A Basic Tutorial About Windows 8 Operating System - Navigate With Windows 8 - With Video Tutorial

Today I am going to describe, How to use Microsoft windows 8 Operating System. The windows 8 has a different user interface and little bit difficult then the windows 7. Here in this basic tutorial about the use of windows 8, I will tell you how to navigate through the options and applications such as shutdown the PC, find the control panel, go to the desktop, log out the user, switching between programs and where is the start button etc..

After switching on the computer you will get screen called metro style application. It almost like a windows mobile screen and you will find the installed programs. If you are using a touch screen computer then you can easily scroll the applications by touching the screen directly and move it to left or right. If you do not have a touch screen computer then you can scroll the mouse to move around the programs. In this screen you will get the desktop, My Computer, Internet Explorer and other programs.

Windows 8

Click on Desktop and you will get a normal desktop like in windows 7, but here there is no start button in windows 8. To go to the start menu move the cursor to the left bottom corner of the desktop, where you can see start and click on it and you will get the metro style application windows again, this is the start menu of windows 8.

Now come back to the desktop and move the mouse cursor to the right top corner where you will get Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings. In the settings you will get Control panel, PC Settings and the power option, in the power option you will get shut down, restart and sleep option.

Now go to the start menu (the metro style window) then open Internet Explorer, here you will not find any option to go back to the desktop, the task bar remain hidden at this time. So to go back to Desktop press windows logo key on the key board or move the cursor to the left top corner, where you will get desktop then click on it for Desktop.

Important Notes:

1) For Control Panel - Move the cursor to the right top corner of the windows (while you are on desktop) ---> Settings ----> Control panel
Windows logo key + R ---> type Control and press Enter

2) To shutdown/Restart the Computer - Setting ---> Power ---- Shut Down/Restart
Alt+F4 then choose shut down or restart and click on OK (the alt+f4 will work if you are on desktop)
Go to metro style start menu ---> click on your user name --- sign out --->left click or Esc key ---> on the right bottom corner you will get the power button click on it to shut down the computer (Only shut down option)

3) For All apps - Right click on empty place on the metro style start menu ---> click on All apps from the right bottom corner. To go back press the windows logo key on the key board.

4) To remove application form Start - Right click on the apps ---> Click on Unpin from Start (from the below of that screen)

Watch this video to learn windows 8 and for a beginners guide to windows 8 


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