Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Most of the Computer users using mouse to perform an action on the windows but sometime it takes time. Using the Keyboard Shortcuts is most useful and time saving method that makes you more efficient. Once you Practice these keyboard shortcuts, it's very useful to you while use computers every day.

The followings are some best keyboard shortcuts:-

Windows Key + R = Run dialog box
followed by:
cmd = Command Prompt
winword = open Ms word
excel = excel
powerpnt = Power Point
notepad = Notepad
mspaint = paint
calc = Calculator
iexplore = Windows Internet Explorer

ALT + Tab = Switch between windows
Alt + Esc = Switch between running applications
ALT, Space, X = Maximize window
Alt, Space, C = Close
Alt + Double click on file or folder = Properties of that

Ctrl + Esc = Open start menu 
Ctrl+Shift+Esc = Task Manager
Ctrl+Alt+Del = Task Manager
CTRL + C = copy
CTRL + X = cut
CTRL + V = paste 
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Ctrl + Y = Redo 

Windows Key = Open start menu
Windows key + Pause Break = System properties
Windows key + F = Search
Windows key + D = Show Desktop/Show open windows
Windows key + M = Minimize all open windows
Windows key + Shift + M = Undo minimize all open windows
Windows Key + E = Explorer


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