Moto C Plus XT1721 FRP Unlock Done Using SP Flash Tool

Moto C Plus Android 7.0 frp unlock final solution here, you can download moto flash tool and frp unlock file link given below in this tutorial and flash the phone using Smart phone flash tool or SP flash tool. Remove XT1721 frp lock withing 1 minute and this method is free and work fine on Android 6.0 and Android 7.0.

If you forgot Google account reactivation Gmail id and password and want to recover your phone, then here is the all in one frp solution for Android 7.0 runs on MediaTek chipset. After hard reset of the Moto smart phones ask for FRP account and password and after giving correct email id and password the phone is not opening and keep asking to connect Wi-Fi and show unauthorized attempt to unlock this phone, enter correct id and password. In this topic or tutorial you will solve the frp lock on the Moto XT1721 phone.
Moto C Plus XT1721 FRP Unlock Done Using SP Flash Tool

How to Bypass FRP Lock of Motorola C Plus XT1721?
  • Download Moto Flash Tool and FRP File (Link Given Below)
  • Now Open SP Flash Tool then Browse and Select MTK Scatter File.
  • Select Download Agent DA_PL.bin file.
  • Then Go to SP Flash Tool Options and Select USB Checksum and Storage Checksum.
  • Now Click on Download and Connect the Switched Off Phone to PC.
  • After Download OK remove the phone and manually switch on it.
XT1721 Flash Tool and FRP File | Download
File Password = FCT

Moto C Plus XT1721 Android 7 0 Free FRP Solution Without Any Box | Video Tutorial | Video Tutorial link

How to Take Screenshot on Moto C Plus XT1721?

To take screenshot on your Moto C Plus phone follow the below key combination.

Press Volume Down + Power Key at the same time

Lava Z50 FRP Unlock and Tool DL Image Fail Final Solution Here

Hi friends, welcome to another interesting tutorial from Free Computer Tricks, today this tutorial belongs to How to unlock frp on Lava Z50? final solution. So here we will give the tested and 100% working solution fro bypass frp on Lava Z50 which has a MediaTek MT6737M chipset. This process includes the frp bypass without using any Mobile flashing box or any other special flash tools. In this article you will know how to bypass frp unlock and solve Tool DL Image flail solution of Lava Z50 using Smart Phone Flash Tool or so called SP Flash Tool.
Lava Z50 FRP Unlock Final Solution Here and Lava Z50 Tool DL Image Fail Solution

As you know the Lava Z50 released on March 2018 in India and let's know some technical features of this phone. It's a Dual SIM LTE smart phone with Android Oreo operating system runs on MediaTek MT6737M platform, the phone also has a Quad-core 1.1 GHz Cortex A53 CPU and Mali T720MP2 GPU with 8 GB internal storage and 1 GB RAM, you can also expand it upto 64 GB using microSD card slot. If yo look at the camera features it has 5 MP auto-focus main camera and 5 MP front camera. The phone has a Li-Po 2000mAh removable battery and with other basic features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Radio, Accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor etc. This is one of the cheapest smartphone in India, available with a price tag INR 4.399/-* approx, you can check the current price of the phone on any online store.

How To Bypass FRP On Lava Z50 Final Solution Here Using SP Flash Tool:

  • Download Lava Z50 FRP Solution zip file (Download Link Given Below)
  • After extract you will get Lava Z50 Flash Tool and FRP Bypass Files.
  • Now Open SP Flash Tool (Open SP Flash Tool v5.1708 Folder and Double Click on flash_tool.exe).
  • Now load Android scatter file (MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt) in the Flash File Images folder.
  • Now go to Format Tab on SP Flash Tool and select Manual Format Flash.
  • Now Specify the region, begin address and length of the format area 
Begin Address [HEX]: 0x6a00000
Format Length [HEX]: 0x100000
  • Now Click on Start and connect switched off Lava Z50 Phone to Computer Using USB cable. (Sometimes you need to press the boot key, Lava Z50 boot keys = switch of the phone and Hold the volume down key then connect the phone to PC)
  • After format OK remove the phone and switch on the phone and you are done.
How To Bypass FRP On Lava Z50 Final Solution Using SP Flash Tool
Lava Z50 After FRP Unlock Tool DL Image Fail - Solution:

If you are facing Tool DL Image Fail after flashing or unlocking frp on the Lava Z50 Android smartphone then here is the solution. If the phone is showing Tool DL Image fail then it's continuously restarts and you unable to use the phone, but after following the below steps you can easily recover the phone to normal mode.

