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How to Use Bhulekh Land Records Web Portal Of Odisha On Google Chrome -

In the previous topic How to Use Bhulekh Odia Portal on Internet Explorer 8 you got the procedure to use bhulekh Odisha portal on Internet Explorer 8, but many of my friends ask how to use Bhulekh Orissa land record portal on Google Chrome. So for that I find a solution through which you can use Bhulekh Odisha on Google Chrome.
So this topic/tutorial will help you to browse the using Google Chrome, see the below step by step process to use it.

How to Browse Bhulekh Land Record Web Portal Of Odisha Using Google Chrome

1) Install Odia Font on Windows 7
  • Download Odia Font and Install
  • Go to and click on Download Odia Font ( On left top side of the website )
  • Open the font and Click on Install
Install Odia Font to Use Bhulekh Odisha Web Portal

2) Use Google Chrome Latest Version

3) Install IE Tab Extension On Google Chrome
  • Now Open Google Chrome Browser
  • Install IE Tab from Chrome Web store
  • Go to Here & Download IE Tab Extension for Google Chrome Click on Free Button. (Remember to Use Google Chrome, do not use any other browser to download IE Tab, because this tutorial is for Google Chrome IE Tab extension )
Add IE Tab to Google Chrome

  • Confirm New Extension Add "IE Tab"? Click on Add Button
Confirm New extension - Click on Add

  • Then it will install the IE Tab for Google Chrome and you will see IE Tab Icon on the right side top corner of the browser (next to the address bar) (see the below image)
IE Tab Icon on Google Chrome

  • Now click on the IE Tab Icon on the Google Chrome Browser
  • It will download a small application called ietabhelper.exe (Size about 400KB)
  • Install ietabhelper.exe (Double Click and Click on Run)

4) How to Use the IE Tab On Google Chrome to Browse Bhulekh Odisha Portal
  • After finish the 3rd step close the Google Chrome Browser and Open It
  • Go to the Bhulekh Odisha Website Don't worry you will not able see odia font.
  • So now Click on IE Tab icon on the Chrome (Right Top Corner) and see the difference.

Bhulekh Land Records Web Portal Of Odisha on Google chrome
So now you can use Google chrome to browse bhulekh Odisha portal and you will see the Odia font and all other functions will work fine. Please read the hole topic carefully and follow all the steps, then you will able to use bhulekh website on Google Chrome in Odia language. If you have any question about this tutorial feel free to post comments. This topic is for Odia Script using Google Chrome on Windows 7 Operating System to browse



  1. Sir, I am Sonita,
    After following all steps, still it couldn't open the site
    it ask for downloading Gist Multilingual oriya font resource for WEB. I click Yes. but still it cant function.

  2. I also try it in internet explorer 11.0 & OS-Windows-7.
    but oriya font didnt display.
    Please suggest me.


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