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Airtel and Aircel Service Codes/Short Keys For Balance Check, Daily Pack, Pocket Internet etc. - Airtel & Aircel USSD Codes

In the previous topic 'New Updated 2G GPRS/3G Data Balance Check Codes For Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone in India' you will get some important balance check codes/short keys/ service codes for Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone. 

Here are some more service codes for Airtel and Aircel which is very helpful for the users. In this topic you will get the short codes/short keys/ service codes/ secret codes for Airtel and Aircel i.e. Your special tariff validity (For Odisha), Airtel start or stop a service, Internet pack codes, Know your Airtel/Aircel No. USSD codes.

Airtel and Aircel Service Codes/ Short Keys/ Secret Codes and All codes for services and balance and validity check

You also get Data pack codes, Missed call alert code Aircel, Pocket Internet activation and deactivation code, KTKPI5 activation/deactivation codes, Local Airtel to Airtel Balance and Validity short key to know, Airtel Money service codes, Airtel gifting service code and to know last 5 debits airtel short keys and many more..

Airtel Service Codes/ Short Keys/ USSD Codes

Airtel All Short keys and service codes

  • To check your special tariff validity Airtel - *111# (Worked on Odisha Airtel)
  • Airtel Offers - Dial *121*1#
  • For Airtel Balance - *121*2#
  • For Airtel Recharge - *121*3#
  • Airtel Start Service short key - *121*4#
  • Airtel stop service code - *121*5#
  • To know your Last 5 Debits/Transaction Dial this short code - *121*7#
  • Airtel Internet Pack - *121*8#
  • Know your Airtel Mobile Number by dialing this code - *121*9#
  • Airtel Daily Pack - *121*10# (Rs. 5 get more)
  • Airtel Data packs code - *121*11#
  • Airtel SIM Pack - *121*30#
  • Airtel Gifting Service - *141# (share talktime, buy happy hours pack, gift pack, call me back SMS)
  • Choose your Airtel Daily pack - *222#
  • Airtel Money - *400# (register, Pay Phone & DTH, Send/Withdraw Money, Pay Bills and Buy, pay shop, Book ticket)
  • To know your Local Airtel to Airtel Balance & Validity - Dial *123*1#
  • SMS Balance and validity - *123*2#
  • Off-net SMS Balance and validity - *123*3#
  • Local Airtel to ALL Balance and Validity - *123*10# (Worked on Odisha SIM)

Aircel Short Keys/ Service Codes/ USSD Codes

Aircel Short keys and service codes (missed call alert activation/deactivation, 2G Internet pack activation/deactivation and more)

  • Missed Call Alert Aircel Code - *999*1#
  • 2G Pocket Internet Pack Activation/Deactivation codes - *234*111# (Applicable for KTKPI5, KTKPI14, KTKPI29, KTKPI147, KTKPI198, KTKPI251, KTKPI8 etc.) 

This code *234*111# also help you to deactivate auto renewal of your Pocket Internet Pack on Aircel. If you have activated KTKPI5 plan, then you have to pay daily rental Rs.5 per day and the amount will be automatically deducted from your balance, so you can stop this by dialing the short code *234*111# and the choose the pack you have activated, then deactivate it.

Go to this page New Updated 2G GPRS/3G Data Balance Check Codes For Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone in India to know more interesting and important service codes/short keys/secret codes for mobile users Airtel, Aircel and Vodafone.

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