Lenovo A6000 Firmware All Versions Download Here (With Flashing Procedure)

All versions of Lenovo A6000 Firmware/Flash File/ROM Download link available here and know how to flash Lenovo A6000. If you have owned Lenovo A6000 and want to flash or update your phone by downloading Lenovo A6000 all version firmware, then you are in the right place. Here you can download all version Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM (Firmware) to flash the phone and also get to know how to flash Lenovo A6000 using flash tool, Miracle Box and OTA Full Update using SD Card.

As we know Lenovo A6000 comes with Android 4.4 and can be upgrade to 5.0 by flashing with latest Lenovo A6000 stock ROM. Download latest version of Lenovo Firmware and flash the phone using Lenovo flash tool or you can also use any other flashing box which supports Qualcomm flashing or you can also Lenovo QFIL flash tool to flash the stock ROM, For T-flash or SD Card update you need to download Memory card OTA update file and flash or update the phone using Recovery Mode.

Lenovo A6000 Stock Firmware:

Lenovo A6000 has various version of stock firmware such as Kraft-A6000_S032_150327_WCDB, Kraft-A6000_S040_150805_WCB1, Kraft-A6000_S042_151012_WC29 etc. and the Firmware or flash file used for flashing the phone, if you are facing any software issue on the Lenovo A6000 such as stuck on Logo or hang on logo or restart problem or apps are not working properly then you need to flash the phone suing Lenovo stock firmware which can be download here and links are provided below.

Why and How To Download A6000 Firmware?

As I said before if you have any software issue on your Lenovo A6000 phone, then you must need to flash the phone and here you download all version of firmware here for the Lenovo phone. Update or flash firmware on your phone is completely free and to get latest feature of Android operating system you must need to upgrade the phone's software using this method. So as software update is free for your phone then why not do it to get the latest security updates for your phone, just download the firmware and flash with flash tool.

Requirements For Flashing:
  • Download Lenovo Firmware.
  • Download Lenovo Flash File.
  • An Windows PC or Laptop.
  • Internet connection to Download Stock ROM or you can download Firmware using Cyber Cafe of Internet Cafe.
  • Flashing procedure to Flash Lenovo A6000 Android smartphone. 
  • Install Qualcomm COM Port USB driver.
Flashing Steps To Flash Lenovo A6000 Using Download Tool:
  • Download Lenovo Firmware and Extract it.
  • Open Lenovo Flash Tool and load the firmware.
  • Click on Start button and connect the phone with Download mode.
  • Lenovo A6000 Download Mode or Qualcomm EDL Mode (Hold Both Volume Keys and Insert USB Cable)
  • When the flash complete, remove the phone and manually switch on it.
  • After switch on follow the on screen setup process to complete and see the phone's desktop.
  • That's all now you are done and successfully flashed the Lenovo A6000 phone.
Disclaimer: Take a backup your phone's data before installing stock ROM or flashing the phone, because flashing the phone will erase all your user data on the phone.

Lenovo A6000 All Version Firmware Direct Download Link:

Download official Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM all versions from the below links. Anyone can download Lenovo firmware or flash file and flash tool to flash the phone, the below are the download links and details of firmware version given below.

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM KitKat S013
File name: Lenovo_A6000_S013_Q102113_20161230.zip
File size: 1.1 GB
Android version: 4.4.4

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM KitKat S034
File name: Lenovo_A6000_S034_Q113507_20170301.zip
File size: 1.2 GB
Android version: 4.4.4

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM KitKat S032
File name: Kraft-A6000_S032_150327_WCDB.zip
File size: 1.03 GB
Android version: 4.4.4

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM Lollipop S062
File name: Lenovo_A6000_S062_Q102113_20161223.zip
File size: 1.1 GB
Android version: 5.0.2

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM KitKat S002
File name: A6000_S002_150612_8G_BG.zip
File size: 900 MB
Android version: 4.4.2

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 Stock ROM KitKat S058
File name: Lenovo_A6000_Kraft-A6000_S058_151030.zip
File size: 1.13 GB
Android version: 4.4.4

