UPS price in India : Microtek, APC, iBall and Intex UPS

  • Microtek Inverter UPSEB 1000 VA price Rs.7000/-
  • Microtek Inverter UPSEB 1500 VA price Rs.8091/-
  • Microtek Inverter UPSEB 2000 VA price Rs.10341/-

 Microtek Inverter UPS, APC UPS, iBall UPS and Intex UPS price

  • APC BR600CI-IN Back-UPS 600VA price Rs.2499/-
  • APC Back UPS BR 600VA Price Rs.2699/-
  • APC BACK-UPS ES 700VA- 230V price Rs.4999/-

  • iBall Nirantar UPS UPS-621V 600VA price Rs.1800/-
  • iBall Nirantar 639V UPS Double Battery price Rs.3875/-

  • Intex Armour UPS 725 price Rs.1499/-
  • Intex Protector 800 UPS price Rs.2076/-

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