Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Setup Reject Calls From Unknown Numbers - VIVO Smartphones

Hi friends, today we will learn how to setup REJECT CALLS FROM UNKNOWN NUMBERS on your VIVO smartphone, yes friends if you do not know the settings then please read this post and it's definitely help you to find out the procedure to setup the reject call using the phone settings.

What is Reject Calls From Unknown Numbers?

If you enable REJECT CALLS FROM UNKNOWN NUMBERS in your Android smartphone and When a person call to you and the number does not exist in your contact list, it will calculate as UNKNOWN NUMBER  and the call from the number will be blocked with or without notification. 

If you enable this option in your phone, then it will help you if you do not want to receive calls from unknown number. and if there is repeated call from the same unknown number within 3 minutes will not be blocked, so you can easily receive the call.

Reject Calls From Unknown Callers - How to Setting VIVO Android Smartphone

Once enabled this option all unknown callers not in your contacts will be blocked.

How to Setup?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Security and Privacy
  3. Then Block Unwanted

In this way you can setup the settings that block unknown callers not in your contacts. So friends if you like this post then share with your friends and enjoy #FCT. You can also watch the video here on YouTube.

How to Setup in Hindi?

सेटिंग्स में जाओ

फिर सुरक्षा और गोपनीयता (Security and Privacy)

फिर ब्लॉक अनवांटेड (Block Unwanted)



Sunday, June 9, 2019

Cheapest Karaoke Mic | WS-858 Wireless Mic With HIFI Speaker

Hi friends, ws-858 wireless or Bluetooth mic for music lovers and record your songs by playing karaoke songs. So friends to day we will know how to use this WS858 microphone and know the procedure to record your songs with karaoke music.

And this ws 858 mic is most cheapest and Good quality mic, you may buy, just watch the complete video and you will know where to buy and also know the complete procedure to use this wireless microphone.

WS-858 Wireless or Karaoke Microphone Review
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What is the best Bluetooth microphone karaoke?
How do I use a karaoke microphone?
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How do I use a karaoke microphone?
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How do you charge wireless mike?

Buying Options :

WS-858 Karaoke Mic Buy From Udaan | https://udaan.com/search?q=ws858
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Go to the above link and register their to view the price. 
Watch the Review Video Here

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Redmi Note 5 Pro QCN File Download Here

Hi friends, here is the Redmi note 5 pro qcn file you can download, if the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro IMEI number corrupted or invalid or null or 0000 then you can use this file to restore the corrupted nv data, so please backup the original QCN file then use this file to restore nv data, remember this QCN file do not have IMEI number means it have 0000000000000 in IMEI field so please after restore repair the IMEI with the original IMEI number as per the phone sticker.

Note: This file is only for tutorial purpose, and we are not responsible for any damage happen to the phone.

Redmi Note 5 Pro QCN File Free Download


Note 5 Pro QCN File | Download Link Here
Password for the zip file is = note5profct

Sunday, May 19, 2019

RBSoft v1.4 / RBSoft Tool v1.5 Full Working Download Link Here

Download rbsoft mobile tool software for qcn repair, imie repair, qualcomm frp and qualcomm imei repair and many more, download link given below, please download RBSoft tool v1.4 or RBSoft Mobile tool 1.5 and enjoy.

RBSoft 1.4 or RBSoft 1.5 Download Full

Download Link, MediaFire (Password = rbsoftfct)
Download RBSoft v1.5 | Download Here

Friday, May 17, 2019

SP FLash Tool V5.1904 : Latest Versions 2019 Free Download Here

Download Latest version SP Flash Tool or Smart Phone Flash Tool Here. Latest version of SP Flash Tool For MediaTek (MTK) Firmware Flashing, Download Latest Version 2018-2019 SP Flash Tools.

Hi friends, here is the latest and all updated links to download SP Flash Tool. 

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1904 - Smart Phone Flash Tool

Download SP Flash Tool V5.1904 
Smart Phone Flash Tool Version 5.1904

Download SP Tool V5.1904 | Download Link Here

Download QFIL Tool v2.0.1.9 | QFIL Tool Use For Backup QCN

Download QFIL latest tool here, visit the below link and download the tool, and it helps to back up QCN file from you Android smartphone.