  • It's similar to the above FRP unlock step but instead of Format here we do Flash or Download Firmware Using SP flash tool.
  • Download Lava Z50 FRP Solution.rar file from the below link.
  • Open SP Flash Tool and Load MT6737M_Android_scatter file.
  • Then select Download Only and then select Only Cache (Untick all other see the image below)
  • Now go to Options --> Option --> Download and Select USB Checksum and Storage Checksum.
  • Now Click on Download button and connect the phone using boot key (same as frp process above)
  • After Download OK remove the phone and switch on it, now it will work fine without Tool DL Image Fail error on your Lava Z50.
Lava Z50 After FRP Unlock Tool DL Image Fail - Solution

Download Lava Z50 FRP Bypass Solution Files | Download Link
Password for the Zip File: FCT

How To Recover Coolpad 8297L-100 Dead Boot Using SD Card

Free Computer Ticks We are always Happy to Help You.
In this tutorial you will know how to recover the Coolpad Dazen 8297l-100 or 8297l-i00 using SD card. Make the mcroSD card bootable with recovery file and then you can flash the phone using YGDP flash tool. You can also recover the dead Coolpad Android smart phone using QFIL flash tool. If the Coolpad phone dead after flash or dead after format then this topic will help you to recover the dead Coolpad Dazen 1 Android version 4.4 KitKat smartphone. What you have to do is just download a small EMMC boot image file and make the SD card bootable then write the boot image file, then insert the SD card in the phone and hold the Volume Key then connect USB cable to Computer, now the phone will boot up with download mode.

To dead recover your phone you need to download Win32 Disk Imager and Coolpad Dazen 1 EMMC Unbrick .img file. If the phone is not switched on and it's completely bricked then this process with defiantly help your to get the phone back to normal condition. Download links for Bootable SD card maker tool and recovery boot disk image file is given below.

Coolpad 8297L-100 Dead Boot Recover Done Using SD Card
First you need to create a bootable SD card or Memory card using the recovery eMMC disk image to boot the phone into fastboot mode or download mode. So let's create a bootable SD card for your Coolpad Phone, please follow the below steps.

Unbrick Coolpad - Create Bootable SD Card/Memory Card
  • Download Win32 Disk Imager (Download Link Given Below on this page)
  • Download Coolpad Dazen 1 8297L-100 Unbrick eMMC .img file (Download Link below)
  • You need a SD Card at least 2 GB and Card Reader.
  • Insert the Memory Card in card reader and connect to Computer.
  • Now open Win32 Disk Imager and choose the eMMC .img file.
  • Select your SD card Drive letter (Important).
  • Now Click on Write and when you see "Write Successful" Click OK then Exit.
  • Now insert the SD card in phone and press Volume Up then connect USB cable.
  • Now the phone will boot into fastboot download mode now flash the phone using YGDP flash Tool.
Download Win32 Disk Imager Tool Latest Version | Download Link
Download Coolpad Dazen 1 eMMC SD Card Boot Disk Image File | Download Link

Now you have successfully created a bootable SD card which boot the dead Coolpad Dazen 1 phone into download mode. After creating this bootable memory card follow the below tutorials to flash and unbrick the Coolpad Android smartphone.

OnePlus 3/3T (A3003) FRP Unlock Solution Without Using Any Flashing Box

If you are searching for OnePlus 3/3T A3003 FRP Unlock Process Without Using Computer or Flash Tool, How To Remove FRP Android 7.0 Nougat On OnePlus 3/3T A3003, One Plus 3/3T FRP Remove Google Account Bypass, How to Bypass Frp Lock On OnePlus 3T Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 Nougat Without Using Computer, One Plus 3T A3003 Remove FRP Google Account Android 7, One Plus 3 FRP Bypass Method or Google Account Lock Bypass Free Solution, How To Bypass Google Verification On OnePlus 3/3T or Unlock FRP/Skip Google Gmail Id, OnePlus 3 A3003 Bypass Google Account Remove FRP Lock 2018, OnePlus 3/3T Frp Bypass/Remove/Reset New Method 2018 - Then Get All These Solutions In One Place Here In This FRP Unlock Tutorial.

