Dataone UTstarcom WA3002G4 Modem Wirless Configuration - Dataone Broadband WA3002G4 Modem WiFi Settings

       Here is the way how to configure Dataone UTstarcom WA3002G4 Modem to access WiFi. To set up the modem's wifi follow the steps below.

1) Log in to your modem (IP enter the user name and password.

2) Click on Wireless from the right panel.

3) Wireless Basic Settings, This page allows you to configure basic features of the wireless LAN interface. You can enable or disable the wireless LAN interface, hide the network from active scans, set the wireless network name (also known as SSID) and restrict the channel set based on country requirements. Tick Enable Wireless, give the SSID name, Choose the Country then click on Save/Apply.

Wireless Basic Settings WA3002G4 Modem
4) Then go to Security option , where you can set the password to use the WiFi. This page allows you to configure security features of the wireless LAN interface. You can sets the network authentication method, selecting data encryption, specify whether a network key is required to authenticate to this wireless network and specify the encryption strength. 

Enter 13 ASCII characters or 26 hexadecimal digits for 128-bit encryption keys Enter 5 ASCII characters or 10 hexadecimal digits for 64-bit encryption keys

Wireless Security WA3002G4 Modem
5) After configuration Click Save/Apply. now you can use the wireless facility of the UTstarcom Modem WA3002G4. It will ask the Encryption key just enter what you have set in the modem.


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