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo A6000 SE 16 GB Stock ROM Lollipop S010
File name: A6000_S010_160420_16G_WC390C36C6.zip
File size: 1.1 GB
Android version: 5.0.2

Download: Click Here To Start Download

Download Lenovo PC Suite:

You can download the Lenovo PC Suite which called Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant to update your phone using this Windows PC suite. If the phone is in working condition and you need to update the Android Operating system of the phone then use the official way to update the phone using Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant or Lenovo Motorola PC Suite on your Computer. This software or Utility also helps you install all necessary USB driver for your Lenovo phone all models such as Qualcomm USB driver, ADB Driver and MTP USB Driver etc. So install the Lenovo PC Suite for Windows to get all in one Driver solution for Lenovo smartphones.

Download Lenovo Moto PC Suite | Download Link

Xperia XA Dual (F3116) FRP Unlock Done Miracle Box

How To Enable USB Debugging On Xperia F3116 Android 7.0 Locked (Xperia XA Dual) and How to Bypass FRP Lock on Xperia XA Dual (F3116) Using Free Miracle Box? Get all these solutions Here.

You can easily unlock frp lock of Xperia XA Dual F3116 Android 7.0 using free Miracle Box tool working without box, for download link of Miracle Box working without box please search this website. To unlock frp you need to enable USB debugging and then use the Miracle box to execute the frp reset option on the frp unlock tool or miracle box software. To enable USB debugging on the locked Xperia phone, watch the video tutorial link given below or you can also visit the Free Computer Tricks YouTube Channel.
Sony Xperia XA Dual F3116: How To enable USB Debugging On The Locked Android Phone and FRP Unlock Free Solution Here.

How To Enable USB Debugging On Xperia F3116 Android 7.0 Locked (Xperia XA Dual) | Video Tutorial Here.

Xperia XA Dual (F3116) FRP Unlock Done Miracle Box:-
  • First enable USB Debugging (Follow the Video Tutorial)
  • Now Open Miracle Box and go to Android Tab.
  • Then go to Extra and then ADB Extra.
  • Now Select Samsung FRP Reset 
  • Click on Start Button and wait until the process complete.
  • Now the device will reboot automatically and you are done.
Sony Xperia FRP Reset Done With Free Miracle Box
Download Sony Xperia Free FRP Unlock Tool 2018 Here:-

As I said before you can use Free Miracle Box software to unlock or reset frp on the Xperia XA Dual phone. To download Miracle Box software working without box please visit the below link.

Miracle Box Download Link

Nokia 105 RM-908 Dead Solution 2018 - All Working Methods Here

Nokia Microsoft Mobile 105 RM-908 Dead, How to Recover the Nokia 105? Here you will get all the method to unbrick Microsoft Nokia 105 Mobile. The main cause for not switching on or dead Nokia 105 Mobile phone is, Due to Battery BSI Line connection missing, LCD tracks Missing and Software problem. If the phone is dead you can try these solutions to recover the phone, if still not success then the phone may have the motherboard issue or water damage, in that case you can wash the motherboard using IP and lightly hit the board then check.

Nokia Microsoft Mobile 105 RM-908 Complete Dead Solution and All methods to recover the phone. If the does not have any water damage or physical damage then you can try the below methods to recover dead phones and here is the complete process to recover your Microsoft Nokia 105 Mobile phone.
Microsoft Nokia 105 dead 100% Solution Here - Nokia 105 Not Switch On complete solution here

Nokia 105 Dead Problem Solved By Flashing The Phone With ATF:

If the phone is in dead condition, first try to recover the phone by flashing the phone using ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) or you can also user UFS3 Turbo or you can user Nokia BEST Dongle or any other Nokia flashing tools. In most of the cases we solved the not switching on Nokia 105 problem and successfully recovered dead Microsoft Nokia 105 phone using this method. First try this method, if not success then try the second method to recover the dead phone.
Nokia 105 Dead Phone Recovered By Flashing The Phone With ATF

Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 2 (LCD Tracks):

If the software flashing method does not work, then try this method. Due LCD track missing the phone may not switching on, which called a dead phone, so check the all the 12 legs of the Nokia LCD connector, if the LCD ways are missing apply jumper according to the below image. As said before there are 12 LCD legs on the Nokia 105 PCB includes 4 ground points and 2 LCD light points and 6 color and figure points.
Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 2 (LCD Tracks)

Nokia 105 Dead Solution: Method 3 (Nokia 105 BSI Way):

Nokia 105 BSI Way, If you are still facing problem then try this method, check the battery connector BSI line or the battery temperature line. The center pin is the BSI line for Nokia phone, which has 3 pin battery connector. So check the Nokia 105 BSI way and apply jumper as shown in the below image.
Nokia 105 BSI Way - Nokia 105 RM-908 BSI Line

These methods are used for recovering the dead Microsoft Nokia 105 phone, as mentioned above try the first method, second method or 3rd method to recover dead phone. If you still not able to solve the issue then the phone must have Motherboard fault or the main IC on the PCB.

All MI Loader or Fire Hose Programmer : Download Here

FireHose Programmer use for flashing Qualcomm devices and you can also use these Loader or programmer for FRP unlock and format any Qualcomm phones. Here we are giving some important FireHose Programmer file for Xiaomi Mi smartphones, which helps you to flash and unlock Mi account for the below models.

Choose the correct EMMC FIREHOSE .mbn or .elf according to the phone's model and use any flash tool such as RB Soft Mobile Flash Tool or Miracle Free Latest version to flash and unlock or frp unlock of all Mi smartphones. Just open the flash tool and manually select the firehose file and format or unlock the phone. If you are using older version of Miracle box then copy these firehose file into Miracle Box\TOOLS\Loaders and it will automatically updated on the flash tool from where you can select the firehose file for Xiaomi Mi phones.
All MI Loader or Fire Hose Programmer - Download Here

Xiomi/Redmi/Mi FireHose Programmer Download:

prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr_mi max 2_rm note 3.mbn
prog_emmc_firehose_8994_lite_mi note pro.mbn
prog_emmc_firehose_Mi_ 4A .elf
prog_emmc_firehose_Sdm660_ddr_mi note 3.elf

FireHose Programmer Qualcomm:

What is FireHose Programmer file? this is the file used for flashing Qualcomm Android smartphones. If you flash any Qualcomm phone using QFIL or any other flash tool box, then you need to select FireHose Programmer (Fire Hose Programmer) and XML file. The FireHose EMMC programmer file also use for Format, Password Unlock, FRP Unlock and Unlock all Qualcomm EMMC Android smartphones. If you want unlock any Android phone then only FireHose Programmer file is enough to do that, just select the EMMC programmer file and Unlock or Format Any Android smartphone with any version of Android using any flash tool box, you can also use Free Miracle Box working without box to Unlock phone.

Here is the collection of All Qualcomm EMMC FireHose Programmer file for all Mi phones, which can be used for unlocking Mi Account on Any version of Android operating System or MIUI. FireHose Programmer file needed for Xiaomi Redmi phone to unlock Mi cloud account, so download all Redmi model Qualcomm eMMC FireHose Programmer file and do the rest.

How to Find Compatible FireHose Programmer File?

There are so many Android devices which used the universal FireHose Programmer file to flash or unlock the phone. So if you find the Qualcomm chipset model, then you can try the same chipset number FireHose file. The number in the FireHose file defined the Qualcomm MSM chipset model, for example firehose_8992.mbn then the 8992 is the Qualcomm chipset model number, so in some cases it's very useful to use compatible firehose file to unlock FRP lock on any Android device.

Note: Before format please backup the whole firmware and user data, after format or unlock using firehose file you will not recover your user data and if anything wrong happened you can flash the using the backed up firmware.