In this article you will know hot to bypass or remove frp lock on OnePlus 3/3T without using Computer or any other mobile flash tools. This is an easy process to unlock frp lock on Android 6.0 smartphone. Unlock frp lock on OnePlus smart phone for the mode OnePlus 3 using the phone itself no need to use Computer and Internet connection. Please go through the below steps.
OnePlus 3 (A3003) FRP Unlock Solution Without Using Any Flashing Box or Computer
OnuPlus 3/3T FRP Bypass Using Home Button - Method 1
  • Switch on the phone when you see Wi-Fi connection page stop there.
  • Now press and hold Home button until it opens Google App Search.
  • Now Type Settings, just below you will see the Phone "Settings" Click on it.
  • Now go to About Phone and scroll down to "Build Number" and continuously tap on it until it shows now you are Developer.
  • Now come back and you will see Developer Options just above the "About Phone" Open it.
  • Then enable OEM Unlock and click OK.
  • Now go to backup and reset and click on reset all.
How to Enable Developer Mode On OnePlus 3/3T Locked Android Phone
OnePlus 3/3T FRP Unlock Using Secret Code - Method 2
You can also this method to unlock frp lock on Oneplus A3003 and this solution is 100% working, in this frp unlock method you also do not need any Computer or Mobile Flashing Box or Internet connection, just do it on the phone itself, please follow the below process.
  • Switch On the phone
  • Open Emergency Dial-pad and Enter this Code *#812#
  • Now you will see Setup Home tab 2-3 times on it.
  • Then Restart the phone and now you will see the home screen and it will not ask for re-verification. But to complete remove the Factory Reset Protection follow the below steps.
  • Go to Settings and enable Developer Options (Please follow the Method 1 steps to enable Developer Mode)
  • Then Go to Developer Settings and enable OEM Unlock.
  • Now go to Backup and Reset and do Reset All.
Now you have successfully remove the frp lock on the OnuPlus 3 Android smartphone. All these tow methods are tested and 100% working solution for bypass frp lock. In the same way you can also unlock frp of this phone having Android 7.0.

Note: This topic is only for Tutorial purpose, if you misuse/illegally use this tutorial the risk should be completely belongs to you. Apply this method to unlock frp lock if the phone is completely yours and in case you forgot the Email id and password.

OnePlus USB Driver | Download

☛ Did You Know  ☚
How to take screenshot on OnePlus Smartphone? To Take Screenshot on Your OnePlus 3/3T Phone Follow the below process:
Press Volume Down + Power Key at the same time

Samsung B110E Dead After Format - Recovered With Z3x Pro

How to Flash Samsung B110E? Samsung B110E Dead After Format With Miracle Box, Samsung Guru Plus Dead After Flash, How to Flash Samsung B110E Using Samsung Tool Pro, Free Samsung Tool Pro Download Working Without Z3x Box, B110E Dead After Format With Volcano Box, Samsung Guru Plus B110E Tested and Working Flash File Download, Samsung B110E How To Repair/Restore IMEI, B110E After Format No IMEI, Where To Download All Flash Files and Mobile Flashing Tools 2018 - GET ALL SOLUTIONS HERE IN ONE PLACE FOR FREE

Samsung Guru Plus SM-B110E/D Dead After Flash:
After format the phone using Miracle Box flash tool or Volcano Box flash tool the phone has dead or not switched on or sometimes if you flash the phone it may dead. If the phone's NV data is corrupted during flashing then the phone will goes dead and if you try to flash the phone again using Miracle Box or any other box it will show flashing errors. Although we try to flash the dead boot Samsung Guru Plus phone using Spreadtrum Flash Tool (SPD Flash Tool) both Upgrade Download Tool and Research Download Tool R4.0.0001 but not success it shows flashing error Unable to Read NV data, but finally after flashing with Samsung Tool Pro Flash Tool the phone has recovered and working fine.
Samsung Guru Plus SM-B110E/D Dead After Format - Solved (Recovered With Z3x Pro)

Samsung SM-B3110E Dead After Format or Dead After Flash Solution:
  • Download Samsung SM-B3110E Working Firmware (Download Link Provided Below)
  • Download Samsung Tool Pro Free (Working Without Z3x Pro Box Activation) (Download Link Provided Below)
  • Open Samsung Tool Pro and select all files in the Flash file folder (FDL, NV, SSboot, PS and SCS File)
  • On the top right side You will see "Options" Select Write NV.
  • Now click on Flash and Hold the Center Button then connect the phone to Computer with USB cable.
  • When you see "Flashing Done" remove the phone from PC and switch on it.
Samsung SM-B110E After Flash or After Format No IMEI - How to Repair IMEI B110E : Solution
  • Open Z3x Samsung Too Pro V24.3 and go to the Repair Tab.
  • Now fill the IMEI 1 and IMEI 2.
  • Then Select Flash Mode Option and Click on Repair.
  • When you see IMEI Repair Done, remove the phone and switch on it.
How to Repair IMEI Of Samsung SM-B110E/D - Solved
In this way you can recover your Samsung B110E dead after flash or dead after format the phone. As the process says download B110E/D flash file and Z3x Samsung Too Pro V24.3 100% working with out box and flash the phone with the flash file.

