Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How To Add a Table In Blog Post - Add Excel Table To Website/Blogger Without HTML Knowledge

                    With the use of Online tool TABLEIZER you can easily convert your excel table to HTML format, which can be used on your website or blogger without having knowledge of HTML. So you do not have to be an expert in HTML coding to use this online tool for creating HTML tables out of your excel sheet or any other spreed sheet.

To use online converting tool TABLEIZER for convert Excel to HTML, just copy the table from the Microsoft Excel and paste then Click on "Tableize It!" now you will get the HTML code for the table, copy the HTML code and paste it in the Website or Blog in HTML Mode.


Steps To Add Table to the Post:
1) Create a table using Microsoft Excel, Open Office or any other spreadsheet software or You can also use Microsoft Word. After completing the table select it and copy.

2) Go to TABLEIZER website to convert the table to HTML code, and paste your table in the text box.

Paste your table in the text box (Tableizer)

There you can also customise the font, font size and Header color.

Click on "Tableize It" to convert your excel sheet to HTML code, after that this tool will generate HTML and CSS code for you, copy the code. You can also see a preview of your table here.

Copy the HTML code to add table to post (Tableized)

3) Now create a new post on your blog or edit a post in which you want to add the table, Click on HTML and paste the code which you have copied, then preview your post and publish

If you want use the codes for your website, just paste it in your post HTML.

Paste the HTML code in the HTML post editor

That's all now your table has been successfully added to your website or blogger.

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