Sunday, October 8, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4a (2016116) Hard Reset and Mi Account Bypass Solved

How to hard reset Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4a and How to bypass Mi account on Mi 4a? Here is the solution for Mi 4a hard reset and remove mi account, follow the below process to unlock Mi 4a using simple steps. Mi 4a Android 6.0.1 MIUI version v8.2.9.0 hard reset and remove Mi account success with "RB Soft Tool", see the below details to know how to hard reset and mi account solution using RB Soft Tool?

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4a  (2016116)Mi Account and Hard Reset OK RB Soft Tool 1.6

Redmi Mi 4a Hard Reset and Bypass Mi Account:

  • Download RB Soft Tool 1.6
  • Now put the Mi 4a to Recovery Mode (Hold Both Volume Key and Press Power)
  • Then connect USB cable to the Computer
  • Open RB Soft Tool V1.6 and go to Xiaomi Tab
  • Select Alternative method for Mi account and click on "Read Info"
  • Now Click on "Format" and wait until you see "Formatting Device Wait..OK"
  • Then phone will be automatically reboot

In this way you can remove Mi account and do hard reset on Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4a (2016116) Android 6.0.1 smart phone using RB Soft V1.06 Mobile Tool.

Xiaomi Redmi Mi 4a Recovery or Sideload Mode:

1) Hold both volume up and volume down then press power key.
2) After vibrate release power key only but continue holding both volume keys .
3) When you see a Mobile on screen with USB cable release volume keys.
4) Now connect the Mi phone to PC and Install Mi driver.
5) Then use the above process to unlock mi account and hard reset Mi smart phones.
Xiaomi Redmi Mi Recovery Mode - Redmi Mi 4a Recovery Mode Sideload Mode

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