Samsung Clone J710F MTK 6572 Read Flash Success Miracle Box

Samsung clone/copy J7 2016 J710F read flash success using Miracle box. The below is the process to read flash of J710F MTK 6572 using Miracle Box and the flash file will be in .bin format and it also save a scatter file called MT6572_Android_scatter.txt. Follow the below process to read flash of Samsung J710F J7 2016 MT6572 using Miracle Box.

Samsung Clone J710 MTK 6572 Read Flash OK Miracle Box and Firmware Download

How to read flash Samsung Copy J7 2016 MT6572?

1- Open Miracle Box
2- Select Read and Choose 8th Boot
3- Now Select Save as Scatter File
4- Now click on Start Button
5- Now connect the phone to PC  and install Mobistel Preloader USB Driver

Wait until the reading flash file process is complete and now you have successfully read the Samsung copy MT6572 flash file with Miracle flashing box.

How to Remove FRP Lock on Micromax Q462 Without Any Box

How to unlock FRP on Micromax Canvas 5 lite Q462? here is the tutorial about how reset or remove FRP lock on Micromax Q462. Then phone runs on Android 5.1 and can be unlock using the simple steps, unlock FRP on Micromax Q462 without using any flashing box. After unlocking frp go to Settings ---> About phone then tap 6 times on Build Number to enable Developer mode and then go to Developer Option and enable OEM unlock and then Factory reset the phone, now it will not ask any Gmail id and password.

Micromax Canvas 5 Lite FRP Unlock Solution - Micromax Q462 FRP Unlock Done

Micromax Canvas Fire 4G and Canvas 5 Lite Q462 FRP Unlock Solution:


1- Switch on the phone and connect to WIFI or Mobile Network 
2- After connecting to Internet come back to the Wifi Network
3- Now choose "SwiftKey" Keyboard ( How to Select Switf Keyboard see the below)
4- Now select "Add another network" it will open the Swift keyboard.
5- Then click and hold on 123 button ( left below of the keyboard) it will show SwitfKey Settings 
6- Now click on Settings and scroll down and click/touch on "About SwiftKey"
7- Now click on Open-source licences it will open a page regarding the licenece
8- Now select a word by holding on it and click on "Search Icon" in the top right corner
9- Then select to open with Google App
10- Now connect the phone to PC and copy to the phone
11- Now search and open "File Manager" and install account manager first and then install frp by pass apk and open it
12- Then click on top left corner (3 dots) and click on browser sign in
13- Now use your Gmail account and password to log in
14- After log in complete just reboot the phone and click next .. next to complete the setup process

Note: The phone should be connected to the Internet while following the above process. The apk files can be download using Google Search, download the file below.


1- Android_5_Google_Account_Manager.apk Here : Mirror Link
2- com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk Here : Mirror Link

How to Choose/Enable SwiftKey?

1- First choose the languages by holding the setting key
2- Then hold the space key and select "SwiftKey"

How to Download Xperia Firmware - Download All Sony Xperia Firmware (XperiFirm)

Her is the tutorials for the beginners, how to download Sony Xperia Firmware? the process simple and you can easily download any Xperia flash file using a small tool called "XperiFirm", just download and install the tool and search or find the Xperia model you need to download the firmware then flash the phone using this firmware. The download link of "XperiFirm" and firmware download process is given below.

XperiFirm How to Download Sony Xperia Firmware

How To Download Xperia Firmware Using XperiFirm Tool?

1- Download "XperiFirm" Here : Mirror Link
2- Install or Extract the tool and open it.
3- For Example if you need to download Xperia E5  then select this model
4- Now you can get the model details i.e. F3311 and F3313
5- Then select the model you need to download and then choose the region of the firmware.
6- Then click on Latest firmware version to start download, just below of Available Firmware 
7- Now click on Download

How to Flash Nokia 220 - A Complete Guide To Flash Nokia MTK Phones

How to flash Nokia 220 RM-969 ? So here is the complete process/guide to flash Nokia 220 using Miracle Box and Nokia Software Recovery Tool. If the Nokia 220 is restarting, hangs on logo, white display, to reset user code and to upgrade the phone, you need to flash it with 220 latest firmware, which can be download using Internet. 

220 Flashing OK Miracle Box

How to Flash Nokia 220 Using Miracle Box?

