How to Install HWK New Support Suite SarasSoft 2013 - HWK Support Suite Update Errors - Install Latest UFS/UFSx/UFS3/HWK Support Suite 2013

As you know HWK new version 2013 has been released, you can download UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.00 by searching in Google, Click the below link to download UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.00 go to the below link and go to hotfile download link to download the latest HWK support suite or HWK control panel sarasSoft 2013.


UFSx/HWK Latest Support Suite Setup Download

The UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.00 can be used with Old UFS box, to use the UFS HWK and Install it on your computer follow the below steps. The previous version of HWK Support Suite setup v 2.2.0 (HWK_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.20.000) is not working now, if you want to use your UFS/UFSx/UFS-3 box download and install latest support suite setup v02.03 and use your UFS box to flash Mobile phones.

How to Install HWK Suite Latest Setup SarasSoft HWK 2013

  • First Uninstall ALL previous versions of HWK Suites

  • Install UFSx Support Suite Setup "UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.00"

  • Now Connect your UFS to PC
UFSx (HWK) Control Panel v by SarasSoft Update UFS Box

  • Run UFS Control Panel

  • Under "Hardware" Tab Click on "Scan Boxes"

  • Then Click "Check Box" (Box Status should be "True" and Server Status "OK")

  • Now Click "Update Box"

  • Switch to the "Software" Tab

  • Then Click "Check Server"

  • Now Click "Install"

The default Application Install Path is C:\Program Files and Nokia Install Path C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix You can change the path if need.


Q: How to install New UFSx on OLd UFS Box
A: Follow the above steps to install new UFSx setup on old box

Q: How to install UFSx and HWK on PC
A: Follow the steps above

Q: Internet Connection got disconnected while installing HWK through UFS control panel
A: If you have in the last step, Just Click Install when you connected to Internet.

Q: Unable to Install HWK Support Suite, HWK Suite Setup on My Old UFS-3/UFSx/UFs Box

Error Message:

HWK Update Client v

Upgrade log:
---------- HWK Update Client  v ----------
---------- HWK upgrade started:10/6/2013 12:24:14 PM ----------
-- Target Id  : 62 CF 1 10
-- UFSx Boot  : UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003.
-- UFSx Firmw.: UFS_USB V2.8 (c) SarasSoft 2007.
-- UFSx S/N   : 97854
-- Features   : 00000001
-- Licence 5  : True
-- UFSx Vendor: TWISTER
-- HWK ID     : A1.04-PRO1-C9AE1D364360007A
-- HWK Status : 1, DL: 0
Locating HWK Upgrade server...
HWK Upgrade server found!
Preparing connection to server...
Connecting to HWKUpgrade server...
Server connection successfully established.
Authenticating on server...
Authentication stage error: Error: Server returned unrecognized reply

A: Download "UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.02" and follow the above steps to Install without error.

Q: UFS HWK Not Update Now 100% Solved (
A: "UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.02" and follow the above steps 100% solved

Q: ufs hwk new setup 2013
A: "UFSx_Support_Suite_Setup_v02.03.00.02"

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  1. when going to unzip this hwkbox ufs-3 asking a password
    plz anyone tell me the password