All SPD (Spreadtrum) CPU FRP Unlock Solution

You must know about FRP Lock or some people called it Google Account lock. Anyway here is the definition of FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock for the beginners, when you Hard reset the Android smartphone v5.0 or above using hard keys of the phone or without enabling the OEM unlock factory reset the phone using option menu, when the factory reset process is complete and switch on the phone it will ask to enter the Google Email id and password which is used before on that phone. If you forgot the Email id and password, then it's difficult to use the phone, because the phone stuck on the Account Verification page.

Today we will show how to remove or bypass FRP lock on Android Smartphones runs on SPD (Spreadtrum) CPU, without using any flashing box. In this tutorial you will know how to unlock FRP on SPD CPU Android phones using a small FRP reset tool, which work fine on most of the Spreadtrum phone.

All SPD Spreadtrum CPU FRP Reset Tool

How to Reset FRP on Spreadtrum Android Phones?

1) First go to recovery mode on your Android smartphone having Spreadtrum CPU phone 
2) Now press volume down and select Reboot to Bootloader then press power key to OK.
3) Now the phone will reboot into Fastboot Mode.
4) Connect the phone to PC using USB Cable and install SPD USB driver.
5) Now open the SPD Fastboot FRP Tool.
6) Then enter no. 9 to remove SPD frp and press Enter key.
7) Now it will erase the FRP data and the phone will reboot into normal mode, it will take sometime to complete switch on.

Now you are successfully remove the FRP lock on Spreadtrum CPU phone, this tool is tested on some Android models, high security patch phones may not work with this tool.

Recovery and Fastboot Mode SPD CPU:

Try the following key combination to boot into Fastboot, Recovery and Bootloader Mode:

1) Volume Up + Power Key for recovery mode then choose reboot to bootloader.
2) Volume Down + Power Key
3) First press the Power key then hold Volume UP or Volume Down Key
4) Hold the both volume Key and Press Power Key

Note: This is only for tutorial purpose, we are not responsible for any damage happen to the phone.

Download Spreadtrum FRP Reset Tool Here.

Spreadtrum FRP Reset Tool

This tool can also work on all other Android smartphone runs on other CPUs to remove FRP, hard reset etc. see the following details for that.

1.Check Device                   
2.Remove PATTERN                 
3.Remove MI Account              
4.Enter EDL Mode                 
5.Unlock Bootloader              
6.Unlock YUREKA BL               
7.Samsung Download Mode            
8.Open Command Prompt           
9.Remove Spd Frp
0.Remove Qualcomm Frp
a.Remove Xiomi Frp
b.Remove Lenevo frp
c.Remove Moto Frp
d.Remove YUFORIA Frp
h.Remove HTC Frp
m.Micromax Frp ADB Mode

If still you are facing any problem on FRP Unlock, can ask through comments on this page. While asking for FRP solution through comments, please give the complete phone details with model number, which help us to give the right solution for that.

Spice Xlife 415 FRP Unlock or Google Account Bypass

Here is the tutorial about, how to unlock Spice Xlife 415 FRP lock or Google account bypass for Xlife 415? This phone can FRP unlock using fastboot frp unlock tool, see the below details to download Xlife FRP reset tool and how to use it. If you forgot the email id and password of the phone to reactivate the phone, then you need to unlock the frp lock which helps you to bypass the email verification and create a new email id to use Play store etc.

Spice Xlife 415 FRP Unlock Solution

Spice Xlife 415 FRP Unlock Solution:

1) Go to recovery mode (Volume up + Power Key).
2) Now select reboot to bootloader and press power key to reboot.
3) Now the phone will reboot into Fastboot mode.
4) Connect the phone to PC and install adb driver.
5) Now open Android Fastboot Reset Tool.
6) Enter Number 9 to remove SPD FRP and press Enter key.

That's all now the phone will reboot and you have successfully remove the FRP lock for Spice Xlife 415 and bypass Google account.


Moto G4 Plus XT1643 FRP Solution Android 7.0

Here is the tutorial for FRP solution on Moto G4 Plus XT1643 runs on Android 7.0. The following process can be try to unlock FRP lock on Mot G4 Plus 7.0, there are some process to unlock FRP so please try one by one on the Moto G4 plus 7.0 to bypass or unlock or remove FRP lock.

