Friday, September 28, 2012

Setup Mobile Broadband in Linux Mint 13 Maya / Use Data cards in Linux

Here is the way how you can setup mobile broadband connection in Linux mint 13 Maya and using of 3G data cards in it. Connect your mobile phone through USB cable or plug data card into the computer and do some settings to get connected with internet.

In Linux you can use any SIM card with any 3G Data cards like BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel etc. For example if you are using BSNL 3G data card you have to use only BSNL SIM cards other wise it will not work in windows Operating System, but in Linux it will work fine. As we know that Linux is free and open source Operating system, you can download from internet and use it.

Linux Mint 13 Mate network Connections
So for this you need Linux platform, here is the example of Linux Mint 13, it is user friendly and easy to use for normal user. If you want just install along with the Windows or run form the CD/DVD directly (live CD) when you want to use Linux Mint 13 put the DVD into the Drive then start the PC as First boot Device CD/DVD Drive and the Linux will start. 

It's easy to configure just follow the steps below and get connected with any SIM using any Data Card. Linux Mint 13 Maya will not show which Data Card you are using, select the Country then select the operator and connect that's all.

To download Linux Mint 13 go to
  • Connect your Data card
  • Go to Menu -> All applications -> Scroll down and click on Network Connections 
  • On Network Connections Click on Mobile Broadband -> Click Add -> Click Continue 

Linux Mint 13 Aircel GPRS
  • Choose your Provider's Country or Region Select India and click Continue 
  • Then Choose your Provider from the list suppose Aircel 
  • Choose your Billing Plan for Aircel GPRS and Continue 
  • Then confirm Mobile Broadband Settings Click Apply then Save 
  • Then Click on Network Icon from the task bar then click on Aircel GPRS 

Now your are connected to internet.

The settings is same for data card and Mobile, main thing is you have to set the operator as per your SIM Operator. The above example is for Aircel SIM card. The above steps for setting is same for data card or mobile if you put Aircel SIM Card in it.

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