Note: This topic is only for Tutorial Purpose and If you Misuse this it must be at your own risk.

Samsung SM-B110E/D Flash File | Download
Z3x Samsung Tool Pro V24.3 (Works Without Z3x Box) | Search in Google
Password To Extract Flash File = FCT

VIVO V5s (1713) After Flash Dead - Solved

Vivo V5s (Vivo 1713) Dead After Flash, Vivo V5s After Update Using SD Card Dead or Not Switched ON only shows Qualcomm QDloader Mode or EDL Mode COP port, Vivo V5s After flashing with OTA firmware non-official set goes off and unable to switch on it, How to Recover Vivo Dead after flash, Vivo V5s dead boot solution - Vivo All In One Dead Recover 100% Solution Here.
If your Vivo V5s dead after flash or you are searching any of these above problems or errors on the Vivo V5s (Vivo 1713) then you are in the right place to get the smartphone dead solutions here. Here we will provide Download link of Vivo V5s working firmware and Vivo Flash tool and described process of how can recover the dead boot Vivo V5s Android 7.0 Nougat smartphone.

Vivo V5s Technical Specifications:
The phone has released on May 2017 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and can be upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. The phone has MediaTek MT6750 Chipset with Octa-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 and Mali-T860MP2 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). It also has 64 GB Internal Storage expandable up to 256 GB using microSD card and 4 GB RAM. If you look at the camera feature it has 13 MP main camera with 20MP front camera with 1080p@30fps Video recording. Please go through the entire article to know the process to recover you dead Vivo V5s and also know how to flash Vivo V5s?
Vivo V5s Dead After Flash 100% Working Solution Here
Vivo V5s After Flash Dead Solution:
  • Download Vivo V5s Working and Tested Firmware (Download Link Below)
  • Download Vivo Flash Tool (Download Link Below)
  • Open The Vivo Flash Tool and select the scatter file.
  • Now select Download and connect the switched off phone to Computer using USB cable.
  • When you see "Basic package download is complete" (see the above image) then click Cancel.
  • To update or download the latest firmware you also click on Continue button.
  • Now switch on the phone and it will work fine.
Vivo V5s Unlock FRP For Free - Know the Process Here

Vivo V5s Firmware (Vivo V5s PD1612DF EX A 1.9.1 MT6750)| Download
Vivo Flash Tool (AFTool_4.9.4) |Download

In this way you can solve the dead boot problem on the Vivo V5s and also solve if the phone is not switched on. This process is and firmware version is tested and working fine.

Note: This article is only for Tutorial Purpose and please do not misuse it.

☛ Tips Of The Day  ☚
How to Remove Vivo Smartphone's Green Color Floating Icon? Which Shows Current Status of Antenna:Switch of Antenna:on.
  • Touch and Hold the Icon Until you See "Close Floating Window".
  • Closing Floating Window and adb debug port - Click On OK.
  • Now the Green color floating icon will removed permanently from your Vivo smartphone.

How to Unlock FRP of VIVO V5s (1713) Free With Miracle Box

VIVO V5s 1713 FRP Bypass Solved With Miracle Box V2.54, Use Miracle Box Software no Box Needed and Unlock FRP lock or Bypass FRP Free Using This Tool, Vivo V5s FRP Unlock Bypass Reset Done With Miracle Box Free Version 2.54, Miracle Box V2.54 Free Download - Vivo V5s Android Version 7.0 All in One FRP Solution Here.

In this article you will know how to unlock/bypass/reset frp lock of the Vivo V5s Android 7.0 smartphone. You can do it by using Miracle Box V2.54 and which can be download here and working without box and dongle. Vivo V5s FRP unlock all required downloads given below and follow the below steps to unlock frp.
Vivo V5s 1713 FRP Reset Done with Miracle Box V2.54 Using ADB Mode or Fastboot
How to Bypass/Remove FRP On Vivo V5s?
Follow the below steps to know how to reset frp Vivo v5s which has updated to Android 7.0 and here you can unlock this with one click and absolutely using free frp unlock tool, which works without box. This tool also work to unlock frp or reset password of MediaTek (MTK), Qualcomm and Spreadtrum (SPD) Android smartphones.

