UMT Dongle Pro V3.2 Update Setup Download - Xiaomi Mi Account Relock Issue Solved

Hi friends here is another update from Ultimate Multi Tool (UMT) UMTv2 / UMT Pro - QcFire v3.2 released Minor Update download and Xiaomi Anti Relock Added. So if you are using UMT dongle and need to update to the latest version of the UMT software setup, then here is the solution for this, download the UMT latest update setup as on 11-10-2018 and install on your PC. As you know UMT is one of the most popular flashing box/dongle for latest Android version smartphones and this update can help you remove Mi accounts of new Xiaomi phones with other Android device unlock of Factory Reset Protection (FRP Lock).

So download the UMT v2 or UMT pro dongle full new setup October 2018, QcFire V3.2 to enjoy latest smartphone unlock and flashing. With this update you will get more devices supports Google Factory Reset Protection lock remove, read and write firmware, Reset lock such as Password, Pattern and face lock etc. Xiaomi EDL mode Mi account remove and Xiaomi FRP Reset, Motorola Boot Repair, Boot Loader Unlock EDL mode, Disable Mi account of latest Mi 5 series, Factory reset of Mi phone with sideload mode Mi assistance mode, Reboot to EDL mode from Fastboot Mode and many more options, so download and install UMT dongle pro updates to get the latest features of the flash tool.
UMT Dongle Pro V3.2 Update Setup Download - Xiaomi Mi Account Relock Issue Solved

UMTv2 / UMT Pro - QcFire v3.2 - Minor Update - Xiaomi Anti Relock Added..

UMT Team has announced
UMTv2 / UMT Pro
Innovative and Intelligent

QcFire v3.2
The Ultimate Qualcomm Tool

QcFire supports hundreds of devices more than listed

Supported Functions
- Read / Write Firmware
- IMEI Repair in FTM + Flash Mode (ZTE)
- Backup / Restore QCN (ZTE)
- Backup / Reset / Restore Security (EFS)
- Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection)
- Format UserData
- Read Pattern Lock (Android < 6.0, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
- Reset Locks (PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, Un-Encrypted Devices Only)
- Enable Diag (Need OEM Unlock, May not work on BL Locked Devices)
- Reboot to EDL from Fastboot
- Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
- Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
- Factory Reset (sideload Mode) for Xiaomi Devices
- Disable / Restore Locks for Encrypted Userdata
- Motorola Boot Repair
- Xiaomi EDL Locked Device Service
- Bootloader Unlock in EDL Mode for some Xiaomi Devices

Note : Some features are device/brand specific, may not work on all devices.


Xiaomi Anti Relock Method
- Use Read & Tools > Xiaomi Special > Anti Relock
- You need to connect phone with USB Debugging Enabled.
- It will disable Account Relock on connecting to Internet.
- You will not be able to use Mi Account feature.
- To revert back, just Wipe phone.

It Has Begun...
Keep Following Us...
Some Nice Updates Are On The Way...

WARNING : According to (UMT Gsm Forum)


STATUTORY WARNING - READ CAREFULLY (According to the official support forum)
Using International Edition of our software is prohibited by Indian Law.
We strictly advice you to use Indian Edition if you are in India.
If you use International Edition in India, it may cause legal action against you by local law enforcement agencies.
We will not be liable for any loss or damaged caused.

How to Download UMT Pro Setup Updates:

Download UMT Support Access.


Download Mirror - Google Drive and Mega.

Miracle Box Thunder 2.86 Full Setup and Old User Update Setup Download

Hi friends here is the latest download link of Miracle box thunder setup and also get the direct download link of Miracle Box Thunder full setup file for New User and Miracle Box Thunder update setup for Old users. If you need to install for newly purchased Miracle box then use the New user Miracle box download link and if you are an Old user of Miracle box then use the Update setup download link and install on the Windows Computer.

Download Miracle Box thunder edition free and install it for you Miracle box and the latest update will support more Android phones and improved features and supports maximum models for FRP unlock and also very helpful for all new Mi phones to unlock Mi account for all new models. So if you are searching for Miracle box thunder update then here is the link to download the latest setup as on October 2018 for both Miracle box thunder new user and old user.
Miracle Box Thunder 2.86 Full Setup and Old User Update Setup Download

Miracle Box & Thunder 2.86 Game Changer Update (Xiaomi) and More 1st Oct 2018

Miracle 2.86 Thunder Edition !

Millions of Mobile Support
World's Only in Miracle
# Connect Auto CPU
# Connect Model Wise

Release Note MIRACLE Box & Miracle Thunder V2.86

1.MTK Add Disable/Enable Unlocks.
2.MTK Add System App Uninstall.
3.MTK Add VIVO X21I Format support in AT Mode.
4.MTK Improve MT6761 Support.
5.Qualcomm Add Xiaomi MIX 2S.
6.Qualcomm Add Xiaomi Mi 6x.
7.Qualcomm Add RedMi Y2/S2/Note 5 Pro Read/Write Support.
8.Qualcomm Add RedMi Y2/S2/Note 5 Pro FRP/Account Remove/Format/Unlock.
9.Qualcomm Add Disable/Enable Unlocks.
10.Qualcomm Add MI WIFI Repair.
11.SPD Add new SC7731C Support.
12.SPD Add new SC9853I Support.
13.Android Improve Huwei ID/FRP Unlock (EMUI8.0 in ADB Mode).
14.Android Improve MI Account ID Remove in Fastboot.
15.Add MTK & Qualcomm Add News Models Support (600+)

Miracle Box Thunder For New User Download Full Setup

Miracle Box Thunder Full Setup 2.86 Download For New User | Download Link 1
Miracle Box Thunder Full Setup 2.86 Download For New User | Download Link 2
Miracle Box Thunder Full Setup 2.86 Download For New User | Download Link 3

Miracle Box Thunder For Old User Download Update Setup

Miracle Box Thunder Update Setup 2.86 Download for Old User | Download Link 1

Miracle Box Thunder Update Setup 2.86 Download for Old User | Download Link 1
Miracle Box Thunder Update Setup 2.86 Download for Old User | Download Link 1

Miracle Box Thunder Other Downloads:

Miracle FRP Tool 1.23 to 1.24 Old User.rar
Samsung FRP DATA.rar

All Miracle Setup Tools Download Link | Download Link 1
All Miracle Setup Tools Download Link | Download Link 2
All Miracle Setup Tools Download Link | Download Link 3 

B310E 100% Tested and Working Flash File Download Here

Hi friends, here is the most important and special topic about Samsung B310E phone. Today we will discuss the network problem of the phone after flash, as most of the cases if you flash the B310E with other version or wrong version then you will not get signal on the phone, so that here the tested and 100% working file, that you can download free and flash the phone using Miracle box v2.58 free working without box. 

This flash file does not have IMEI no, so after flash the phone IMEI number will be 000000 but do not worry you can easily repair B310E IMEI using Miracle Software or flash tool or you can also you any other SPD flash box or tool you have. After flashing the  phone using this file please repair or restore only original IMEI of the phone, you can get the IMEI on the phone sticker after removing the battery.
B310E 100% Tested and Working Flash File Download Here

B310E After Flash No Network?

If you are facing the network issue on the B310E phone after flash the phone using any other file, then here is the only solution for this which definitely help you to solve the NO NETWORK ISSUE ON THE B310E PHONE. what you need to do is the just download the B310e flash file (link given below) and flash the phone using Miracle Box V2.58 Free (Link given below) and after flashing this file the phone's IMEI will be 0000 and finally you need to repair the IMEI using Miracle box. After follow this procedure you can solve the No network or No signal error of the Samsung B310e.

How to Flash B310e?

You can flash the phone using Miracle Box or all other flashing box which supports SPD Spreadtrum flashing can be used to flash the phone. As here you can download B310e working flash file, download the file and flash the phone.