If you are searching for firehose programmer file, prog emmc firehose, prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn file, prog_emmc_firehose 8916.mbn download, prog emmc firehose 8917, prog_emmc_firehose_89xx.mbn download, prog_emmc_firehose 8937.mbn download, qualcomm firehose or all Mi prog emmc firehose file, then here is the wright place to download all working and tested Prog EMMC FireHose Files for all Mi models, download link below.


FileHose Programmer Download | File Hose Programmer | Download Link
Password: FCTMI

How To Enable Developer Mode or USB Debugging On A Locked Android Smartphone

How to Enable USB Debugging on Locked Android Phone, How to Enable USB Debugging Mode ADB mode on FRP Locked, How to Enable USB Debugging Mode or ADB on FRP Locked? My phone is locked and asking Google reactivation Gmail Id and Password but I forgot it, how to enable USB debugging to remove FRP lock? Get all these questions solved here.

There are various ways to get into a locked Android smartphone to enable Developer mode, enable OEM unlock and enable USB debugging to unlock the phone. If you are forgot the Email ID and Password synced before on that phone the this tutorial will help you to remove the factory reset protection FRP and use a new Google Gmail Id on it. Here we will show you all the possible ways to get into a locked phone and enable USB debugging or direct bypass the frp lock on any Android version operating systems.
How To Enable Developer Mode or USB Debugging  On A FRP Locked Android Phone - All Methods

Enable USB Debugging On A Locked Phone All Methods:
1) Enable USB Debugging Using Home Button.
2) Enable USB Debugging Using Talk Back Option.
3) Enable USB Debugging Using Android Keyboard Options.
4) Enable USB Debugging Using TestDPC APK.
5) Enable USB Debugging Using Advance Recovery Option.

1) Enable USB Debugging Using Home Button.
How to enable developer mode and USB debugging using physical home button on your Android smartphone? Do you know if the Android phone has a physical home button then you can easily get into the phone and enable developer mode and USB debugging on that phone. This method is working on most Android smartphones, if you are facing frp lock on your phone then you can give try this method to unlock frp lock or to enable USB debugging. This method will work if the phone has physical home button but may not work on the phone having soft home key. This technique works on all devices having Android 5.0 or Android 6.0 and also work on some devices which have Android 7.0 Mobile Operating System, those are not updated to the latest Android security patch.
How To Enable Developer Mode or USB Debugging  On A Locked Android Smartphone Using Home Key
  • Hold the Home button Until you see Google App Search screen.
  • Now type Settings and choose phone Settings from search results.
  • Then go to About Phone and continuously tap on Build Number and when it shows now you are a developer, now stop and get back one step.
  • Now you will see Developer Options just above the About Phone on the Settings Menu.
  • Open Developer Options and now you will get most useful options there.
  • Then click on USB Debugging to enable it (debugging mode launches when USB is connected)
  • You can also enable OEM unlock to allow the device to be OEM unlocked and do Factory Data Reset which reset your device to its factory default settings and this will erase all data including files and downloaded apps.
2) Enable USB Debugging Using Talk Back Option.

You can also use Android Talk Back option to get into the Locked Android phone, then you can download and install any Android Launcher such as Go Launcher Oz APK and it will show the mobile desktop screen and also you can access the Settings of the phone. Then you can use Calculator method to enable USB debugging then you can do FRP Bypass using any free tool. In some Android 5.0 phone you can do direct unlock the phone by enabling the Developer Mode and OEM Unlock, then do Factory Reset the Android phone. If the phone has physical home button or hard key (Soft Home Key May Not Work) then you can easily enable Talk Back option and get into the Locked Android device. On some Android smartphones also has the Accessibility option through which you can also get into the Locked Android smartphone on any Android version.

How To Enable USB Debugging On A Locked Android Phone? All Possible Solutions Here.

  • Continuously tap the home key 3 times to enable Talk Back option.
  • Get the Full Tutorial Here
  • Get the Video Tutorial To Know How to Enable USB Debugging Using Talk Back Option.

