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How to download Nokia/Samsung/Sony/Motorola Firmware files - All Mobile Firmware/Flash Files (Android, Windows Phone 7/8, Symbian, Symbian Belle,BB5,DCT4)

Download Nokia firmware files to flash/update your Nokia mobile phone, not only Nokia Flash files but here you can also have an idea where to download all other mobile flashing files, i.e. Samsung, BlackBerry, Motorola and Sony Ericsson etc.

The mobile firmware/flash file is used to update the phone or if your mobile operating system has corrupted you need the firmware to download and flash your mobile by using any mobile flasher box, which supports your model and brand of the phone.

Most of the mobile software and hardware personnel ask, how to download Nokia firmware, how to download Samsung mobile flash file, so here in this post you will find some helpful links and process to download mobile firmware files or flash files to flash your mobile phone.

The firmware/flash file is updated with a regular interval, to get the latest features on the phone, you need to update your mobile phone to latest version of mobile operating system to get the most recent features and any other updates form the mobile manufacturer.

How to download Nokia/Samsung/Sony/Motorola Firmware files

Here I will show you how to download Nokia/Samsung/Sony/Motorola Firmware/flashing files for all models including Nokia Symbian, Nokia Symbian Belle and the latest Windows Phone 7/8 Nokia Lumia series and all android smartphones.

There are three options to download firmware files
  • Using Nokia Care Suite
  • Using NaviFirm + 2.3
  • Visit the site freeflashfile

1) Download Nokia Care Suite PST 5.0 2013.13.4.4 and you will able to download latest Nokia firmware. You can download Nokia Firmware files.


2) You can download NaviFirm Plus 2.3

Now Navifirm plus 2.3 is available for donors only, but it has feature to search product code and download the firmware in the free version. You can download all Nokia Model Firmware using NaviFirm plus 2.3, see below image to know how you can search the firmware according to the product codes.

Example: Nokia Lumia 920
Product Code- 059Q8P5

How to download Nokia/Samsung/Sony/Motorola Firmware files - All Mobile Firmware/Flash Files (Android, Windows Phone 7/8, Symbian, Symbian Belle,BB5,DCT4)

When you open the Navifirm plus it will ask for account setup, hit Cancel and search the Nokia Mobile Product code and Download the RM file/ Flash file, with the Navifirm you can only download Nokia Firmwares/flash files.

Visit Nokia Firmware Versions and Product Codes to know all Nokia Lumia Product Codes.


3) You can download mobile flash file for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson from the website freeflashfile.

This topic will helpful to Mobile Repair Personnel to get the latest firmware for the mobile phones. 

To update your mobile phone yourself, check your mobile does it have Software Update option, if it has an option to update software open it and download and install on your phone via 3G/Wi-Fi.

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