B310E Flash File Details:

File Name: B310E 6530A_GD27LQ64 100% Working Flash File.rar
File Size: 8MB
Download Link: MediaFire
IMEI: 000000000000000 (Need to Repair IMEI)

B310E Tested Flash File Download Link:

Download B310e Flash File | Download Link
Password for the zip file : fct@b310eflash

B310E Dead After Flash?
If the phone B310e Samsung  has been dead after flash, then also this file will help you to recover the phone. Samsung B310e dead boot after flash or after flash B310e not switch on and also not showing the flashing COM port. B310e after dead not detected on the PC then how to solve this, solution given below, let's have the problem details first.

  • Samsung B310e dead after flash or Not switching on due to Software issue.
  • Samsung B310e not detecting on the Computer Device Manager.
  • Samsung B310e SPD COM Port not showing How to flash.
  • Samsung B310e Dead Boot how to recover?
  • Samsung B310e Boot key not working - Solution.
  • Samsung B310e Dead Boot Repair full procedure.
  • This procedure is only for Software dead phone issue (B310E), that means if the B310e dead after flash and before it was working fine, then follow this steps to recover the phone.
  • Remove Battery and put the phone aside for 2-5 minutes 
  • Then do not insert the battery again (That means you need to flash the B310e without battery)
  • Now download the B310e flash file and B310e flash tool (Miracle Box) link given below.
  • Load the flash file and write flash using Miracle box and click Start Button
  • Now connect the phone to PC by holding Home Key without battery
Download Miracle Box 2.58 Without Box Working

Miracle Box 2.28 with Loader | Download Link

Miracle Box V2.58 With Loader Working Without Box and 100% Start Button Working

Hi friends here is the latest Miracle box software or flash tool which works without hardware box or miracle dongle or miracle box, download the tested flash tool working without box and dongle link given below. Miracle box new V2.58 start button working unlock frp MTK, SPD, Qualcomm and remove Mi account or Mi account unlock and MIUI 9 account unlock Mi FRP unlock can be done using this box. If you searching for downloading Miracle box software which works without box then here is the download link with test report with video tutorial.

As you know the Miracle Box 2.58 with latest loader can unlock MediaTek FRP lock or MTK Google account lock and along with that you can also remove OPPO FRP lock and VIVO FRP Lock working both for MediaTek and Qualcomm based latest Android phones. This tool can also been remove lock for Mi accounts of almost all MI Android smartphones such as Mi 4X, Mi Note, Redmi 3/3s, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 5/5A, xiaomi 5/5s etc.
Miracle Box Ver 2.58 Without Box MTK Unlock Module Clear Settings FRP

Miracle Box 2.58 is very helpful to Mobile repair shop to use the free Miracle box which supports many more Android models to unlock and it's completely free to use, to download free miracle box latest version please visit the link given below.
Miracle Box Ver 2.58 Without Box Mi Account Unlock Supported Models
Miracle Box V2.58 Feature:


1.Qualcomm Add MI Account Unlock
  Support Models:
  Xiaomi 3/Xiaomi 3S/Xiaomi 4C
  Xiaomi 4s/Xiaomi 4i/Xiaomi 4 Lte
  Xiaomi 4 Prime/Xiaomi Note/Xiaomi Pro
  Redmi 3/Redmi 3S/Redmi 4A
  Redmi 4X/Redmi 4PT/Redmi 4GP
  Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 4x/Xiaomi 5
  Xiaomi 5S/Xiaomi 5S Plus/Xiaomi Max PT
  Xiaomi Max GP/Xiaomi MIX/Xiaomi Note 2

2.Qualcomm Add MI Boot Loader Unlock
  Support Models:
  Xiaomi 4c/Xiaomi 4s
3.Qualcomm Improve Write Flash
4.Qualcomm Improve UFS Flash Support
5.Qualcomm Add Write Selected (Write file to mobile)
6.MTK Add vivo Y69 support.
7.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New Nobile Support
8.SPD Improve Format and FRO Remove
9.Android Add MI Account Reset and Repair Wifi (Fastboot)
10.Software fix some bugs.

1.MTK Add Meizu E2 Support.
2.MTK Improve Meizu Unlock/Account Unlock.
3.MTK Add MT6757 Read/Write Support.
4.MTK Add MT6757 IMEI Repair Support.
5.MTK FRP Remove Block Mode/ Flash Mode (World's First).
6.Qualcomm Add Vivo support (World's First).
7.Qualcomm Improve Auto Boot Search.
8.Qualcomm Add Vivo Account Unlock.
9.Qualcomm Add Vivo x9,x9s,y66..Account Unlock Main Software.
10.Qualcomm Generic IMEI Repair Added.
11.ASUS FRP Added and more Improved.
12.Android Add Enable Usb Debug.
13.Software fix some bugs.

1.MTK Add Meizu IMEI Support
2.MTK Add Meizu Read/Write Support
3.MTK Add Meizu Format Support
4.MTK Add Meizu Reset Code/Clear Anti-Theft Support 
5.MTK Add Meizu Read Phonebook/Clear FRP Support
6.Iphone Add Download/Update Firmware (World's First)
7.Iphone Add Update(Erase Firmware) (World's First)
8.Iphone Add Read Info (meta) (World's First)
9.Qualcomm Improve Format
10.Software fix some bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for Oppo (Oppo Method2)(first)
2.Qualcomm Add Imei/MEID/ESN Repair for Vivo(first)
3.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 support
4.Qualcomm Improve MSM 8996/MSM 8994 Flashing/Read/format
5.Qualcomm Improve Reset Efs in EDL mode
6.Qualcomm Improve VOVI Factory Reset
7.Qualcomm Improve Auto Detection for Qualcomm Devices port
8.SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New mobile support
9.Software fix some bugs

1.Qualcomm Add Imei Repair for OnePLus Qualcomm Devices
2.Qualcomm Add Imei Repair for Oppo Qualcomm Devices
3.Qualcomm Add Reset Efs Security without root
4.Qualcomm Add Enable Diag New Method for Qualcomm Devices
5.Qualcomm Improve Auto Detection for Qualcomm Devices
6.Qualcomm Improve Frp Unlock for OnePlus Devices
7.Qualcomm Improve Qualcomm Universal Unlocker
8.Qualcomm Improved Flashing
9.Qualcomm Improve  Read Info
10.Qualcomm Imei Repair (Method 3)
11.Software fix some bugs

1.Nokia Add Lumia Read info(first)
2.Nokia Add Lumia Flash(first)
3.Broadcom Improve Flash in Download Mode
4.Qualcomm Add Forced Edl Mode from Box(first)
5.Qualcomm Improve Reboot Edl Mode from fastboot
6.Qualcomm Improve Unlock Bootloader
7.Android Improve Vivo Unlock bootloader(fastboot)
8.Android Improve Vivo Unlocks(fastboot)
9.MTK Improve write flash and Update boot
10.Improve Box pin finder
11.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add Vivo Read/write/format support
2.MTK Add Vivo Unlock/read pattern/clear/Anti-theft
3.MTK Add Vivo IMEI repair(first)
4.MTK Add OPPO A1601 write support(first)
5.MTK Improve write flash
6.SPD Improve EMMC Format(first)
7.SPD Improve FRP reset(first)
8.Qualcomm Improve Read Flash
9.Qualcomm Improve Lock Bootloader
10.Android Improve Oppo Network Unlock
11.Software fix some bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add Safe mode Factory Reset
2.Qualcomm Improve Factory Reset Auto mode
3.Qualcomm Add Direct Unlock(first)
4.Qualcomm Improve Read Partitions
5.Qualcomm Improve Read flash
6.Android Add OnePlus3 FRP Reset(first)
7.Android Add Mi Remove All Lock(Account)
8.Android Add Mi Disable Account(first)
9.Android Add Oppo Network Unlock
  Support A33,A33F,A37,A57,F1,F1+,F1s,FIND5,Joy,R5,S7,etc..
10.Software fix some bugs.

