Friday, December 25, 2020

Fingerprint Reader Driver for Smartphone || MSO1300E || MSO1300E2 || MSO1300E3

 Hi all welcome to the blog, in this topic I will tell you how you can use the fingerprint reader or fingerprint scanner on your smartphone? Fingerprint reader is a biometric device and use for Aadhaar based authentication, so if you are doing Aadhaar based money withdraw, SIM activation or any other things which need fingerprint scanner then you need to have the biometric device, MSO1300E or MSO1300E2 or MSO1300E3 etc.. and to use this on your smartphone you need a particular app to be installed on your smartphone which you can say finger print scanner, so please go through the topic and also watch the video on our YouTube channel, Thank you.....

Fingerprint Reader Driver for Android smartphone

Biometric Fingerprint Reader App.

Biometric Device Application not installed?

Fingerprint reader application

Fingerprint scanner software for mobile

Fingerprint scanner app for windows.

Biometric fingerprint scanner app

MSO 1300 E3 – Register IDEMIA (Morpho) fingerprint


  • Open Google Play Store and Install "Morpho SCL RD Service"
  • Open the application and allow the permissions.
  • Then click on the refresh icon
  • Now you will see a notification on your screen Morpho SCL RD Service "Allow the app Morpho SCL RD service to access the USB device"
  • Select "Use by default for this USB device and click on "OK"
  • After that you will see "your Device is ready for use"
  • Now you can use the fingerprint reader on any application such as DigiPay, Mitra App etc.

Install Morpho SCL RD Service

Select "Use by default for this USB device"

Your Device is ready for use

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