Thursday, August 14, 2014

Karbonn K102 Star Read Flash and Read Unlock Code Done With Volcano Tool

Karbonn K102* read flash and read unlock code done with Volcano Tool V.2.6.4, the below is the process how to read flash, unlock code using Volcano Tool with Rx Tx. You can also do this with Volcano box JIG cable ( P-14H or P-20B), so if the phone has no USB Jig connection or it's damaged then you can read flash and unlock code using Rx, Tx. Please see the below details to flash Karbonn K102 Star with Volcano Tool.

Note: For Rx/Tx you have to Sold wires on the board Rx, Tx and Ground and use Volcano Universal Jig for this.

Karbonn K102 Star Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool

Karbonn K102 Star Read Flash Volcano Tool Rx/Tx

  • Open Volcano Tool
  • Go to SPD Tab
  • Select Boot_02 6610/20
  • Tick on Read Flash
  • Tick on Auto Detect Pinouts 
  • In Type Choose COM(Rx/Tx) For Rx/Tx Sold on Karbonn K102* Mother Board
  • If you use JIG Cable Don't need to change this (It should Be D+ D-)
  • Click on Run and Press the Power Button

Karbonn K102 Star Unlock Code Volcano Tool

Karbonn K102 Star Read Unlock Code Volcano Tool

Karbonn K102 Star Volcano Tool Log:

Waiting for phone's response, press the Power on the phone  
  Internal version: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 2.0
  Boot downloaded.
  Start boot please wait a moment....
  Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.2
  CPU TYPE:SC6610/20 [66100000]
  FLASH ID: 00C8004000160000
  Flash Type:[GD]  GD25Q32
  Reading completed.
The data has been saved in C:\Users\-------\Desktop\K102 Star\MOCOR_09A_MP.W11., size: 4 M.

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