3) Enable USB Debugging Using Android Keyboard Options:

In some Android device you can get a settings option in the Google Android Keyboard or Any other Android Keyboards, click on the settings icon on the Android keyboard and go to help and support menu it will open the support page online, now select any word and search on internet, it will open with the Google App and now you can search and open Mobile Settings by searching it on Google App.

Every Android keyboard has the Settings icon, if you click and hold the symbol key it will show the settings icon and click on the settings icon to access the help and support page of the keyboard. If the phone has SwiftKey Android keyboard then you can easily use the above options to get into the Locked Android phone. To use this method change the Android default keyboard to SwiftKey and follow the above steps.

4) Enable USB Debugging Using TestDPC APK.

This is one of the popular way to enable USB debugging using TestDPC Android Application. Install the application and setup manged profile or setup device owner then encrypt the phone, then restart the phone after switch on the phone press the power key to lock the phone and press it again to see the screen and then drag the screen from top, now you will see the settings icon, open the settings and enable developer mode and OEM Unlock then do factory reset the phone.

In some Android device you will not have to follow the long process or do not need to use Encrypt option on the Test DPC Application, just install the application and press the power key to off the screen light and press again to on, now drag the screen from top and use the Settings icon.

For Step By Step Process To Use Test DPC on your Phone Please Follow the Complete Tutorial Here.

How to Enable USB Debugging and Developer Mode Using TestDPC (Test DPC Application) on a Locked Android Phone? Watch The Video Tutorial Here.

5) Enable USB Debugging Using Advance Recovery Option.

This option can also be find on some Android smartphone, through which you can enable USB debugging without entering into the locked device. This option can be used by simply booting the phone into Recovery Mode and click on Advance options then choose "Reboot with ADB" and then connect the phone to computer and use any unlock tool to bypass Android lock on your phone. This feature you will get in some Oppo and Vivo Android smartphones.

Watch Our All Video Tutorials On YouTube

So these are the most important ways, by using it you can easily enable USB Debugging mode on a locked Android smartphone runs on any version of Android operating system.

[Solved] Coolpad Dazen 1 8297L-100 Flashing Failed at 11%

As you know you can flash Coolpad Dazen phone using YGDP flash tool and the flashing process will complete without any errors, but some of the Coolpad Dazen 1 8297L-100 or 8297L-I00 phone failed at 11% with the same YGDP Tool. There are some working methods to recover or unbrick the Coolpad Dazen 1 phone and here we will describe all possible solutions to unbrick the Coolpad smartphone or to recover the Coolpad Android smartphones. Please follow the below Methods to solve the YGDP Flashing failed at 11%, while flashing Coolpad phones.

As you know Coolpad has Qualcomm CPU and can be flashed firmware using YGDP Tool and QFIL flash tool. Coolpad Dazen Firmware, Coolpad Dazen Flash Tool Download links also provided in this tutorial. To Solve flashing process failed at 11% please follow the below methods.
How To Solve Coolpad Dazen 1 8297L-100 Flashing Failed at 11%

Coolpad Dazen Flashing Failed at 11% Solution Using YGDP Qualcomm Flash Tool:
  • Download Coolpad Dazen latest Firmware and Flash Tool (Link Given Below)
  • Charge the Battery at-least to 50% or more.
  • Now Flash the phone using YGDP Flash Tool.
  • Hold Volume Up Key and insert USB cable to the phone.
  • For complete process to flash the phone using YGDP Tool and Download Firmware and Flash Tool, Please Visit Here.
Coolpad Dazen Flashing Failed at 11% Solution Using QFIL Flash Tool:
  • Download QFIL Qualcomm Flash Tool (Link Given Below)
  • Download .CPB Firmware and Extract it Using YGDP Flash Tool.
  • Open QFIL flash tool and flash the phone.
  • Connect the phone with EDL Mode (Hold both Volume Keys and Insert USB cable)
  • To Know more about flashing with QFIL Flash Tool Please Visit Here.
How To Flash .CPB File With QFIL Flash Tool?

