Monday, July 13, 2020

How to Start Advertising on YouTube? Google Ads

How to Start Advertising on YouTube? Hi friends, in this tutorial I will show you the process through which you can show your advertisement or promote your video on YouTube, Let me clear, when you are watching YouTube videos must notice that ads come in the video, it may be at the first or in between or at the last and also in the search results on YouTube and if you need to put your advertisement in the search result or in video then please go through the topic and also you can watch our YouTube Video in Hindi, Link given below.

How to Start Advertising on YouTube? YouTube par Advertising Kiase Dale?


How to Start Advertising on YouTube? How to promote YouTube videos?

  • How to start advertising on YouTube?
  • YouTube search par apna ads kaise dalen?
  • How to put advertisement on YouTube?
  • Google Ads kaise sign up kare?
  • How to use YouTube Ads?



  • Visit
  • Click on "Start Now"
  • Then click on "Get Started"
  • Then Click on "New Google Ads Account"
  • Then create a  video campaign.
  • Select or paste the video URL, you would like to promote or advertisement.
  • Choose how do you want your ads to show up in YouTube, You Can choose any one of these 2 options.
  • In the right side you see the Ads preview both for Mobile and Desktop.
  • Then choose "where do you want your ad to appear, you can select any one "On YouTube and on Google video partner sites" or "Only on YouTube"
  • You can also enter the URL where do you want to send the visitor, after clicking on your ad.
  • You can enter the video URL, Channel URL or website URL
  • Then click on "Continue"
  • Then choose the target location in our case we select Country "India"
  • Then choose the visitors known language, for example English or Hindi or any other languages. 
  • Click on 'Continue"
  • Then choose the audience details.
  • Then you can also do some additional settings.
  • Then click on "Continue"
  • Then select "Budget" this is the per day charge, if you enter INR 10.00 that means you will spend Rs. 10 per day for advertising.
  • Then click on "Continue"
  • Then "confirm Payment Info'
  • Here you can also enter any promotion code if have.
  • Then select "Payment Method" for example "NetBanking"
  • Then scroll down and enter the Payment amount example INR 500
  • Click on "Submit"
  • Then click on "Continue"
  • Then choose the Bank and click on "Pay Now"
  • Then confirm the Payment after payment success you are done.
  • The Google Ads home page will open and just click on "Ads" on the left side.
  • As this is new ads it will show "Under Review"
  • After "Approved" your ads will live on YouTube.

For step by step guide in Hindi, please watch the video tutorial on YouTube, link given above the post.

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