Monday, April 8, 2013

How To Create A Blog and Website For Free - A Basic Tutorial For Beginner

Here is best solution if you want to create your own blog or website for free. If you are a beginner to the Internet and want to create your own blog to share your knowledge, then here is the best way to start your blog. As you know Google provides free blog, so for that you should go to and log in using your Gmail account, if don't have one then create it today by visiting, it is also free email service from Google. Finally to create your blog follow the below steps. 
Steps to create your blog: 
1. Go to and log in using your Google account, if you don't have then sign up first. 
Google Blogger
2. As you do not have a blog, there will be nothing in your blog list, To create one Click on Create a New Blog or New Blog.
3. On the Create new blog give the Title for your blog and enter an address (web address) for your blog, for example if you give your blog address yourblogname then your blog address will be
Create a New Blog
Note: after entering your address blogger will show whether it's available or not, if not available then choose a different name for your blog.  
4. Choose a template and click create Blog!. 
5. Now your new blog will appear on your blog list, click on it to start blogging. 
6. Click on New Post and give a post title, then write something on the body (below to the Post Title) 
7. Give the Labels to all of your post, Click on Labels form the right panel and give the labels name then click Done. (Labels are very useful to visitors, For example if you write a post about computer tutorial, then give a label name Computer Tutorials. If a visitor click on the labels all the post related to that label will be showed. 
8. Now click on Publish to publish your post, If your post is incomplete then click on Save, it will save as draft, you can publish this after complete. 
So you have successfully created your blog, I will discuss about blog design on my next post. 
Thank you
Happy Blogging

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