1.Qualcomm Add MSM8953 Read flash support  
2.Qualcomm Add MSM8953 Factory Reset/wipe support 
3.Qualcomm Add MSM8953 Read Pattern support
4.Qualcomm Add Auto Identify cpu model
5.Qualcomm Add All Read Pattern support
6.Qualcomm Improve read info
7.Qualcomm Add Reboot Edl Mode
8.Qualcomm Add Reboot Edl Mode from fastboot
9.MTK Improve All Read Pattern/phonebook/reset code
10.Android Improve Remove Frp Universal
11.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add MT6750 IMEI support (first)
2.MTK Add MT6750 Read/write support
3.MTK Add MT6750 format support
4.MTK Add MT6750 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support 
5.MTK Add MT6750 read phonebook/clear frp support
6.SPD Add 773X EMMC(new) boot support(first)
7.SPD Add 773X EMMC(new) Read,write, format support(first)
8.SPD Add 773X EMMC(new) read pattern,phonebook,
9.SPD Add 773X EMMC(new) Read info,reset usercode support
10.SPD Add 773X EMMC(new) IMEI Repair
11.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Improve IMEI/MEID repair in META mode (New)
2.SPD Improve SC7731C EMMC Boot Add New mobile support
3.Qualcomm Improve Custom flasher support
4.Qualcomm Improve Read flash support
5.Android Add Broadcom flash in fastboot mode
6.Android Add Broadcom flash in download mode(first)
7.Android Add Broadcom Erase Before Write/Save Userdata
8.Software fix some bugs

1.Qualcomm Add,Lenovo,Lyf,Vivo,Wiko,Xiaomi,Xiaomi,Archos support
2.Qualcomm Add Write flash(EDl new mode,fastboot)support
3.Qualcomm Add Custom flasher support
4.Qualcomm Add Read flash support
5.Qualcomm Add Read flash Manually mode and make xml support
6.Qualcomm Add Format and Manually mode support
7.Qualcomm Add Remove Account Locks (new mode)support
8.Qualcomm Add Factory Reset (new mode) support
9.Software fix some bugs

1.Qualcomm Add MSM 8210,MSM 8212,MSM 8610,
MSM 8612,MSM 8626,MSM 8909,MSM 8916,MSM 8926
MSM 8936,MSM 8937,MSM 8976,MSM 8992,MSM 8994,MSM 8996 support
2.Qualcomm Add,Lenovo,Lyf,Vivo,Wiko,Xiaomi,Xiaomi,Archos support
3.Qualcomm Add Read Efs/Qcn support
4.Qualcomm Add write Read Efs/Qcn,wipe Efs support
5.Qualcomm Add Read Codes/Direct Unlock support
6.Qualcomm Add Repair Security support
7.Qualcomm Add Factory Reset support
8.Qualcomm Add Remove Account Locks support
9.Qualcomm Add Lock/unlock Bootloader support
10.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add MEID repair in META mode (first)
2.MTK Add MT6797/95 MEID repair in META mode (first)
3.SPD SC7731C EMMC Improve Boot Add New mobile support
4.SPD SC7731C EMMC Improve Reset User Code/SP Unlock
5.Qualcomm Add vivo/oppo repair IMEI
6.Android Add Remove Frp Universal(fastboot)
7.Android Add Erase Imei Universal(fastboot)
8.Samsung Improve Frp reset.
9.Android Add Oppo Remove Frp(ADB)
10.Android Add Oppo Remove Locks(ADB)
11.Android Add Vivo Unlock bootloader(fastboot)
12.Android Add Vivo Remove Locks(fastboot)
13.Android Add Lyf Unlock bootloader(fastboot)
14.Android Add Lyf Remove Locks(fastboot)
15.Android Improve Repair IMEI/Install APK(ADB)
16.Android Improve Mi Account Reset

1.MTK Improve IMEI repair in META mode (first)
2.MTK Add MT6797 IMEI repair in META mode (first)
3.MTK Add HelioX20 BT Addr support (first)
4.MTK Improve MT6735 Boot file and support new mobile
5.SPD SC8830/SC7731C...EMMC Add and Improve FRP Reset(first)
6.SPD SC8830 EMMC Improve Boot Add New mobile support
7.Android Improve Repair MEID(fastboot)
8.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 IMEI support (first)
2.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 Read/write support (first)
3.MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 format support (first)
4.MTK Add MT6797 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support 
5.MTK Add MT6797 read phonebook/clear frp support
6.MTK Improve EMMC Memory Read
7.MTK Improve MT6755 Read/write/format
8.MTK Improve MT6755 IMEI repair (first)
9.Software fix some bugs

1.Qualcomm Add Qualcomm Flasher(Qualcomm Mode) first
2.Android Add Qualcomm FRP reset(Method2)first
3.Android Add Samsung FRP reset(ADB)first
4.Android Improve Motrola FRP Reset
5.Android Xiaomi Improve flash
6.Android Improve Repair IMEI 
7.Android Improve Repair MEID
8.SPD Improve EMMC Flash FRP reset
9.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add Nokia rm-1173 read/write support
2.MTK Add Nokia rm-1173 format/read password support
3.MTK Add EMMC Memory image Read support(Any address) first
4.MTK Add EMMC Memory image write support(Any address) first
5.MTK Improve MEIZU IMEI support
6.SPD SC8830 EMMC(NEW) Improve Boot and Add New mobile support
7.SPD SC8830 Improve SP Unlock
8.Qualcomm Improve Mi Account Reset (first)
9.Android Improve FRP reset(first)
10.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Anti piracy support(first)
2.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Phone lock support(first)
3.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Account lock support(first)
4.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 IMEI support
5.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read/write support(first)
6.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support(first)
7.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 read phonebook/clear frp support(first)
8.MTK Add sign firmware write support(first)

1.MTK Improve EMMC Write and Format
2.MTK Improve Boot(Add New Flash ID support)
3.SPD SC7731 EMMC(NEW) Improve Boot and Add New mobile support
4.SPD SC7715/30 Android Add HWINFO read/write
5.SPD SC7715/30 Android Add BT Addr repair
6.SPD SC7715/30 Android Add repair IMEI in BOOT MODE
7.SPD SC7715/30 Improve SP Unlock
8.SPD SC8830 EMMC Improve Boot Add New mobile support
9.SPD Improve Nand Flash format Add FRP reset
10.Android Add Backup/Restore SMS
11.Android Improve Backup/Restore contacts
12.Android Xiaomi Improve flash pack
13.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Improve MT67xx Write and Format
2.SPD SC9830 EMMC Add New mobile support
3.MTK Flasher Improve and Add Auto Read Firmware Info
4.Android Add Wipe Dalvik-cache(ADB)
5.Android Add Root Method2(ADB)
6.Android Add Repair IMEI(Fastboot) 
7.Android Add Repair MEID(Fastboot)
8.Android Add File-Lock(Fastboot) 
9.Android Add Get-Token(Fastboot) 
10.Android Add Goto-RUU(Fastboot) 
11.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 read/write bin support
2.MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 Unlock/format support
3.SPD SC7731 EMMC(NEW) Add New mobile support
4.Android Add ASUS(Intel) xFSTK Repair/Repartition
5.Android Add ASUS(Intel) Repair Security
6.Android Add ASUS(Intel) Flash/Format Factory
7.Android Add LENOVO(Intel) Flash
8.Android Add LENOVO(Intel) Repair IT
9.Android Add Intel Root and Unroot
10.Android Add Intel Factory Reset and Format All
11.Android Add Intel Read info,Push file,Instal Apk..
12.Android Add Xiaomi Flash and ManualFlash
13.Android Add Xiaomi Format-all and Reset Micloud

1.MTK Improve Repair IMEI(BT mode)(first)
2.MTK Improve Write Preloader Add Erase before write
3.MTK Improve Read/Format(Android)
4.MTK Improve Fix DL and MT6582 read Pattern/PhoneBook
5.SPD Add FRP reset in format
6.SPD Improve Read Add "Skip userdata" (Android)
7.HTC Add HTC SPrint Phone Unlock
8.Software fix some bugs

