New trick to Unlock BSNL teracom usb modem 100% Working, BSNL Teracom LW272/LW273 Unlock Software, Unlock BSNL 3G Data card Modem Using V-Cell

       Here is a new trick to unlock the BSNL 3G data card, teracom LW272 / LW273 without changing your registry just install a software called VCell 3G Data Card. To install and using any SIM card in your BSNL 3G data card follow the step by step procedure given below.

Step 1 - Install the teracom BSNL 3g data card software

Step 2 - When the installation complete, it will ask to restart the computer, then restart the computer to install the modem driver successfully.

Step 3 - Now go to control panel and uninstall BSNL 3G software ( It will uninstall the BSNL 3G software not the modem driver, so now you need v-cell software to connect to the Internet. 

Step 4 - Download and install VCell 3G data card setup and enjoy...

   To download VCell Data card setup open Google search and type U302.exe.html then click on Google Search or hit enter, then go for the Download U302.exe in Ziddu and download. It is only 4.14 MB in size.

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