Sunday, February 1, 2015

Micromax X282 MTK 6260 Read Flash Done With Volcano Tool

Micromax X282 which has a MTK CPU MT6260, read flash, write flash and format done with volcano tool using USB Mode/USB Cable. The below is the complete process of how to read flash Micromax X282 with Volcano Utility/Tool.

Micromax X282 Read Flash Volcano Tool
  • Open volcano tool
  • Go to mtk tab
  • Select Boot -11
  • Tick on USB Mode
  • Click Start
  • Connect the phone using USB Cable

How to Read Flash of Micromax X282 With Volcano Tool
To download the flash file Visit the below link

Password For the Zip File is - X282fctMicromax


  1. how to flash micromax x2814 by valcano tool

    1. Choose boot 11 on MTK Tab then flash the Micromax X2814 with Volcano Tool.

      You can download Micromax X2814 File here.
      Micromax X2814 Flash File


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