Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator

This is the most common error for the computer users. When you press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete to manage your tasks or to open Task Manager you get the error massage "Task Manger has been disabled by your administrator".

It happens due to Virus, Mal-ware, Spyware affected the PC or one of the user has made this changes in Group Policy.

If You want to enable this feature just follow these steps

Go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc
The Group Policy window will appear

Double click { or Click on the Plus (+) Sign left side of the option} on Administrative Templates under User Configuration

Then Double click on "System"

Then click on "Ctrl+Alt+Del Option"

On the right side panel you will see "Remove Task Manager" double click on that then click on "Disabled" Then Apply it and finally click Ok button.

Now close the group policy, press Ctrl+Alt+Del you will see the Task Manager.

Remember if its enabled that means your task manager will not work, sometimes it shows the state "Not configured" in that case it may not work, it should be Disabled to work perfect.


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