How To Run Program Made For Previous Versions Of Windows in Windows 7

Windows 7 does not support the programs which has made for the earlier version of windows platform, Suppose you have software that made for windows xp than it will not run perfectly in windows 7. Because its not compatible with windows 7. But you can Troubleshoot the program compatibility and make older programs run in windows 7.


Start->Control Pane->Programs
Under Programs and Features Click on "Run programs made for previous version of windows"
The Program Compatibility wizard will open
Then Click Next
Select the program you are having problem with and click Next
In the "Select troubleshooting option" Click "Try recommended Setting"
Then Click on "Start the Program"
Click Next
Then Click on "Yes, Save these settings for this Program"
Click Close

Now you can run the program which you are having problem in the Windows 7. Select the Proper program which you are having problem, while troubleshooting.

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