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Important Tips and Tricks Before You Buy a Used Phone - Free Computer Tricks

Hi friends, today I will tell you about some important tips and tricks, if you are going to buy a second hand phone or used phone, so please read the instruction or points her before buying an used phone. As you all know no a days you can also buy used phone through online and where you will get the purchase bill along with the Mobile phone, But Online buying of used phone has some demerits, that means you can not check the physical condition of the phone, but some of the online seller also giving some days to replace or return the phone if faulty. 

But friends here I will give  some important tips and tricks, if you are going to buy a used phone from a person physically. If you follow this process and verify this tips you may get a good condition phone and after buying this you will not face any kind of problem regarding this.

Before You Buying a Used/Second Hand Phone Please read  some important tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks To Buy a Used Phone?

  • First and very important point ask for the original purchase bill of the phone.

  • If the seller does not have bill, then take a ID card xerox and write the details of the phone mention the purchase date and price and take the signature of the seller.(But according to it's better to take original Bill).

  • Then check the IMEI No. all the 3 IMEI number will be same, one is *#06#, IMEI sticker on the phone and also the bill has.

  • Check the battery whether it's original or compatible, for example if the phone is Samsung then you can get battery serial number and which can be checked in there website whether it's original or not.

  • When you take a used phone, please take the phone and use it for 10-20 minutes, for which you can know the condition of the phone, if it has software issue or heating problem.

  • Beware of high copy items, now a days high copy Mobile phone also available in the market a normal user can not identify whether it's original or copy item, so please be careful about that.

  • If you satisfy with the condition of the phone, then negotiate the price, then you can take the phone.

  • After take the used phone, by mistake if there is any personal data of the seller then delete it.

  • After take the phone, do a factory reset in front of the person.

  • Before factory reset, please enable Developer Mode and then enable OEM unlock then do factory reset, if you follow this process then it will now ask FRP Email id and password.

So friends I hope if you follow this tips and tricks before buying a used phone from a person you may face less difficulty. You can also get video tutorial on this topic to watch you can visit the YOUTUBE channel from the right panel, Thank You.....

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