Monday, January 14, 2013

HP Pavilion dv9000 Not Wake Up From Sleep

         What this problem is ? Normally when your Laptop goes to sleep it will wake up if you press any key or power button but in this case you unable to do this. I have seen this problem on a HP pavilion dv9000 laptop, if you press the power button also nothing will happen and finally you have to remove the battery and put it again, then only the laptop will start. The problem is due to some fault in the mother board of the laptop. So to solve this problem you have take it to HP service center or you can disable the standby or sleep option. How to disable the sleep option on the laptop running Windows 7 is as below.

To change the power settings for sleep :
  • Right click on battery icon (task bar) then click on power options the power option window will open
  • Click on "Change when the computer sleeps" then on the 'put the computer to sleep' option set it to Never both for On Battery and Plugged In.
  • Now click on Save changes

Power Option on Windows 7
  • Again click on the "Change when the computer sleeps" then  click on change advanced power setting, click on the Hard disk (+ mark),
  • Click on Turn off hard disk after, you will find two option On battery and Plugged in or Power
  • Click on "On battery" and set it to '0', the number '0' means never, then do it for the plugged in option
  • Click apply and OK
  • Click back button or click cancel to come to the power option
  • Click on "Choose what closing the lid does"  and set 'When I press the sleep button' to 'Do nothing' both for battery and power
  • And 'When I close the lid' set it to 'Do nothing' both for battery and power
  • Click on Save changes and close the window
 Now your laptop never goes to sleep, it will only turn off the screen.

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