QFIL Qualcomm Flash Image Loader version Free Download


QFIL v2.0.1.9 Google Drive Download Link | Download Here

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader v2.0.1.9

Miracle Box Crack v2.58 100% Working Without Box

Here you can download Miracle box crack or Miracle box loader free and direct download link available, so please visit here to download Miracle box v2.58 cracked with loader working without box. Miracle box FRP unlock, password unlock, flashing and mi account unlock etc.

Download miracle box full crack 2019, working without box.
Miracle box crack v2.58 free download

Miracle Box crack v2.58 download free with loader and 100% working

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Miracle Box ~ Miracle Thunder v2.93 Full Setup Download

Download Setup FileMiracle Thunder v2.93 | 100+ Models Added | (16th April 2019)

Miracle Thunder
More then Millions Mobile Supported
Version 2.93 Released 16th April 2019

Release Note MIRACLE Box & Miracle Thunder V2.93

1.Qualcomm Add Vivo NEX/23/Z3 (AT) Factory Reset/Account Remove Support.
2.Qualcomm Add Vivo NEX S/Vivo NEX/Vivo Z3/Vivo X23.. Factory Reset/Account Remove Support.
3.Qualcomm Improve Safe Reset in EDL Mode.
4.Qualcomm Fix Some Loaders in EDL Mode.
5.MTK Fix some DA in Download Mode.
6.SPD Improve SC7720/SC7731G Boot Support
7.Fix Some Bugs.
8.Add MTK & Qualcomm Add News 100+ Models Support.

Miracle Thunder v2.93 Setup Free Download 16th April 2019

ACER B1-780, Acer B1-7A0, Alcatel 5011A, ALCATEL 5015D, Alcatel OT 9003x, Alcatel OT-4034G
Alcatel OT-5085O, ALCATEL OT-9003X, Archos 50 Platinium 4G, Archos Sense 101X, ASUS ZB570TL
ATTILA I8 Plus, ATTILA Mate Pro, ATTILA P10 Plus, ATTILA P20 Pro, Azumi Kirei A5D, Blu Studio J8 LTE, Blu Tank Xtreme 4.0, BQ-4501G Fox Easy, BQ-5508L, CG Eon Blaze Pro, CG Omega 6
Cherry Flare P3, Cherry Mobile FB100, CONDOR TGW-801G, CONDOR L2PRO SP-633, Condor TB802L, CONDOR TGW-102L, Ding Ding X11, DINGDING C1, DIXON TS-M706E
DOOPRO P1, E-Tel i240, Greentel G9, Greentel Xmini, Gtel A728_XP2, G-TiDE V6
Hisense U989 Pro, Image Mobile Cabana, Infinix X603, Infinix X606C, InFocus M535
IRIS VOX 4s, ITEL A16, ITEL A62, KIANO ELEGANCE 5.1, Klipad V355
Kruger Matz FLOW 5 PLUS, Lava iris 41, MECER M785P Tab, Meizu M8c
Mint Emerald M55CR, MINT LEO, Mint Leo, M-net Power 1, Mobicel ace, MOBICEL Asta, Mobicel R3
MOBICEL Ultra, Mobicel V1, MOBICEL V4, Mobicel X4, MOBICEL X4, Moto XT1902-3
Neffos C5A, Nomi i5031, Octa EWIS-E43, O-phone Active 5, Optus X Spirit, OWN S4035 3G
Oysters T72HM 3G, PANCO C20, Premio P620, Prestigio PMT3318 3G
Senseit A150, SKY 5.0 Pro II, SKY Pro III, Starlight Star Plus, SYMPHONY G100
SYMPHONY V92, TCL 5011A, Tecno Canon11, Tecno RA6S, TOUCHMATE TM-MID798
Vodafone VFD300, WALTON Primo F6, Walton Primo GF6, Walton Primo GH7, Walton Primo HM4i
Wiko View Max (W P200), XanMobile B19, ZTE A602, ZTE BLADE A602

Download Miracle Thunder full setup direct link.

