways:

Remove the charging connector and check the positive connectivity with multi-meter, if the V positive is not connected to the capacitor near charging IC, then you may face the charging problem on the Phone. So please apply jumper from the charging connector (V +) to the capacitor near charging IC and the charging problem will be solved, for better understand please see the below picture of Samsung Charging Ways for the model C3322i.

Samsung C3322i Charging Ways (
 As shown in the above image make jumper from charging connector positive point to the capacitor near charging IC on Samsung C3322i to solve charging problem or not charging solution.

Micromax Q340 Unknown Baseband Repair Done

How to repair or fix unknown Baseband on Micromax Q340? As you know Micromax Q340 has MTK chip-set MT6582 and if you see Baseband Unknown then now it's easy to repair with Miracle Box. If the phone Unknown Baseband then the phone will not show the IMEI or shows Invalid/Null IMEI, so to repair IMEI on that phone, you need to repair the Unknown Baseband first. So here in this tutorial  we will show you how to repair Unknown Baseband for Micromax MTK phone for the model Q340.

Q340 MTK Unknown Baseband Fixed

Note: Please take full backup before repair Unknown Baseband.

How to Repair Micromax Q340 Unknown Baseband?

1) Open Miracle Box V2.27A.
2) Now go to MTK tab and then go to Unlock/Fix tab.
3) Then select "Fix Unknown Baseband".
4) Now click on "Start" button.
5) Now connect the switched off phone to PC and wait until the process complete.

Q340 Unknown BaseBand Repair Done:

    1. Power Off Phone , Remove Battery, Insert Battery Back
  2. Insert USB cable. In some cases Required Hold BootKey
  3. Use Miracle Boot Key In cases Boot key not Find
  4. Battery Should be Charged more then 50%
  Waiting for USB Port...
  Set Mobistel PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM33)
  Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...
  Connected to Phone.
  CPU: MT6582 SW:0001 Ver: CB00
  Downloading Boot8 ...
  EMMC Size: 0x01D2000000
  Flash Type: EMMC
  INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x0+0x0
>>Done.(Need to wait a few minutes the phone is switched)

Samsung J2 Stuck On Logo Hardware Solution

You may face this problem on Samsung J2, it hangs or stuck on Android Logo and after flashing firmware also same problem. Here we will show you the Hardware Repair solution for Samsung J2 hangs on logo. In this case you can boot into Download mode and flash the phone but not success, after flashing firmware also same hang on Samsung Android logo. So here is the solution for Samsung J2 hangs on logo using hardware trick.

Samsung J2 Hang on logo hardware solution
When You Can Try For Hardware Repair:

First flash the Samsung J2 if not success.
Remove the LCD Connector, If the phone is switched on (you can hear a switch on sound).
If you are not able boot in to Recovery mode only can boot into Download mode.

Note: If you are a Mobile Technician then try this method otherwise don't, we are not responsible for any damage happen to the phone.

Samsung J2 Stuck/Hang On Logo Hardware Solution:

1- Replace LCD and Touch it will solve your problem.
2- Clean the Touch connector carefully and then check.
3- If you still not success then it must be the EMMC problem.

Samsung J2 (SM-J200G/DD) Hang On Logo Solution Here

Today we will discuss about, one of the common problem on Samsung J2 SM-J200G/DD, which is hang on logo or stuck on logo and how to solve it. So here we will show you how to find out the proper solution for the Samsung J2 hang on logo.

Samsung J2 SM-J200G Hang on logo solution

Let's Understand:

When you switch on a working Samsung J2 phone you will see two boot screen or logo of Samsung, the first boot logo is "Samsung Galaxy J2 Powered By Android" and the other one is "SAMSUNG" which you will see just after a few seconds  of the first boot screen. The second boot logo comes with a animated effect and you will here the boot sound of Samsung, So here we know and clear that there are 2 types of logo appear on the Samsung J2 screen when we switch on the phone.

First Logo is "Samsung Galaxy J2 Powered By Android"
Second Logo is  "SAMSUNG"

So when you try to find out the solution for the hang on logo problem on Samsung J2, first check the problem whether it's stuck on the first boot logo or on the second boot logo. If the phone stuck on first boot logo then it's 100% due to hardware problem and if it's suck on the second boot logo then it's the software problem, in that case you can flash the phone with latest Samsung J2 firmware and recover the phone.

Samsung J2 Hang On Logo Due To Hardware Fault:

How we can check that the Samsung J2 hang on logo problem is due to hardware fault? as I said before if the phone hang on the first boot logo then it's the hardware fault, to confirm that you can check the below.
  • You will not able to boot in to Recovery mode.
  • If you remove the LCD connector you will hear the boot sound and the phone will switch on.

How to Solve Samsung J2 Hang on logo:

If the phone hang on second boot logo that means it's having some Firmware or Software issue, in that case you can flash the phone and it will be OK for you. If you have the hardware issue, it can be solved by replacing LCD and Touch. You can also clean the touch connector and try.

Redmi Note 3 (2015116) Black/Blank Screen Solution

The Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (2015116) suddenly goes off and when you try to switch on the device it will show only a blank screen with negligible light on the screen at the same time you will able to get incoming call but unable receive. If you are facing this problem on your Redmi Note 3 then please do the followings to get the solution.

Xiomi Redmi Note 3 (2015116) Blank Screen Solution

Redmi Note 3 Suddenly Black Screen:

Today we got this problem on a Redmi Note 3 Android smart phone, the phone had nothing on the screen, when try to switch on the phone it shows a blank screen with negligible light. If you need the solution for this please see the below.


Try the following steps one by one to solve the blank screen problem on Redmi Note3 (2015116).

1- Flash the phone with EDL mode.
2- Change the Motherboard/Mainboard and check.
3- Change the LCD and check.

In our case the problem has solved by replacing the Mainboard and now the phone is working fine.

Note: Change the Motherboard or Mainboard only at Mi Authorized Service Center with proper bill, because when you changed the main-board the IMEI will be changed.

You can check the Blank screen video here:

Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon, Suddenly Black Screen or Blank Display

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and helps to get the possible solutions.