1.RDA Add 881x Android flash support(olny factory file)
2.RDA Add 881x Android Fromat support(nand)
3.RDA Add 881x Android IMEI support(nand)
4.MTK Improve Read/Write Preloader
5.MTK Add Repair IMEI(Android MTK Android 5.1)
  (need root)first(All mtk)
6.SPD SC9830 Add New mobile support
7.LG Add LG G4/Flex/Stylo/G4S Google Account Remove
8.Samsung Add Repair DRK(ADB)

1.MTK Add Format in MTK Flasher
2.MTK Improve MTK Flasher flash(Android)
3.MTK Add Read Preloader(support 65xx,67xx)
4.MTK Add Write Preloader(support 65xx,67xx)
5.MTK Improve Repart Internal memory(EMMC)
6.CMDA/Qualcomm Add Mi Account Reset
7.CMDA/Qualcomm Add Qualcomm hang on logo fixed
8.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add MTK Flasher(Android)
2.MTK Flasher Support MT65xx,MT67xx,MT81xx Scatter write
3.MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 read/write bin support
4.MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 Unlock/format support
5.MTK Add EMMC Repart Internal memory support(meta)
  (olny test 6572)
6.MTK Improve MT6572,MT6583 support
7.MTK Improve Anti-theft/Frp
8.MTK/SPD Add Mircale AV virus DB
9.SPD Improve sc7731 EMMC(NEW) BOOT support
10.Android Improve Install APK and Add Reboot Download mode
11.Software fix some bugs

1.MTK Add MT6755 read/write support(scatter and BIN file)(First)
2.MTK Add MT6755 Repair IMEI/BT Addr support(First)
3.MTK Add MT6755 readNV/writeNV/ROOT/Back BPLGUI support
4.MTK Improve Android Reset code(EMMC)
5.MTK Add MT6755 read pattern/Read Phonebook support
6.MTK Add MT6755 Clear Anti-theft/Fix DL Mode support(First)
7.MTK Add MT6755 Clear FRP/Mircale AV support
8.MTK Add MT6755 Reset code/Init modem support
9.MTK Improve Android Read/Write(EMMC)
10.MTK/SPD Add Mircale AV Custom virus library support
11.SPD Improve load *.pac file and write
12.Android Add Sideload ZIP Update system

1.MTK Add Back BPLGUI for make BPLGUI file
2.MTK Improve Mircale AV and Add modification date tip
3.MTK Add Mircale AV Virus DB
4.MTK Improve EMMC write
5.SPD Improve sc6815 sc773x read
6.SPD Improve Mircale AV and Add Virus DB
7.Android Add FlashZip for update(fastboot)
8.Android Improve Write data(fastboot)
9.Software fix bugs and Add PrintScreen

1.MTK Improve Read inf(Android EMMC)
  a.Add read WIFI mac Addr info
  b.Add read BT Addr info
  c.Add read IMEI info
2.MTK Add BT Addr Repair(first)
3.MTK Add Modem ReInit
4.MTK Improve Remove Virus
5.MTK Improve Nand Read scatter file
6.MTK Improve Clear Anti-theft support new mobile(first)
7.SPD Add sc6815 NAND support(first)
8.SPD Add sc773x EMMC support
9.SPD Add sc9830 EMMC support
10.SPD Add Mircale AV support(EMMC) no ADB No root
11.SPD Fix Read some bugs

1.MTK Add RAM TEST(65xx/67xx)
  a.Add BatteryLevel test
  b.Add ADDRESS BUS test
  c.Add DATA BUS test
  d.Add PATTERN test
  f.Add INCDEC test
2.MTK Improve Read Flash ID info
3.MTK Improve Remove Virus Add Virus DB
4.CDMA Add Panasonic-GD25c write support
5.CDMA Add Emergency Mode write support
6.CDMA Improve write Flash support
7.Android Add FRP Reset(Micromax  Yuphoria/Series qualcomm)
8.Fix some bugs.

1.Samsung Add DRK Repair (UART CABLE)
2.MTK Add 6582 EMMC New moblie modle support(need bootloader unlock)
  If MTK Phone no Port can't connect to Phone
  may be need need bootloader unlock then appear Port to Phone
3.MTK Improve Remove Virus
  a.Add Virus DB and Improve Scan filesystem
  b.Add Manually select Remove the APK
4.MTK Improve IMEI
  a.Add new method in Factory mode
  b.Fix some bugs in Factory mode
  c.Add new method in Meta mode
5.SPD Improve 8810/6820 Boot
6.SPD Add 8810/6820/7710 nand New Flash ID Support
7.Android Improve Motrola FRP Reset(no need root)

1.Samsung Add New Model Network Unlock support
2.LG Add LG-Reset User lock(No Root)
  Support Pin/password/pattern/google account/knock code Unlock
3.LG Add Unlock Network
4.LG Add Repair IMEI
5.MTK Add analysis scatter file(EMMC)(Open *.txt)
6.MTK Improve Clear Setting/Frp
7.MTK Improve MircaleAV
8.CDMA Add LAVA-C180 SP-Unlock New Flash ID Support
9.CDMA Add LAVA-CG142J SP-Unlock New HW-ver Support
10.SPD Improve Andriod Write

1.Android Add Motrola FRP Reset
2.HTC Improve Reset FRP
3.MTK Add 6735 New moblie modle support
4.MTK Add 6580 New moblie modle support
5.MTK Improve Read info add Read moblie modle(EMMC)
6.SPD Add 7731 EMMC(new Modle) Read,write, format support
7.SPD Add 7731 EMMC(new Modle) read pattern,phonebook,
8.SPD Add 7731 EMMC(new Modle) Read info,reset usercode support
9.SPD Add 7731 EMMC(new Modle) IMEI Repair
10.SPD Improve Scan mobile Port
11.SPD Improve Android *.pac and write support
12.SPD Improve Android format Add Reset Frp support
13.Fix software TIP info and BUGS

1.MTK add clear Frp(android)
2.MTK Add format safe(android)
3.MTK Improve Remove Virus olny EMMC(no ADB)
4.MTK Add Write before format All flash
MTK Add Improved IMEI New BT
5.Android Add Miracle AV
6. Android Info Display on Toolbar
7.Samsung Add Reset Reactivation/EE lock
8.Samsung Add Reset FRP New Model added.
9. HTC Reset FRP Added
10.SPD Improve Android EMMC format

1.Samsung Improve Reset FRP
2.Samsung Improve Read PIT and Write Flash
3.MTK Add Meta Mode New method(Support 6735,6732,6595,6795)
4.MTK Improve IMEI Repair In Meta Mode
5.MTK Improve Network Unlock(6572)
6.MTK Add Remove Virus olny EMMC(no ADB)
7.SPD Add SP Unlock(beta)
8.SPD Improve EMMC Read
9.Android Add Virus Cleaner

1.SPD Add 7715 EMMC Read,write, format support
2.SPD Add 7715 EMMC read pattern,phonebook,
3.SPD Add 7715 EMMC Read info,reset usercode support
4.MTK Add Nokia rm-1133,1136 Read,write support
5.MTK Add Nokia rm-1133,1136 Read Code and format support
6.CDMA Add hair CG550 SP-Unlock support
7.MTK Improve EMMC Read
8.Android Improve Monkey Virus Cleaner

1.Samsung Add Reset FRP
2.Samsung Improve Read PIT
3.Samsung Improve Write Flash
4.MTK Improve EMMC Read(Save as scatter file)
5.MTK Improve Read flash
6.MTK Improve Format add Advanced mode
7.CDMA Improve LAVA-C180 Flash
8.SPD Add SC6815/7731/30/15/8830 Format(Advanced)
9.SPD Improve SC6815/7731/30/15/8830 Read info

1.MTK Add EMMC Read Sim lock code New algorithms
2.MTK Add IMEI Add New algorithms (NEW(BT))
3.MTK Add IMEI Add New Method(factory mode)
4.MTK Improve MTK EMMC Read(Save as scatter file)
6.CDMA Add LAVA-C180 Flash
7.Fix software some BUGS