As you know .CPB firmware file can only be flashed with using YGDP flash tool, but do you know you can also flash the .CPB stock ROM using QFIL flash tool, which required prog_emmc_firehose.mbn and XML File rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml. Here we will show how you can extract the .CPB firmware and flash with QFIL Flash Tool.

  • Open YGDP Flash tool and Load the .CPB firmware.
  • When firmware loading process complete, don't close the flash tool.
  • Now go to the YGDP tool folder and find extracted firmware folder.
  • The name of the extracted firmware will be 8297L-100 or you can check any other folder to find the extracted firmware.
  • Now copy the folder to your Desktop and close the YGDP flash tool.
  • Then open the QFIL flash tool and select .mbn file and .xml file.
  • Now flash the phone with EDL mode.
So in this way you can recover the Coolpad phone and solve the flashing process failed at 11%. If the phone is dead when flashing it using YGDP flash tool then you can recover the dead boot Coolpad phone using Memory Card Method [SD Card Method Here]. If you still facing problem to solve the flashing failed error at 11%, then the phone must have some hardware fault.

Note: Although this methods are tested and working fine, but we are not responsible for any damage happens to the phone. This topic is only for tutorial purpose.

Vivo V9 FRP Unlock/Hard Reset/Passcode Reset Solution Here

How to Hard Reset Vivo V9? How to Unlock FRP Vivo V9? and How to Reset Passcode Vivo V9? if you need these solution then here is the answer and follow the below process for Vivo V9 frp, Hard reset and password reset. All Vivo unlock solution is available here, all Android smartphone unlock solution on one website. So here is the method to unlock Vivo V9 using free unlock tools, you can unlock Vivo V9 with UMT Box or MRT Dongle, but fro free solution, need to follow the below steps.

Vivo V9 released on April 2018 in India with Android 8.1 Oreo Operating System, this is the latest Android OS now a days. The phone has 6.3 inches full view display with a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels, the phone has Qualcomm MSM8953 Pro Snapdragon 626 Chipset, with Octa core 2.2 GHz Cortex A53 and Adreno 506 GPU. The smartphone comes with 64 GB internal storage, 4 GB RAM and you can expand external storage up to 256 GB using microSD card slot, for information about full phone specifications please visit Official VIVO website.

Vivo V9 All Software/Firmware and Unlock Solution Here

How To Hard Reset Vivo V9?

You can hard reset VIVO V9 using two methods, one is using the Phone Settings and another one is using keys or buttons. If the phone is working fine and you want to just do a factory reset to work the phone faster, then please Go to Settings of the phone, then More Settings and factory reset the phone. Factory reset will erase all your personal data stores in the phone and you may be asked for revivification/reactivation of Google account after hard reset.

Vivo V9 Hard Reset Using Keys:
  • First Switch Off the Phone.
  • Now Press and Hold Volume Up Key then Press Power Button.
  • Now the phone will boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Then select Wipe Data or Factory Reset and Press Power Key to Enter.
  • Then Reboot the phone and you are done.
How To Bypass FRP Vivo V9?

There are some methods you can use to bypass frp lock of the Vivo V9, such as by flashing the phone with Vivo V9 firmware using Vivo flash tool and you can also use Miracle Box free version working without box and also if you have UMT flashing and unlocking box or MRT flashing and Unlocking Dongle.

Vivo V9 FRP Bypass Using Flash Tool:
  • Download Flash Tool and Vivo V9 Firmware.
  • Open the Vivo Qualcomm Flash Tool and browse then select .mbn file.
  • Select Program .xml file and Patch0.xml file.
  • Now connect the phone with Download Mode (Hold Both Volume keys and Connect USB)
  • Now click on download and wait until the flashing process complete.
Vivo V9 FRP Unlock Using Free Miracle Box:
  • Download Free Miracle Box Software (100% working without box) Link given below.
  • Open Miracle Box Tool and Go To Qualcomm Tab.
  • Now click on Extra Tab, then select Vivo Account Unlock Others.
  • Click on Start Button and connect the phone with EDL Mode.
  • Hold Both Volume Keys and insert USB Cable for EDL Mode.
  • Download Free Miracle Box Software Download Link
Vivo v9 1723 FRP Done By Miracle V2.58
How To Reset Passcode Vivo V9?