Moto G4 Plus 7.0 FRP Unlock Process:

Moto G4 Plus XT1643 FRP Solution With TestDPC App

Fastboot Hard Reset and FRP Tools Download Free

Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool - Download

Try the above process carefully to unlock FRP on Moto G4 Plus runs on Android 7.0, please follow the steps mentioned in that solution topic, if not success then try the following steps to unlock Moto G4 plus 7.0.

Moto G4 Plus Android 7.0 FRP Solution

 Moto G4 Plus Android 7.0 FRP Solutions:

1) Switch on the phone and connect to WiFi, then click NEXT
2) Now you see verify your Google account and ask to enter email or phone, type some text in that box and select the word.
3) Now you will see some options like CUT, COPY, SELECT ALL, Just after this you will see 3 dots, click on the dots you will ASSIST, then click on ASSIT.
4) Now it will open Google App search, type chrome in search and open it.
5) In Chrome search and download latest version of Test DPC and install it. 

Now go to this topic Moto G4 Plus FRP and follow the steps from serial no. 24 to 29 and you will be successfully remove the FRP on Moto G4 Plus Android 7.0.

Note: This is only for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any damage happen to the phone.

Note: If you have updated the Moto G4 Plus to latest security patch, then this process may not work on it.

Government Launched Free Antivirus Software For PC's and Mobile Phones

If you are searching for free anti-virus for computer and mobile phones, then this topic will helps you to get the free anti-virus. Today Govt launches free antivirus program or software to protect cyber crimes and can be used on Computers and Android smartphones.

The Govt. launched free anti-virus software for smartphones and computers and can be download and install on PC's and Android based smartphones. For computer you can download AppSamvid and USB Pratirodh. For Android smartphones you can download M-Kavach on Play Store.

These software are specially control the unauthorised usage, Security and anti-theft solutions etc. and devolved by C-DAC under Cyber Swachhta Kendra Government of India.

MKavach Free Antivirus Fro Mobile Phones by Govt. of India

Download AppSamvid, USB Pratirodh and M-Kavach from C-DAC website, to download these free anti-virus program please visit the below link.

Infinity Box Latest Setup 2017 Download Here

Download Infinity box setup software here, Infinity box is one of the best Software or Firmware flashing box for MTK or MediaTek, Spreadtrum, Rockchip Qualcomm CPU etc and also good for Android smartphones to flash firmware and update flash files and also this box can be use to repair any kind of software problem on the phones, which is supported with this box. If you have purchased this box and want to download and install the box software, then this topic will help you on this regard.

This box is unique and supports various mobile devices both CDMA and GSM Mobile devices to flash, unlock and many more things you can do with the box.

Infinity Box Setup Download - All Infinity Box Updates Download Here

Infinity Box Downloads:

Panasonic ELUGA Note Unlock Privacy Protection Password - Free Computer Tricks

How to unlock Panasonic Eluga Note privacy protection password or Anti theft lock? Here in this topic or tutorial we will show you, how to remove or unlock privacy protection password on the Panasonic Eluga Note Android 6.0, see the below steps.

If you forgot the privacy protection password of the phone, then this tutorial will help you to remove or unlock password problem on the Android smartphone. This topic is applicable on Panasonic Eluga devices or can be use on any Android smartphone having MTK CPU. Password unlock and hard reset of the device will loss the user data stored on the phone, so all the data on the phone will be erased.

Panasonic Eluga Note Format and Flashing Success SP Flash Tool


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Panasonic ELUGA Note Privacy Protection Password Solution:

1) Download Panasonic ELUGA Note Firmware and SP flash tool.
2) Open SP flash tool and choose the Scatter file
3) Now go to Options --> Download and Select DA DL All with Checksum on the sp flash tool.
4) Now go to Format Tab and choose Auto Format Flash and Format whole flash except Bootloader and click on Start.
5) Then connect the switched off phone to PC using USB cable.
6) After complete format process disconnect the phone and go to Download Tab.
7) Select Download only and uncheck preloader and click on Download.
8) Now connect switch off phone to the PC.
9) Wait until the firmware download process complete.

Panasonic Eluga Note Flashing Firmware Success - SP Flash Tool

When you do format the phone using sp flash tool, you need to repair the IMEI of the phone, which can be done by using IMEI repair tool or use any flashing box.

Note: Always download correct firmware according to the phone's model number, hardware version and software version otherwise the phone may unusable. Format and hard reset may loss the user data.

Note: First of all read the whole topic carefully and then apply it. All the tips, tricks and tutorials on this website are personally tested and working fine but we are not responsible for any damage to the phone, but we support regarding the issue as much we can. You can share your doubt on this topic by posting comments.

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