1.MTK Add 6795/6752 EMMC Read Sim lock code
2.MTK Improve IMEI Method(NEW)
3.MTK Improve 6572/6571 Nand Read phonebook/Pattern
4.Android Add  Monkey Virus Cleane
5.SPD Improve SC7715 Nand Read phonebook/Pattern
6.Improve registration function
7.Fix software some BUGS

1.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC read write support
2.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC Format,IMEI NV read and write support
3.SPD Add SC6815 EMMC Read phonebook/Pattern
4.SPD Add SC6815/7731/30/15/8830 Reset user code World First
5.MTK Add 6573/6575/6577 Nand Read phonebook/Pattern
6.MTK Add 6573/6575/6577 Reset user code World First
7.MTK Add MT6795/6580 EMMC read,write support
8.MTK Add MT6795/6580 EMMC format,IMEI
9.MTK Add MT6795 EMMC Reset code,Read pattern
11.MTK Add New IMEI Method(NEW)
12.MTK Add Android NV read/write
13.CDMA Add ZTE-183,ZTE-D286,Hair-C381,ZTE-S194..Unlock
14.Add registration function
15.GUI and BUG Fix

1.SPD Add SC8830/7731/7715 Read,write support
2.SPD Add SC8830 EMMC Format,IMEI NV read and write support
3.SPD Add SC8830/7730/31 EMMC Read phonebook
4.SPD Add SC7715 Nand Read Pattern(Rd unlock) and phonebook
5.MTK Add MT6753/6735/6582/6595.. EMMC Read phonebook
6.MTK Add MT6572/71 Nand Read Pattern and phonebook
7.MTK Improve Android Read Flash(Fast)
8.Add MI(Qualcomm) IMEI Repair(Qualcomm)
9.Improve software connect and Fix some BUGS

1.MTK Add MT6753/6735 EMMC read,write support
2.MTK Add MT6753/6735 EMMC format,ROOT
3.MTK Add MT6753/6735 EMMC Reset code,Read pattern
4.MTK Add Nokia RM-1110/1 read write support(12th boot)
5.MTK Add Nokia RM-1110/1 Format,Read unlock
6.MTK Improve 6582/6583/9 support(New modle)
7.MTK Add Fix DL Mode and Fix Unknow Baseband Repair
8.MTK Improve Reset code,Read pattern(EMMC no R/A)
9.SPD Add SC7715 nand Write support
10.SPD Add SC7715 Format,IMEI NV read and write support
11.SPD Improve SC7730/7731 Read pattern code
12.GUI and BUG Fix

1.MTK Add MT6595 EMMC read,write support
2.MTK Add MT6595 EMMC format,clear Anti_theft support
3.MTK Add MT6595 EMMC Root,Root->clear code support
4.MTK Add MT6595 IMEI support
5.SPD Improve SC7730/7731 Boot
6.SPD Add SC7730/7731 Format support
7.SPD Improve Factory File type to write
8.MTK Some software bug fix

1.SPD Add SC7730/7731 Read pattern code(read inf) NO ADB NO ROOT(EMMC)
2.SPD Improve SC7730/7731 NV read and write
3.SPD Improve 8810/6820 Flash ID support
4.MTK Add Reset Phone "FaceLock" and "VoiceLock"  NO ADB NO ROOT(EMMC)
5.MTK Improve 6583 support(11th boot)
6.MTK Improve 6752 support(11th boot)
7.MTK Improve Android EMMC Write support
8.Some software bug fix

2.MTK Add Reset Pattern code NO ADB NO ROOT(EMMC)
3.MTK Add Read Pattern code NO ADB NO ROOT(EMMC)
4.MTK Improve Clear Anti-theft(EMMC)
5.MTK Improve Format(EMMC)
6.MTK Improve ROOT
7.MTK Improve Read/Write Nvram(Android)
8.Some software bug fix

1.SPD Add SC7730/7731 IMEI repair
2.SPD Add SC7730/7731 NV read and write
3.SPD Add SC7710 New Flash ID support
4.SPD Improve SC7710 NV read and write
5.MTK Add Repair Wifi(Android)
6.MTK Add Enable All Languages(Android)
7.MTK Improve Read Nvram(Android)
8.MTK Improve Write Nvram(Android)

1.SPD Add SC7730/6815 write Factory File support
2.SPD Add New Factory File type support
3.SPD Improve Write Flash
4.Samaung Add Enable Diag Port
5.Android Add Enable Diag Port(Qualcomm)
6.HUAWEI Add Read nv(HiSilicon)
7.HUAWEI Add Write nv(HiSilicon)
8.HUAWEI Add Write Flash(HiSilicon)

1.MTK Add MT6752 read,write support
2.MTK Add MT6752 format,clear Anti_theft support
3.MTK Add MT6752 Root,Root->clear code support
4.MTK Improve MT6592 support
5.CDMA Add Scan port and select support
6.CDMA Improve Rd Unlock support
7.CDMA Add SP-Unlock support(ZTE-S188,ZTE-V9A)
8.CDMA some bug fix

1.Samaung Improve Phone Lock
2.Samaung Improve Network Unlock
3.Samaung Improve Backup efs
4.Samaung Improve Restore efs
5.Android Root(ADB) Add New method and support More phone
6.MTK Add MT6571/6572 New Flash ID support
7.SPD Improve 8810/6820 read/write
8.Some software bug fix

1.MTK Add Nokia RM-1012/1036 read,write support
2.MTK Add Nokia RM-1012/1036 format support
3.MTK Add Direct Clear Code support(Android)
4.MTK Improve Clear Anti-theft (Android)
5.MTK Improve Format (Android)
6.MTK Improve Read(Bkpt Rd)
7.Samaung Improve write flash
8.Samaung some bug fix

1.Samaung Add Network unlock support s5,note3,9195,9505 etc
2.Samaung Improve Read info.
3.Samaung Improve Service(Read info and unlock).
4.MTK Add MT6589 New Flash ID support
5.Android Improve Clear Code
6.Android Improve Root(ADB) Add new phone model support
7.Some software bug fix

1.MTK Add MT8127 Read/write support
2.MTK Add MT8127 Format support
3.MTK Add MT8127 Root->Clear Code support
4.MTK Add MT6592 New Flash ID support
5.MTK Improve Save as scatter file(Read)
6.MTK Improve Android Format(Format All Flash)
7.MTK Improve MT6260 read.
8.SPD Add SC7710 New Flash ID Support

1.MTK Improve 6571/6572/6582/6592 format
2.MTK Improve Boot(11th) and support more Flash ID
3.MTK Improve 6571/6572/6582/6592 unlock Privacy and more safe.
4.HUAWEI Add Unlock mtk 90% mobile
5.HUAWEI Add IMEI Repair mtk 90% mobile
6.HUAWEI Add Unlock Qualcomm mobile
7.HUAWEI Add Read/write Security Qualcomm mobile
8.HUAWEI Add Read code(SIM)/Unlock MTK mobile

1.MTK Add Nokia RM-1035 support
2.MTK Add Nokia RM-1011 unlock
3.MTK Improve 6572 Nand support(11th)
4.MTK Improve IMEI Repair(Android MTKNew)
5.MTK Add SIM Read Code and Unlock
6.ALLWINNER A10,A13,A20,sun4,sun4,sun7,softwinner,nuclearev etc imei repair.
7.Samaung Sprint Add Direct Unlock and Relock phone
8.SPD Add Identify new original package
9.SPD Improve Screen Code found
10.Improve automatic recognition phone model
11.Improve UI.

1.MTK Add Nokia RM-1011 support
2.MTK Add 6592 new flash ID support
3.MTK Add 6582 new flash ID support(11th)
4.MTK Improve 6571Nand support(11th)
5.SPD Add SC7710 new flash ID support
6.Android Improve Root(ADB)
7.Adding automatic recognition phone model
8.Modify Encryption

1.MTK Add 6572 Nand New Flash ID support(11th)
2.MTK Improve 6572 Nand Read/write
3.SPD Add SC7710 new flash ID support
4.SPD Add SC7715 Factory file flash support
5.SPD Improve SC8825 Factory file flash
6.Android Improve ADB Communicate(bug)
7.Android Improve Clear code,Read Pattern...

