Pen Drive Price list of 4GB, 8GB,16GB, 32GB & 64GB - Moserbaer, Sandisk, Transcend, Kingston and Sony : Pen Drive Price in India

The most recent price list of Moserbaer, Sandisk, transcend, Kingston and Sony pen drives.

Moserbaer 4GB Swivel Pen Drive Price Rs.230/-
Moserbaer USB Drive 8GB Swivel Price Rs.320/-
Moserbaer Knight 16GB Pen Drive Price Rs.520/-
Moserbaer Knight 32GB Pen Drive Price Rs.1025/-
Moserbaer Racer 64GB Pen Drive Price Rs.2099/-

Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4Gb Pen Drive Price Rs.220/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8Gb White Pen Drive Price Rs.310/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive 16GB Price Rs.535/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 32Gb Pen Drive Price Rs.1080/-
SanDisk Cruzer Retail 64GB Pen Drive price Rs.1999/-

Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 4GB Price Rs.230/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 8GB Price Rs.330/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 16GB Price Rs.575/-
Transcend Jet Flash 350 Pen Drive 32GB Price Rs.1160/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 64GB Price Rs.2410/-

Kingston Data Traveler 109 4GB Pen Drive Price Rs.249/-
Kingston Data Traveler 8GB SE9 Pen Drive Price Rs.379/-
Kingston Data Traveler 16GB SE9 Pen Drive Price Rs.600/-

Sony Micro Vault Classic 4GB price Rs.250/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 8GB price Rs.365/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 16GB price Rs.640/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 32GB Pen Drive price Rs.1289/-


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