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Nokia Lumia 720 PC Suite, Zune Software and Windows Phone App For Desktop | How to Download/Add/Sync/Transfer Songs, Videos, Photos, Ringtones to Nokia Lumia 720 Phone From Computer Windows/Mac

Microsoft Windows has two operating system for mobile phone, one is Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Nokia Lumia series has the Windows phone operating system, the latest lumia series comes with the Windows Phone 8 operating system and older lumia series has the Windows Phone 7 OS. The Nokia Lumia 720 comes with the latest Windows Phone 8 OS.

Nokia Lumia 720, Sync Software for Windows and Mac, Transfer music and other media files to Nokia Lumia 720 from PC

If you want to sync photo, music, ringtone, video etc. to Lumia phone with your computer or if you have question that how you can transfer/download/add songs, videos to Nokia lumia phone from your computer then you have to install a software called Zune Software for Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone app for Desktop for Windows Phone 8 on your computer or for the Nokia Lumia Phone having Windows phone 8 OS you can use Windows explorer/File explorer.

There are a number of different software/apps/tools available for sync your Nokia lumia phone with computer, the apps and tools can be different on the basis of what kind of computer you use i.e. Windows 8/7/Vista/XP or a MAC PC and which operating system your Nokia Lumia phone has whether it's Windows Phone 7/8 OS. So for Nokia lumia phone you may need either Zune Software, Windows Phone app for Desktop or Windows Phone app for Mac.

Nokia Lumia Sync Software For Windows Phone 7

For Windows

Zune Software is the only PC sync/PC suite software for Nokia Lumia Phone (Windows Phone 7 OS) to use for sync/add/download your photos,videos, musics and all of your media files. Zune software can be download from Windows Phone website or Click Here to go to the download page. Supported OS for Zune Software Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, It won't work on Windows RT.

For Mac 

To sync your media files from your Mac with Windows phone, you have to use 'Windows Phone app for Mac' which is available on Mac App store. The Windows phone connector/Windows Phone App for Mac can be used for synchronise video, music, photos etc. with your phone and also you can download phone updates.

So finally we got that, if you are using a Nokia Lumia Phone having the Windows Phone 7 operating system, then you need 'Zune Software' for Windows and For Mac you will use 'Windows Phone app for Mac' to sync files.

Nokia Lumia Sync Software For Windows Phone 8

For Windows

Windows 8 PC

If you are using Windows 8 PC, Use the Windows phone app or Windows Phone app for desktop or Windows Explorer/File Explorer.

Windows Phone app for Desktop, sync with your PC, Windows Phone 8 Sync Software for Desktop

Windows 7 PC

If you have Windows 7 PC and want sync your media files with Nokia Lumia phone, you can use the following options.

Windows Vista or XP PC

For Windows Vista or Windows XP PC, you have two options.

For Mac

Use Windows Phone app for Mac to sync media files.

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