1.SPD Add SC7710 new flash ID support
2.SPD Improve SC7710 Read/Write
3.SPD Improve Resume Reading(Bkpt Rd)
4.MTK Improve Save as scatter file(Read)
5.Android Root(ADB) Add New method and support More phone
6.Add Check Box(not connect box)
7.Add Box Registration function(About page)
8.Add File Download function(About page)

1.SPD Add SC7710 Read/write Support
2.SPD Add SC7710 IMEI Support
3.SPD Add SC7710 Format Support
4.SPD Add SC7710 unlock(Rd Unlock->Clean PassCode)
5.SPD Improve write Factory file(*.pac format)
6.MTK Add Open Usb Debug mode
7.MTK Improve write Factory file(scatter file)
8.Android Improve Root(ADB) Add support new mobile

1.MTK Add New Boot for New 6582 EMMC Flash(bootloader unlock).
2.MTK Add support New 6582 IMEI,Write,and Read
3.MTK Improve Root(not adb)
4.Android Improve wipe userdata,cache(fastboot mode)
5.Android Improve write data(fastboot mode)
6.Android Improve Unlock/Lock bootloader
7.Android Improve Read info
8.upgrade firmware
9.Improve software encryption algorithm

1.MTK Add Bootloader Unlock.
2.MTK Add Android Anti-theft code reset(beta)
3.MTK Add 6571 Nand Flash scatter file Write
4.MTK Improve Android Format
5.SPD Improve 8810/6820 format
6.Blackberry Improve Read info
7.Android Root(ADB) Add New method and support More phone
8.Android Add Bootloader Unlock

1.SPD Add 8810/6820 New Flash ID.
2.SPD Improve 6531 Format Bug.
3.MTK Add 6261 Read,write,format support.
4.MTK Add 6261 IMEI support.
5.MTK Add 6571 Nand flash IMEI support
6.Blackberry Improve MEID,ESN,IMEI Read,write
7.Blackberry Improve SPC RESET
8.Blackberry Improve SCAN MEP

1.SPD Add 8810/6820 google unlock(Rd Unlock->Clean PassCode).
2.MTK Improve 6571 EMMC Flash scatter file Write.
3.Android Improve Read info
4.Android Improve ROOT(ADB).
5.Blackberry Add SCAN MEP
6.Blackberry Add Flash
7.Blackberry Add MEID,ESN,IMEI Read,write(beta)
8.Blackberry Add SPC RESET(beta)
9.Blackberry Add Advance Repair(MEP(0) unlock,cal mode repair..)
10.Blackberry Add REBRANDRING OS7 Repair
11.Blackberry Add CFP Command Repair
12.Improve software encryption algorithm

1.SPD Improve 8810/6820 unlock(Rd Unlock->Clean PassCode).
2.SPD Improve 6531 Format.
3.SPD Add 6531 new flash ID support
4.MTK Improve 6571 write.
5.MTK Add 6571 new flash ID support
6.Android ROOT Add new phone support
7.Android Improve HTC Unlock
8.Android Improve Backup/Restore EFS

1.MTK Add 6571 read,write,format.
2.MTK Add 6571 IMEI.
3.SPD Add 8810/6820 Flash ID support.
4.Android Improve Restore contacts
5.Android Add Nokia Restore/Backup contacts
6.Android Improve Samsung write flash
7.upgrade firmware
8.Improve software encryption algorithm

1.MTK Improve Android nand flash write.
2.SPD Improve SC65XX read.
3.Android Add Backup APP
4.Android Add Restore APP
5.Android Improve Nokia flash(fastboot)
6.Android Add write system(fastBoot)
7.Android Add write usrdata(fastboot)
8.Android Add write boot,recovery,cache...(fastboot)

1.MTK Improve 6260 read and write.
2.SPD Improve SC6500 Format
3.SPD ADD SC6500 New flash ID Support
4.Android Add Nokia Read info
5.Android Add Nokia Root(ADB)
6.Android Add Nokia Enter Recovery
7.Android Add Nokia Enter FastBoot
8.Android ADD Nokia flash(fastboot)

1.MTK Improve Android nandflash write.
2.MTK Improve Read info
3.MTK Improve write of scatter file
4.SPD Add 8810/6820 new flash ID support
5.SPD Improve write of *.pac format 
6.Android Improve ALLWINNER IMEI
7.Android Improve HTC ROOT(ADB)
8.Android Improve HTC Read info.

1.MTK Add Nokia 220 write(10th)
2.MTK Improve Nokia 220 format(10th)
3.SPD Add 8810/6820 new boot support
4.SPD Improve Nand write
5.Android Improve Clear Code(facelock,Voicelock)
6.Android Improve WIPE Method
7.Android ROOT Add new phone support
8.Android Improve samsung flash.

1.MTK Add Nokia 220 read and format(10th)
2.MTK Improve 6260 read and write
3.SPD Improve 6531 format and add new flash ID support
4.Android Improve Read info
5.Android ROOT Add new phone support
6.Android Add ALLWINNER IMEI New Method
7.Android Add ALLWINNER WIPE Support(New Method)
8.Android Add ALLWINNER Clear code,Read Pattern Code, etc

1.MTK Improve Android EMMC read and write
2.SPD Improve 6530 format
3.SPD Improve Scan Pinouts(8810/6820/6531/880x...)(Update firmware)
4.SPD Add 6530 Flash ID support
5.Android Samsung Add Repair IMEI(Service)
6.Android Samsung Add Repair MEID\ESN(Service)
7.Android Samsung Add Format Phone(Service)
8.Android ROOT Add new phone support.

1.MTK ADD 6575 Flash ID support(update boot)
2.MTK Improve Android nand read and write
3.SPD Improve Nand flash Read
4.SPD ADD 6531 Flash ID support
5.Android Add HTC unlock NCK,NSCK...
6.Android Add HTC unlock Simlock
7.Android Add HTC make goldcard
8.Android Improve MTK and WINNER Repair IMEI

1.MTK Improve Android ROOT
2.MTK Improve Android Clear password(ROOT->Clear code  (no root ,no ADB))
3.MTK ADD 6583 Flash ID support(update boot,Add check DL)
4.SPD ADD 8810/6820 Flash ID support
5.Android Add Backup/restore contacts
6.Android Improve Read Pattern Code
7.Android Improve ROOT(Add new phone model).

1.MTK Improve PRIVACY CODE Analysis(File Unlock)
2.MTK Improve AUTO UNLOK CODE(Read Unlock -> Auto Unlck)
3.MTK Improve Android Read inf
4.MTK Improve Android Format.
5.MTK Android MANUAL FORMAT Operating(first read inf , Select not auto, Set startaddr and size)
6 SPD Improve CODE READ and Add tips
7 Android Modify ADB Communications(Add Auth)
8 Android Add MTK IMEI and WINNER IMEI

1.MTK Support Android Flash for Factory file(scatter)
2.MTK Improve Android formating.
3.MTK Modify transferred file error bug.
4.SPD Add new for 8810/6820 flash ID.
5.Android Modify unlock for Voice_lock and face_lock.
6.Android Add Read Gmail ID
7.Android Add samsung Reset Gmail(MTP mode)
8.Android Add new phone for ROOT.
9.New UI.

1.MTK Add:  Support for 6592
2.MTK Modify Android formating.
3.SPD Add Support for 6500.
4.SPD Modify 6530 formating.
5.SPD Add 7710 writing the original ROM.
6.SPD Add 8810/6820 clear unlock code. (rd unlock->clean passcode)
7.Android Modify unlock.
8.Android Add  Google lock delete.
9.Modify BUG for scanning network.