1- Open the Miracle Tool
2- Select MTK Tab and Choose 10th Boot
3- Now Select "Only Firmware"
4- Then Click on Start Button and wait until the process complete

This is the process to flash or solve restart process on Nokia 220 RM-969, after complete the flashing process switch on the phone it will be work fine. If you need to flash the phone using Nokia Software Recovery Tool then follow the below steps.

How to Flash Nokia 220 Using "Nokia Software Recovery Tool" ?

1- Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool Here : Mirror Link
2- Open the Nokia Recovery Tool and connect the phone to PC
3- Install Nokia USB driver
4- Now download an install firmware on Nokia 220

Jio How to Get 3 Months Free - Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer 2017

As you know JIO SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER has withdrawn. What is summer surprise offer? if you recharge Rupees 99 to get JIO prime membership and then recharge with Rupees 303 you will get extra 3 months validity, on which you will get daily 1GB Data and unlimited calls, but it has been withdrawn but all the customers who subscribe before discontinuation will remain eligible for the offer. Now JIO has launched it's new tariff plan of Rupees 309 for the customer who has not recharge with Rupees 303.

Jio dhan dhana dhan offer - 3 months unlimited at Rupees 309

Good new for Reliance JIO user, now you can get 3 months free on your first recharge. Recharge with Rupees 309 and get 84GB Data and Unlimited calls for 84 Days, if you are not a Jio Prime Member then just recharge with Rupees 408 to get the offer, see the below details for JIO new tariff plans for the month of April, 2017.

Jio Tariff Plans:

Rupees 309 = 84GB Data for 84Days (Daily 1GB High Speed Data)
Rupees 408 = 84GB Data For 84 Days (If not recharged with Rupees 99)
Rupees 509 = 168GB Data For 84 Days (Daily 2GB High Speed Data)

Note: It's only for information purpose, Reliance jio can remove or change the tariff plans.

ADB Sideload Flashing Process - Apply Update From ADB

How to flash Android smartphone using ADB sideload commands? In this topic you will know the complete process to flash .zip files through ADB sideload mode. This process is supports most of the Android smartphone to update the phone, if you do not have SD card or unable to flash or getting errors while flashing or updating through "Recovery Mode". So if there is an option "Apply Update From ADB" on Recovery Mode, then you may use this "ADB Sideload" option to flash the phone using a PC.

To flash the phone using adb sideload, remember to download the OTA update and it should be in .zip format and do not extract the file just use the file as it is. If you download normal firmware it may not support to flash using "Recovery" and "adb sideload". So to confirm that you need to know whether the phone support OTA update through recovery mode and must confirm the firmware you download. From where you download the firmware to update the phone, just read the details on that website, it must be support to update the firmware using recovery and adb sideload mode or normal firmware or custom firmware which is repacked. If the firmware you downloaded is not a update file then you may not update the firmware neither using recovery mode nor adb sideload mode.

Recovery mode: apply update from ADB

As we know while update/flash any firmware through recovery mode, we will get some error messages i.e. no response fail, failed to verify the system image, failed to update etc. and to copy/update the firmware we need a SD card and then you can update the phone. If the SD card or memory card is not in Good condition, the flashing process will take long time and if the read speed of SD card is slow you may get failed error message.


Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool from the below link
Download OTA (According to the phone's model)

Minimal ADB and Fastboot

How to use adb sideload to update/flash firmware?

1- Download the "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" Tool and extract it.
2- Now go to the "Recovery Mode" on the phone.
3- Then select "Apply Update from Adb".
4- Connect the phone to PC and Install ADB USB Driver.
5- Now copy the firmware in to the Minimal adb and fastboot folder
6- Now execute the following commands

adb sideload flashing success on AUSU T00F-T00J

adb sideload <complete firmware file name with extension>      

For Example:  If you are flashing ASUS Zenfone 2 and firmware file name is "" then the adb sideload command willbe the following.

adb sideload

and then press ENTER key on the keyboard. The flashing process show in percentage and wait until the process complete.

That's the adb sideload process to apply update/flash Android smartphones, and it's very useful sometime when you face difficulty while flash using recovery mode.   

Note: This topic is only for tutorial purpose and we are not responsible for any damage happen to the phone.