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New Updated 2G GPRS/3G Data Balance Check USSD Codes For Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone in India -

In this post you will get some useful short codes for your mobile operator to know your Mobile balance, Activate or Deactivate Services, how to check 2G/3G Internet Data balance, How to Balance Transfer, DND service, Value Added Services Activate/Deactivate, and many more useful secret codes for Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone, which is very useful for the Mobile Users.

Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone Balance Check Codes

Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone All USSD and Short Codes 2013

1) Aircel USSD Codes To check balance, GPRS/3G Balance and other secret codes

Aircel Secret Codes to check balance, balance transfer, 2G and 3G balance check, DND service, 3G activation, Free 3G mornings, Best Internet Plans, Local balance check etc.

  • Aircel Customer Care Number - 121 or 123
  • How To know Your Aircel Number - Dial *131# or *1#
  • Aircel Balance and Validity Check Code - *125#
  • Aircel Balance Transfer Code - *121*4#
  • Aircel VAS Code - *121*5#
  • To know Best Internet Packs Aircel - Dial *121#
  • To check Aircel Local Mobile Calls Balance - Dial *111*4# or *126*1#
  • For Aircel Internet Setting - PI to 121 or ALL to 121
  • How to Check Aircel 2G GPRS Balance - Dial *126*4# or *126*1#
  • Aircel 3G Internet Balance Code - *126*6#
  • Aircel 3G Activation Code - START 3G to 121
  • NCPR DND (Do Not Disturb) Service Aircel 
To Activate DND Service Call 1909 and follow the instructions
STOP to 1909 (De-register)
STATUS to 1909 (To Check DND Status) 
  • Aircel Rate Cutters - *122#
  • Aircel STD Packs Code - *122#
  • To Know Aircel Special Offer - Dial *123#
  • Aircel Value Added Service No. - Call 1214
  • Aircel Best Offers - Call 1288
  • IMIS No. - *2# or *214#
  • Aircel Deactivate Services (VAS) - Dial 155223 Then Press 5 to Deactivate Services or STOP to 155223
  • Aircel Free 3G Mornings  - Dial *121*456# or *121*8# (6 am to 9 am)

2) Airtel USSD Codes and Important Numbers

Airtel short secret codes for balance check, 2G and 3G data balance check, DND, stop unwanted services, GPRS balance check, Balance transfer, Gift service, 3G activation etc.

  • Airtel Customer Care Number - 121 
  • Airtel Complaint Number - 198
  • Airtel Balance Check Code - *123#
  • To Stop or Start a Service Airtel - SMS STOP to 121
  • To Activate or Deactivate DND Service - Call 1909 and follow the instructions (NCPR DND service No. is same for all major mobile operators in India)
  • Airtel Gift Service - *141#
  • Airtel 2G GPRS Balance - *123*10#
  • Airtel 2G GPRS Balance Check Code - *123*6# (For Odisha)
  • Airtel 3G Data Balance Code - *123*11#
  • Airtel live Setting - LIVE to 52567
  • Airtel 3G Activation Code - SMS 3G to 121
  • Balance Transfer - Use Airtel Gift Service *141# and Choose Options.

3) Vodafone Short/USSD Codes and Numbers

Vodafone short secret codes for 2G GPRS balance check, SMS balance check, 3G activation etc.

  • Vodafone Customer Care Number - Call to 111 or 198
  • Vodafone Balance Check Code - Dial *141#
  • Vodafone 2G GPRS Balance Check Code - *141*9# or *111*6#
  • Know Your Vodafone Number - Dial *121*0# or *555#
  • Vodafone SMS Balance Check - *142#
  • 3G Activation - ACT 3G to 144

Deactivate Unwanted Services on Your Mobile Number

Toll free No- 155223

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced this service, where you can deactivate all unwanted services which activated on your mobile No. by dialing 155223 (Toll Free) and it's common for all Mobile Operators in India.

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