1.Android Modify samsung writing.
2.Android Add APK.
3.SPD Add 8810 for more flash.
4.Coolsand Add Support for more flash.

1.Android Add writing for samsung phones.
2.Android Add samsung reading PIT
3.Android Add analyse PIT file of samsung .
4.Android Modify reset,modify some BUGs for samsung .
5.Update firmware(Modify scanning pins)

1.SPD support for writing The original_ROM with Optional   Block_operation  for 8810/6820
2.SPD Modify some BUGs which  can't writing/reading with the new   driver.
3.SPD Modify 6531 boot,Modify formating.
4.SPD Modify some changing_IMEI BUGs
5.MTK Modify some reading BUGs
6.Android Add SPD Change IMEI(
7.Android Modify samsung unlock(MTP)
8.Android Modify ROOT BUG,add ROOT for more phones.

1.SPD Modify formating
2.SPD Add Support for more flash.
3.MTK Modify Android formating
4.Android ROOT Support for more phones.

1.MTK Modify some IMEI_writing bugs  for Android system.
2.SPD Add 8810/6820 formating
3.Android Add  read information,unlock,reset(MTP mode) for samsung.
4.Android Add  backup,reset (ADB mode) for samsung efs.

1.SPD Modify 8810/6820 writing.
2.SPD Modify writing with original ROM.
4.Android Add Nvram_write/read.
5.Add Qualacom_IMEI tool and Brodcom_IMEI tool.

1.MTK Modify Android a bug of losing IMEI after reset phone.
2.MTK Modify Android some bugs after modifying IMEI.
3.SPD 8810/6820 Support for more flashes.
4.Android Add ROOT(ADB)for more new phones.

1.MTK Add Android new method for IMEI change.
2.SPD Modify IMEI change for running_phone.
3.SPD Modify ROOT(ADB)
4.Android Add reading Pattern_code.

1.MTK Modify some formating bugs.
2.SPD Modify 8810/6820 factory_rom writing,
      Add erasing full_flash option.
3.SPD Modify 6530 formating bugs
4.SPD Modify ADB reading_BUGs.
5.Android Add ROOT(ADB) for more phones.

1.SPD Add 8810/6820 more flash.
2.SPD Modify 8810/6820 formating,ROOT(power_off_mode).
3.SPD Modify 6531A formating
4.MTK Add for save as *.scatter file after reading flash.

1.SPD Add 8810/6820 writing/reading for full flash.
2.Android Add ADB ROOT for new type phones.
3.MTK Android Modify some bugs.
4.SPD Modify some bugs.

1.MTK Modify NOKIA MTK writing & formating.
2.Mstar Modify some bugs.

2.Android Modify ADB ROOT£¬ Support for more mobile
3.COOLSAND Modify some bugs.

1.MTK Modify Android some bugs,Support for more flash.
2.MTK Modify Android formating.
3.Android Modify ADB ROOT £¬Support for more phones.

1.Android Modify ADB ROOT .
2.MTK Modify Android formate.

1.MTK Modify some bugs for Android reading.
2.SPD add Support for Android flash.

1.MTK Support for 6572 Nand flash
2.MTK Modify Emmc write
3.Android Add ADB ROOT
4.Android Add Fastboot clean userdata & cache
5.Android Add from fastboot_mode reboot to normal_mode
6.Android Modify some bugs.

1.MTK Modify Android write
2.MTK support 6582CPU

1.Add compatible for USB3.0 port
2.SPD Add 8825  write for *.gz package
4.Coolsand Modify pinouts-scan
5.SPD Modify a bug for searching IMEI from file

1.SPD Modify Android (ADB) backup
3.Coolsand Modify scaning pins
4.MTK Modify some bugs

1.SPD Support for  8810/6820 new flash
2.SPD Modify 8810/6820 ROOT
3.SPD Add Android IMEI tool
4.Android Modify some bugs

1.SPD update 8810/6820 format
2.SPD add 8810/6820 ROOT(ADB)Beta
3.SPD add Support for new flash
4.Mstar Modify a bug

1.SPD 8810/6820 Add new flash support
2.SPD modification 8810/6820 ADB Read
3.Coolsand modify flash support

1.SPD add 8810/6820 ADB read flash and packaged into *. Pac file.
2.MTK modify NV reader

1. MTK£ยบ support for MT6572

1.SPD Android add flash support
2.SPD Android Add NV read and write operations (Please read the information)
3.MTK Android modify a key ROOT.

1.MTK Add 6260 support
2.MTK add a key to clear the root password, and SU options
3.CoolSand add flash support
4.CoolSand modify the definition Detection
5.Mstar search algorithm to modify password
6. Note pl2303 driver updates

1.SPD  8810/6820 more flash support
2.SPD 6531 More flash support
3. Add Operating Instructions

1.SPD add 6531 to write and analyze passwords and change IMEI of support
2.SPD add 8810/6820 read information, and add new flash support
3.Coolsand add a new type support.

1. Update for Reading MT6583

1.Support for reading SC6531(SPD)

1.SPD Android add new flash support
2.SPD modify part of the phone read BUG
3.Coolsand modify read flash BUG
4.MTK bug fixes

1.MTK update 65XX written.
2.SPD Modify Change IMEI
3.Android modify read information, wipe, etc.
4.Android add read/write For EMMC Flash support (beta)

Add: select boot8 to change IMEI for MTK65XX

1.SPD 6610 modified and add new flash support
2.SPD add and modify serial number read out the serial number
3.SPD add of the 8810/6820 one key root
4.Coolsand add a new flash support
5.Coolsand change the password lookup
6.Add hotkey support, add the Easy Function
7.Firmware upgrade, modify spd detection
8.Add support MTK6583/6589

1.Fix some mtk6573 writing error
2.Add display file information

1.Fix mtk625a write
2.Fix MT657X format

1.Add mtk android onekey root£¨657x£©
2.Fix 6575 nandflash write

Fix Platform BUG

1.Add Spd 6530A flash support
2.Add Coolsand flash support / add breakpoint read
3.Mstar change cipher algorithm
4.MTK update 6575 non EMMC flash support

1.SPD add the 6530A flash support
2.coolsand Add flash support / breakpoint read
3.Mstar change cipher algorithm

1.MTK add support 625A new flash
2.SPD 6530A modified and add the flash support
3.SPD modified to the communication driver support

1.Coolsand add flash support
2.Mstar password change search algorithm
3.Mstar add reset function
4.Spead add flash support
5.MTK add the 625A 16M flash support

Fix Platform BUG

SPD Add the 6530 boot

1.Coolsand add the flash support
2.Coolsand add USB support
3.SPD Add the flash support, fixed flash size judgments
4.Mstar Modified code analysis
5.HWK version of firmware upgrade

Update the Android Mobile Phone Unlocked

1.Add the Android platform
2.MTK perfect big flash support
3.SPD Add the flash support

SPD update the 6530A read and write

MTK add the 6577 write

1.MTK fix 6250D(625A) bug for writing
2.spd update finding unlock method
3.spd add new flash ic
4.spd add 8810/6820 to change imei and format
5.spd support COM port to change imei
6.firmware update to v2.08

1.Add the SPD flash support
2.Mstar password change search algorithm
3.Add the CoolSand flash support

Correct to write 625A BUG

Perfect 6276 write

1.SPD add flash support
2.CoolSand modifications change the IMEI functions
3.MTK add 625A, 6255,6276 read the boot code and does not boot change IMEI

fix coolsand format bug

1.SPD add 8530A support
2.CoolSand add flash models support
3.Mstar change the password search algorithm
4.MTK Add 6250DA support

Add android phone change imei

1.MTK update 6573 to write, modify the 6252 change IMEI
2.Mstar add support 8532B/8533BX update 8532D, 8533X BOOT, add format support
3.CoolSand add a new boot, add a new font support
4.SPD add a new flash support (6800H)

Watch Video Here Miracle Box 2.58 100% Working

Miracle Box 2.58 + Loader New 2018-2019 Download Link:

Downlaod Miracle Box Working Without Box & Dongle | Direct Download Link

Password for the ZIP File -     fct@computer

TECNO i3 Android 7.0 Google Account Unlock Tool and File Download

How to unlock Google account verification or Gmail lock or Google re-verification lock on your Android device and this tutorial is for Android smartphone for the TECNO i3 Android 7.0. By following this tutorial you can easily remove the FRP lock or Google lock of the Android device, as this device is has MediaTek MTK Chipset and it can be unlock using SP flash tool.

