Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nokia 105 RM-908 Dead Solution 2018 - All Working Methods Here

Nokia Microsoft Mobile 105 RM-908 Dead, How to Recover the Nokia 105? Here you will get all the method to unbrick Microsoft Nokia 105 Mobile. The main cause for not switching on or dead Nokia 105 Mobile phone is, Due to Battery BSI Line connection missing, LCD tracks Missing and Software problem. If the phone is dead you can try these solutions to recover the phone, if still not success then the phone may have the motherboard issue or water damage, in that case you can wash the motherboard using IP and lightly hit the board then check.

Nokia Microsoft Mobile 105 RM-908 Complete Dead Solution and All methods to recover the phone. If the does not have any water damage or physical damage then you can try the below methods to recover dead phones and here is the complete process to recover your Microsoft Nokia 105 Mobile phone.
Microsoft Nokia 105 dead 100% Solution Here - Nokia 105 Not Switch On complete solution here

Nokia 105 Dead Problem Solved By Flashing The Phone With ATF:

If the phone is in dead condition, first try to recover the phone by flashing the phone using ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) or you can also user UFS3 Turbo or you can user Nokia BEST Dongle or any other Nokia flashing tools. In most of the cases we solved the not switching on Nokia 105 problem and successfully recovered dead Microsoft Nokia 105 phone using this method. First try this method, if not success then try the second method to recover the dead phone.
Nokia 105 Dead Phone Recovered By Flashing The Phone With ATF

Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 2 (LCD Tracks):

If the software flashing method does not work, then try this method. Due LCD track missing the phone may not switching on, which called a dead phone, so check the all the 12 legs of the Nokia LCD connector, if the LCD ways are missing apply jumper according to the below image. As said before there are 12 LCD legs on the Nokia 105 PCB includes 4 ground points and 2 LCD light points and 6 color and figure points.
Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 2 (LCD Tracks)

Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 3 (Nokia 105 BSI Way):

Nokia 105 BSI Way, If you are still facing problem then try this method, check the battery connector BSI line or the battery temperature line. The center pin is the BSI line for Nokia phone, which has 3 pin battery connector. So check the Nokia 105 BSI way and apply jumper as shown in the below image.
Nokia 105 BSI Way - Nokia 105 RM-908 BSI Line

These methods are used for recovering the dead Microsoft Nokia 105 phone, as mentioned above try the first method, second method or 3rd method to recover dead phone. If you still not able to solve the issue then the phone must have Motherboard fault or the main IC on the PCB.

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