Thursday, January 16, 2014

Samsung M8800 Flash Done With MultiLoader_V5.56 - How to Flash Samsung M8800 With Downloader -

Here is the process how you can flash the Samsung M8800 using Multi_Loader, the flashing process of Samsung M8800 is given below.

Samsung M8800 Flashing with MultiLoader


  • Download MultiLoader_V5.56 (Search MultiLoader_V5.56.exe and Download)

  • Download Samsung Firmware (M8800DDIG1)

  • Open the Downloader V5.56

Choose Control MSM6275/MSM6280/MSM6290

Amss File : amss_compressed.bin

Rsrc1 : Rsrc_M8800_Open_Europe_Common.rc1

Rsrc2 : Rsrc2_M8800(Mid).rc2

Factory FS : FactoryFs_M8800_Open_Europe_Common.ffs

Samsung M8800 Flashing Done with Multi Loader V5.56

  • Press Volume Down + Camera then switch on the phone for Download Mode

  • Connect the Samsung M8800 to the Computer using USB Cable

  • Then Click on Download Button 

Samsung M8800 Download Mode (Volume- + Camera + Power Switch)

Wait for sometime to finish the process and now the Samsung M8800 has been successfully flashed, remove the USB Cable and Battery and put the battery back to the phone and switch on.


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