Saturday, August 25, 2018

MIUI 9 Xiaomi Mi 5A EDL Mode Test Points - How To Boot Mi Into EDL Mode?

How to boot the Xiaomi Mi 5A phone to Download mode or so called Emergency Download Mode which is well known as EDL mode. The EDL mode is the download mode of the Qualcomm Android smart phones through which you can flash or upgrade your smartphone having the Qualcomm Chip-set. So as you know most of the latest Xiaomi Mi Android smartphones has Force EDL Mode Test Point, which you need to find out and short that 2 points and connect USB it will be detected on PC and QDLoader 9008 Qualcomm USB COM port, so that you can flash the phone using your Windows Computer.

All Xiaomi Mi has it's own EDL mode test points and it also working on MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 having Android latest version operating system. So you must know the process how to find and enable EDL mode on your Mi smartphone and then only you can able to flash. Here is the EDL test point for Xiaomi Redmi MI 5A, the below is the image with EDL mode test points, just remove battery and short these tow points and insert USB, that's all now the PC will detect the USB drive and then use any flash to flash the Xiaomi Mi phone with latest MIUI firmware.
Mi 5A EDL or Download Mode Test Point - How to Put Mi 5a to Download Mode or edl mode

Please watch the above video to know how to short phone edl points on Xiaomi Mi phone, along with you can flash the phone using any flash tool and latest firmware of Mi Android smartphones.

MIUI 9 Xiaomi Mi 5A EDL Mode Test Points

So here is the tutorial about how you can boot Mi phone to download mode. If your phone is not detecting on PC or Xiaomi flash tool not detect the phone or Mi phone does not shows EDL Qualcomm COM port then you are in the right place, where you can find the EDL mode or Download mode solution of Mi Android smartphones. 

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