Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Sound Playback on HP Pavilion DV4000 Laptop

There is no sound on the laptop Hp Pavilion dv4000, when trying to play movies and mp3s unable to hear the sound. This problem happened to one of my friend, all the sound driver installed correctly and the sound hardware working fine. If you have same problem please follow the below steps to configure the laptop and you can solve the sound problem.

Steps :- 

1) Go to Control Panel (Classic View of Control Panel) Double Click on Sounds and Audio Devices.

2) Click on Audio Tab you will see in sound playback the Default device is M3AD Wave, change it to your Laptop Audio device i.e. SoundMAX Digital Audio, Click Apply and OK. Now your Laptop Audio will work fine.

HP Pavilion Dv4000 Sound Settings
You can change the Sound recording device and on voice tab change the Voice Playback and Voice Recording device to the laptop sound device.Then click on Apply OK.

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