Saturday, October 21, 2017

How to Remove MTKLogger and Factory From Appearing on Each Boot

How to remove or disable MTKLogger and Factory from appearing on each boot on Android smart phone? As you know when you flash Qualcomm Android smart phones i.e. Panasonic, Coolpad and other phones or other phones runs on Qualcomm CPU, after flash when you switched on the phone, you will see the "factory" written on the top of the screen on the startup screen. So here is the solution for this problem.

How to Remove MTKLogger and Factory From Appearing on Each Boot


How to Remove or Disable and clear MTK Logger

  • Swipe the screen from top side and open notification
  • Now you will see MTKLogger is running, click on this to open mtklogger
  • Then click on "Stop" button to stope mtklogger (Red colour Stop button)
  • After stop now click on delete button and it will open "Clear MTKLog Files"
  • Now click on "CLEAR ALL" and then click "OK"

How to Remove "Factory" Being Appeared on Screen

  • Open Dial pad
  • Dial *#9527*#
  • Click on DM
  • Type RD Personnel Password : 54321
  • If DM Flag value is "1" Choose "OK" DM mark will become "0"
  • If DM colour turn green from red, then choose "Close"
  • Select "sure"
  • Reboot Now "Factory" and "MTK Logger" is gone

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