  • Download Miracle Box V2.54 (Download Link Below)
  • Open Miracle Box Tool.
  • Go to Android Tab - Home - ADB(extra).
  • Now Select Oppo FRP Reset and connect Vivo V5s with ADB Mode (See the below image to know how to boot Vivo with ADB Mode)
  • Now click on start button and it will start the below process
  Definition Applied
  Connecting to Phone,Wait..ok
  Checking phone info...
  Model : vivo 1713
  Android Version : 7.0
  Imei :
  Checking Root Status - Not Rooted.
  Removing Oppo Frp Lock..
  Frp Lock Removed ok..
>>All Done. Reboot..
  • Now the phone will reboot and you have successfully remove/reset FRP of Vivo V5s Android 7.0 Nougat.
You can also check the Video Tutorial on the YouTube Channel | Watch Video Tutorial Here.
    Miracle Box V2.54 100% Working Without Box | Download Link
      How to Enable ADB On Vivo V5s?
      You can boot the phone with adb enabled which is called "Reboot with adb" to do that boot the phone to "Recovery" mode and select "Advanced Options" and then select "Reboot with adb". Now the phone will reboot to normal mode with adb enabled and now connect USB cable to Computer and allow the Computer on your Vivo V5s screen.
      Vivo V5s How To Reboot With ADB - How to enable adb on Locked Vivo V5s
      Reboot With ADB Vivo V5s:
      • Switch off the phone first and then press Volume Up + Power Key.
      • Now you will see Vivo V5s Recovery Options.
      • Then go to Advanced Options (at the end of the recovery screen)
      • Now it will show Advanced Options such as Update with USB, Apply Update and Apps, Root Integrity Check, Reboot with adb, View recovery logs and Back.
      • Choose Reboot with adb (The phone will switch on with adb enabled)
      In this way you can remove frp lock on your Vivo V5s Android 7.0 Nougat. Vivo FRP unlock tool download link also given above, just download the tool and reset frp.

      ☛ Tips Of The Day  ☚
      If you See a Green Floating Icon On Your Vivo Phone, after flash or unlock and unable to remove that Green Color Icon something written on it (May be in Chinese Language) and want to remove this icon from your Vivo Home Screen then here is the solution for it. 
      • Touch and Hold the Icon Until you See "Close Floating Window".
      • Closing Floating Window and adb debug port - Click On OK.
      • Now the Green color floating icon will removed permanently from your Vivo smartphone.

      How To Flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Hang On Logo - Solved

      How To Flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Hang On Logo, Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Stuck On "System.img" When Flashing, Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Flashing Failed With FactoryDownload Tool, Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Flashing Error, Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Flash File Download - Get All Solutions Here.

      Here you will get solutions, if you face the above errors on the Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Smartphone and While flashing the phone. You can also download Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva firmware and K9 smart yuva flash tool here, please go through this article.
      How To Flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Hang On Logo - Solved
      Watch "How To Flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Hang On Logo" Video Tutorial | YouTube Link

      How To Flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Without Errors?
      • Download Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Firmware and Flash Tool (Link Given Below)
      • Open SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R4.0.0001 and Load Karbonn_K9_Smart_Yuva_V18_2017_10_19.pac
      • Now Click Start Download Button and Connect the Switched Off Phone With Flash Mode.
      • Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Flash Mode = Press Volume Down Key and Insert USB Cable
      • Wait until you see Passed on the Progress Bar.
      Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva V18 Flash OK - Hang On Logo - Solved
      Now disconnect the phone from Computer and switch on it. Switch on the Karbonn phone after flash and you need to setup the phone as it is restored to factory defaults. Now you have successfully flashed the faulty Karbonn K9 smart Yuva.

      Note: This topic is only for Tutorial purpose, although this process is tested and 100% working but we are not responsible for any damage happens to the phone.

      Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Not Connected With Flash Tool:
      If you are not able to connect the phone or the Spreadtrum flash tool not detects the phone or if the Karbonn K9 not showing COM port, then please try the followings.
      • Switch off the phone then Hold Volume Down and Connect USB Cable.
      • Remove Battery and then Hold Volume Down and Connect USB Cable
      • Check Karbonn K9 Smart USB Driver is Installed Properly.
      • If still not success then check the Phone Charging Connector.
      Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva V18 | Download
      Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva V19 | Download
      File Credit: GsmDevelopers

      Password: GD_Mekail92@Gsm Developers

      K9 Smart Phone Info:
      Brand: Karbonn
      Model: K9 Smart Yuva
      H/W Version: S505_1_10
      S/W Version: Karbonn_K9_Smart_Yuva_V18


      So in this way you can flash Karbonn K9 Smart Yuva Without facing any flashing errors. If the phone is hangs in logo or facing flash tool errors or failed to flash the phone or dead after flash then this topic will be very helpful to you.