Sunday, December 6, 2015

Honor Hol-U19 Lcd Light Off During Call - Proximity Sensor Calibrate On Android Phones

If you have problem with Proximity Sensor Calibrate, then you face the problem LCD light off during Incoming call and while make outgoing call also, that means on incoming call you will not able see anything on screen only you can hear ringtone and to receive the call you must press the power key for light on screen then you can receive the call, same on outgoing call, while you make outgoing call the lcd screen will goes off. To solve this problem just follow the below solution.

So here is the tutorial how to calibrate Proximity Sensor on Android Smartphones, The above problem comes due to either sensor hardware or software problem, that means if the phone has hardware problem then you must change the proximity sensor, no setting will help on this but if you have some setting problem then you can easily overcome the problem.

Proximity Sensor Calibrate on Android Smartphones:

Here is the example of Honor Hol U19 phone


  • Switch off the phone now press volume down + power for factory mode

Honor Hol-U19 Factory kit test or factory mode
  • Now Click on Item Test

Proximity Sensor Calibrate on Android
  • Now click on Proximity Sensor Calibrate
Calibrate Proximity Censor, While call display light goes off
  • Now put the phone on a plane surface and do not cover the phone P sensor Click on Calibrate 

Proximity calibration test pass
  • Now you will see Test Pass on the screen, that means the proximity sensor is calibrate successfully, now remove the battery and put it back and switch on the phone and check by making calls.

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