To reset passcode or password of Vivo V9, you can use any one of the above solution, you can either flash the phone with Vivo flash tool and firmware or use the Miracle Box procedure to unlock the phone. After unlock it will not ask for any frp lock or to enter the Gmail Id and password previously used on the phone.

Vivo V9 Stock Firmware Download Here

Vivo V9 Stock Firmware with Flash Tool

File Name: Vivo_V9_1.8.8_QFIL_28032018.zip
File Size: 3 GB
Vivo V9 Firmware Link: Click Here To Start Download

Vivo V9 PD1730F Firmware Download

File Name: Vivo_V9_PD1730F_MSM8953_EX_A_1.8.8_LA.UM.6.6.r1-03400-89XX.0_QFIL.zip
File Size: 3.5 GB
Vivo V9 PD1730F Firmware Link: Click Here To Download

Fastboot Firmware For Vivo V9 and V9 Youth

Fastboot Firmware Vivo V9 PD1730F

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Fastboot Firmware Download For Vivo V9 Youth PD1730BF
Type: ROM Size: 3.1GB 

Firmware Link: Download Here

QFIL Firmware Vivo V9 PD1730F and V9 Youth PD1730BF

QFIL Firmware Vivo V9 PD1730F

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB

Firmware Link: Download Here

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Type: ROM Size: 3.4GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Fastboot Firmware Vivo V9 Youth PD1730BF

Type: ROM Size: 3.2GB
Firmware Link: Download Here

Firmware Credit:- FIRMWARE27

Vivo X21 Android 8.1 FRP Unlock and Hard Reset Solution

Here is another interesting tutorial about, how to reset frp lock of VIVO X21 Android 8.1 Smartphone. In this topic we will discuss all the possible ways to unlock, bypass or reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) of Vivo X21 phone. The phone has Qualcomm chipset and you must follow the Qualcomm FRP Unlock process to reset frp.

Let's have a look at the Technical features of the Vivo X21 Phone, the phone has Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon Chipset and Octa-core CPU with Adreno 512 GPU. The Android 8.1 (Oreo) smartphone has Funtouch OS 4.0 with full view display size of 6.28 inches and with a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels. The phone's built in storage is 64/128 GB with 6 GB RAM, you can expand the external storage up to 256 GB using microSD card by using the SIM 2 slot. If look at the camera feature of the phone, the phone has Dual 12 MP primary camera with 12 MP secondary camera with a video resolution of 1080 pixel @ 30fps and the phone released in India on March 2018. Now let's know how to do Vivo X21 FRP Reset, Vivo x21 hard reset, Vivo X21 FRP Bypass, Vivo X21 FRP Unlock and solve Vivo X21 forgot password and Gmail Id.
How to Hard Reset Vivo X21 Android 8.1 Oreo and How to Unlock FRP of Vivo X21 Android 8.1

How to Hard Reset Vivo X21?
  • Switch off the phone
  • Hold Volume Up and Press Power Key.
  • Now Choose Recovery Mode and Power Key to Enter.
  • Then select Wipe Data and press power key to perform the action.
  • Then click on Power Down, it will switch off the phone.
  • Now switch on the phone manually and set up the new phone.
How To Bypass FRP VIVO X21?

To unlock or bypass frp lock on the Vivo X21 Android 8.1 smartphone you can use the following methods.
Vivo X21 USB Driver Download:

1) Vivo X21 Qualcomm Flashing QDLoader USB Driver | Download
2) Vivo X21 MTP USB Driver To Connect the Phone Storage with Computer | Download Link
3) Vivo X21 ADB Driver or Vivo X21 USB Debugging Driver | Download

Download Vivo X21 Stock Firmware:

File Name: Vivo_X21_PD1728F_EX_A_1.6.18_14042018_QFIL.zip
File Size: 3GB

Firmware Download Link: Click Here To Start Download