To know the unlock process you can watch the video tutorial link given below and here you can download the Flash tool and unlock file for TECNO i3 to reset or unlock FRP settings of the phone. Please go through the below details to download the file and tool.
TECNO i3 Android 7.0 Google Account Unlock Tool and File Download

Download the Google Account verification bypass or FRP unlock file from the below link and watch the video tutorial to know how to format the FRP lock of the phone using SP Flash Tool. If you have facing any problem during this process, please ask through comments either here or Video tutorial on YouTube.

TECNO i3 FRP Unlock Procedure:-
  • Download the FRP file from the link given below.
  • Open SP Flash Tool
  • Select Download Agent DA_SWSEC.bin
  • Select Android Scatter File MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt
  • Now go to FORMAT Tab and Select Manual Format
  • Use the text file to know the Format Address and Length
  • Click on Start button
  • Now connect the switched off phone by holding the Volume Down Key


TECNO i3 FRP Unlock Tool and Flash Tool and FRP Address Download Below
Gmail Google Account Verification Unlock Android TECNO | Download Here

Download Tecno i3 SP Flash TOOL
Download Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool) | Download Link Here

TECNO i3 Android 7 0 FRP Unlock Done - SP Flash Tool

How to Flash Asus X003 ? (Flash Tool, Flash File and USB Driver)

Hi friends hope all going well, Today we will learn how to flash Asus ZenFone Go X003 using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) to solve the software issue on the Asus phone. If the phone has hanging problem or working slow or shows unfortunately Google stooped or all other applications not working well then you need to flash or upgrade the phone to solve the issue. To flash the Asus X003 you need to have the Asus X003 flash tool, Asus X003 flash file (tested) and Asus X003 USB driver or X003 flashing driver for Windows Computer.

Let's start, here you can get the Download link of Asus X003 tested firmware along with that you can also download the Asus Zenfone Go flash tool and to flash the phone you need to install Qualcomm flashing USB driver called Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 COM Port Driver, so this driver can also download it from here. This is the all in one topic or tutorial for Asus ZenFone Go X003 where you get the flash tool, flash file and USB driver. Please go through the below topic to get the Asus firmware download link, with USB driver and flash tool.
How To Flash Asus X003? Flash File -X003 Flash Tool - X003 USB Driver

How To Flash ASUS X003?
  • Download flash file and flash tool and USB driver (Link given below)
  • Open QFIL flash tool and load prog_emmc_firhose_8916.mbn
  • Then load the rawprogram0.xml file and patch0.xml
  • Switch off the phone
  • Hold Both Volume Keys and Insert USB Cable
  • Now install Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver (Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008)
  • Then click on Download Button and wait until the process complete
Asus ZenFone Go X003 Flash Done With QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader)

 Asus ZenFone Go X003 Downloads

Asus X003 Firmware Download

X003 Firmware DOWNLOAD LINK | Link 1 G DRIVE
X003 Firmware DOWNLOAD LINK | Link 2 Mega

Asus X003 Flash Tool Download
Asus QFIL (Qualcomm Flash Image Loader) Tool 

X003 Flash Tool | Download Link

Asus X003 USB Driver (Qualcomm Flashing USB Driver) Download
Asus X003 Qualcomm QDLoader USB Driver 

X003 Qualcomm USB Driver Download | Download Link

How to Flash Asus X003 Video Tutorial Visit Here

Asus X003 After Flash NO IMEI ?

After flashing using QFIL, the software issue of the Asus X003 must be solved but you may face no IMEI or IMEI Null on the phone and as you know it's not a big issue, because you can repair Qualcomm IMEI using Miracle box or any other Mobile flashing box supports Android Qualcomm IMEI repair.

Moto Fastboot FRP Unlock Tool - Reset/Bypass All Moto Qualcomm FRP Lock For Free !!!

Hi all, here is another interesting tutorial about Factory Reset Protection FRP bypass. If you have Moto any model with Qualcomm CPU or Chipset then use this method of Fastboot FRP Unlocking using the Free Fastboot Boot FRP Tool for Moto Qualcomm based phones. This method is so easy and working on Android 7.0 on any Moto smartphone having Qualcomm chip-set. So please follow the below tutorial to know how to remove FRP of Moto using Fastboot Mode.

Here you can also download the Moto Fastboot FRP Unlock tool for free and it's small Windows software or tool, that can do the FRP unlock of any Moto smartphone with Fastboot mode, you can also watch video tutorial on YouTube to know how to use the FRP tool, tested on Moto Qualcomm Android 7.0.
Moto Fastboot FRP Unlock Tool - Bypass All Moto Qualcomm FRP Lock Tool For Free !!!

How To Enable USB Debugging On Moto Locked?

If you need to know how to enable USB debugging on a frp locked Moto phone, without using internet or any other Android application, then here is the best way to enable ADB or USB debugging on a FRP Locked Moto smartphone runs on Qualcomm chip-set. To enable ADB this tool is very use full and easy to use, just put the phone to Fastboot Mode and execute the small FRP tool and it will do the reset procedure automatically, and you need to do one thing just Allow USB Debugging and tick the Always allow from this computer and then click on OK, and finally this tool will unlock the FRP lock of the phone. 

How to Use Moto Fastboot FRP Tool?

Here is full procedure to know, how to use Moto Fastboot FRP tool and where to download it, as said before you can also watch out YOUTUBE video tutorial to know the success report of this Moto Fastboot FRP Tool.

  • Download the Moto Fastboot FRP Tool (Link given below)
  • Open the tool and use the password (Given in this page below the download link)
  • Now put the phone to Fastboot Mode and connect to PC
  • Then the tool will automatically do the things and the phone may reboot several times.
  • In the last step Allow USB Debugging on the phone screen and the again reboot and it's done.
That's all now you have successfully bypass/unlock/remove Moto FRP lock using the free Moto FRP Reset Tool 2018. For more details you can watch the YouTube Video Tutorial link given below.

Watch Moto FRP Unlock Tool Video Tutorial Here (Watch Here)

Moto Models Supports With This FRP Tool:

All most all Moto Lenovo Qualcomm based Android 7.0 phone is supported with this frp tool and to know the procedure you can watch YouTube video tutorial about How to use Moto Lenovo Fastboot FRP Unlock tool, visit the above link.

Moto FRP Never Easy Before:

After using this tool, you can easily remove/bypass/reset frp lock of any Motorola Lenovo smartphone using the fastboot mode or bootloader mode of the moto phone, here you can download the Fastboot frp unlock tool moto free and without password but you need to enter password to open the tool and the password given below and thank you to the creator of this tool.

Moto Android 7.0 FRP Bypass Fastboot Tool:

This small tool can help a lot, to unlock frp lock of the Moto Android 7.0 and it's tested on so many models of Moto runs Android 7.0 and you can also try this tool on Android 8.1 Moto Qualcomm smartphone. Just put the phone to Bootloader or Fastboot Mode and use the frp unlock tool and in the last step Allow USB Debugging on the phone screen and you are done.

~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOADS ~~~~~~~~~~

Moto Fastboot FRP Tool | Download Link
Password to open the tool = iguru4life

Moto ADB (Android Debug Bridge) 

In this process and using this tool you can enable the ADB interface of the Moto phone which is FRP locked or google account locked. If you are searching to know how to enable USB debugging or ADB on the frp locked moto phone then here is the solution, which enable ADB on the moto phone and do the frp reset of the phone automatically. Please watch the video (link given above) and know the full procedure to use this Fastboot FRP Unlock Tool.