Miracle Thunder v2.93 Free Download | Download Here

Download Miracle Thunder v2.93 update setup

Miracle Update 2.92 to 2.93 for Old Users.rar | Download Here

Miracle Box ~ Miracle eMMC Tool Version 3.10 Download

Miracle eMMC Tool Version 3.10
Qualcomm Generic Tool

Free For Huawei Pack Users.
Free For FRP Pack Users.
Free For Miracle FRP Dongle.

What New in Update Version 3.10

1. Support for Newer Update.app Extraction.
2. Asus Screen Locks Disable / Enable.
3. Huawei Screen Locks Disable / Enable.
4. Lenovo Screen Locks Disable / Enable.
5. Coolpad Screen Locks Disable / Enable.
6. Encrypted / Non Encrypted Supported.
7. Huawei Lock Status Check while Flash.
8. Add Update Tools.
9. Fix Some Bugs.

Supported CPUs for Auto Detection & Internal Loader:

Auto Detection for Following Chips

MSM8974  |  MSM8936   |  MSM8976  |  MSM8937  |  MSM8909  |  MSM8929  |  MSM8992
MSM8610  |  MSM8916  |  MSM8917  |  MSM8940  |  MSM8952   |  MSM8953  |  MSM8994
MSM8996  |  MSM8x10  |  MSM8x26  |  MSM8998  |  MSM8226  |  Sdm 660  |  Sdm 625
Sdm 630  |  Sdm 636

Miracle eMMC Tool Version 3.10 - Free Download Here

 Qualcomm Unique Features 

~ Read Full Factory, Unbrick (XML) Firmware In Edl Mode.
~ Write Full Factory, Unbrick (XML) Firmware In Edl Mode.
~ Write Huawei update (update.app) Firmware Direct in Edl Mode Without Extract.
~ Read Full Dump (User Area) Partition In EDL Mode.
~ Write Full Dump (User Area) Direct in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode.
~ Read Pattern Lock in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode.
~ Write Full Dump (User Area) Direct in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode.
~ Remove FRP Lock in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode.
~ Factory Reset in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode.
~ BACKUP SECURITY ITEMS (For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in EDL MODE.
~ ERASE SECURITY ITEMS (To make the network repairable) in EDL Mode.
~ WRITE SECURITY ITEMS (For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in EDL Mode.
~ READ FULL XML FIRMWARE in ADB Mode (Root Required).
~ Remove All User Security (Encrypted Data) Reset Device and Remove all User Locks.
~ QUALCOMM BACKUP SECURITY ITEMS (For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in ADB Mode.
~ QUALCOMM Erase Security Items (To make the network repairable ) in ADB Mode.
~ QUALCOMM Write Security Items (For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in ADB Mode.


Download Miracle eMMC Tool v3.10 | Download Here

Miracle Motorola v2.03 Tool | Miracle Moto v2.03 Thunder Edition 8th May 2019

Miracle Motorola v2.03 Tool | Miracle Moto v2.03 Thunder Edition 8th May 2019
Version 2.03 Miracle Thunder Edition
Released on 08th May 2019

Free For Huawei Pack Users
Free For FRP Pack Users.
Free For Miracle FRP Dongle.

1. Add Motorola OTA Update Downloader.
2. Add Auto Update Tools.
3. Fix Some Bugs.
4. Add Network Repair.

Moto Thunder Tool Free Download v2.03

5.Supported Model List:
Motorola XT-1068
Motorola XT-1541
Motorola XT-1550
Motorola XT-1562
Motorola XT-1602
Motorola XT-1609
Motorola XT-1622
Motorola XT-1635
Motorola XT-1640
Motorola XT-1642
Motorola XT-1643
Motorola XT-1650
Motorola XT-1675
Motorola XT-1676
Motorola XT-1677
Motorola XT-1684
Motorola XT-1686
Motorola XT-1767
Motorola XT-1794
Motorola XT-1801
Motorola XT-1803


Download Miracle Moto Thunder Tool v2.03 | Download Here