LG K535D Flash File | Upgrade | Unbrick | USB Driver | Flash Tool Etc.

Here we provide LG K535D Firmware or flash file and Upgrade Tool LG Bridge and LG K535D USB driver etc. So if you need to flash or Upgrade or recover or unbrick the LG K535D, then here is the all in one solution for all LG phone which can be Upgrade or Flash firmware using Official LG flash tool. To use this tool you must have a Computer with Internet connection and if you are using LG Bridge then no need to download the firmware, the tool will automatically download the firmware for the phone and Upgrade the phone.

And here we also given the K535D firmware download link, if you need to download the firmware and use any third party flash tool to flash the phone, along with that you can download LG all Mobile USB driver or LG flashing Drivers and if you need flash your Old LG phones then you can use LG PC Suite. There are to major tools provided by LG one is LG Bridge which is for New models and LG PC Suite which is for Older models.
LG K535D Flash File - Upgrade - Unbrick - USB Driver - Flash Tool Etc.

LG K535D Online Upgrade Tool (LG Bridge):

This is the best process to flash or upgrade the K535D Mobile using LG Bridge, so the below the download link of LG Bridge and USB driver for K535D, download and install these and visit the YouTube Tutorial to Know how to flash the LG phone using LG Bridge, Tutorial link given below.

LG Upgrade/Flashing Requirements:


Other Tools and Files You May Download


How to Flash/Upgrade LG K53D Using LG Bridge | YouTube Tutorial 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOADS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LG-K535D Software Update PC Sync USB Driver LG Bridge | Download Link

Other Download Links:

LG K535D Firmware | Download Link

LG PC Suite Download (Windows and Mac) | Download link

LG Bridge Firmware download location

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\LG Electronics\LG Bridge\SWUpgrade\Image

LG Mobile Flash Tool | Upgrade Tool | USB Driver | PC Suite | LG Bridge Download Here

Hi all, welcome to the another tutorial about LG Android phone Flash tool, Upgrade Tool, LG USB Driver Download, LG PC Suite Download, LG Bridge Download. So here you can download all LG Mobile related tools and USB drivers to flash the phone we also provide the official download link of LG Bridge, using this tool you can recover your LG brick phone and solve any Update error recovery or if you are facing any software issue on the LG phone then you can solve it by flashing the phone and in this website you can also find the flashing procedure of LG phones.

Here is the LG Mobile flashing required tools and drivers, which must be download if you need to flash or upgrade any LG Mobile phones. For flashing LG phone you can use LG Bridge (For New Smartphones) and LG PC Suite of older models and USB driver is supports all the models of LG. The below the download link of all the necessary tools and drivers for LG Mobile phone.
LG Mobile Flash Tool - Upgrade Tool - USB Driver - PC Suite - LG Bridge Download Here

LG Flash Tool LG PC Sync (LG Bridge):

Using this tool you can manage your LG phone all the new models is being supported with this tool. You can use this tool to Upgrade Firmware, Backup and Restore the phone etc. You can download LG bridge for Windows and Mac operating system, so please visit the below link and choose the OS and download LG Bridge.

  • Device SW update
  • Backup data to PC/Mac and restore from PC/Mac
  • Cable-free USB connection
Minimum System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP 32bit, Vista 32/64bit, 7 32/64bit, 8 32/64bit, 8.1 32/64bit
  • CPU : 1Ghz processor or higher
  • Memory : 2GB RAM or higher
  • Graphics card: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher and 32-bit color
  • Hard disc: Storage of 500 MB or higher (Additional space may be required for data)
  • Required Software : LG United Mobile driver, Windows Media Player 10 or higher
  • LG Bridge is a new, light-weight piece of software that works with the LG G4 and later.
  • Some of the 2015 range of LG mobile devices may not be compatible with LG Bridge and would recommend using LG PC Suite.
  • You may also find that some features of LG Bridge may be limited depending on the device, region and / or network.
  • The backup / restore feature of LG bridge is not compatible with LG PC suite.
To Download LG Bridge | Click Here

LG Flash Tool (LG PC Suite):

If you have older LG Mobile or Tablet then you can use this LG PC Suite to Upgrade firmware and Manage your LG Phone, please visit the download link below to get the LG PC Suite. This LG tool also available for Windows and Mac Operating System.

To Download LG PC Suite | Click Here

LG Mobile USB Driver:

To get connected with the Computer you must install LG USB driver, which helps you to manage the phone's data on your Computer using LG PC Suite or LG Bridge, so without USB driver you can not use the phone on your PC or it's not connected to PC. If you want to Upgrade the phone using the above LG Tools then you must need the LG flashing USB driver. So please download the LG USB driver supports all LG Mobiles and Tablets form the below link.

To Download All LG USB Drivers

LG Universal Mobile Drivers | Download Here
LG Mobile USB Driver Model wise | Visit the Link

LG Mobile Support Tool:

Download LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL | Download Here

LG Tools and Driver Names:


How To Flash Vivo V5 1601? Vivo V5 FRP Unlock | Vivo V5 Flash Tool | Vivo V5 Flash File

Here is the download link of the Vivo V5 Flash file or Vivo V5 Firmware or Vivo V5 ROM and SP flash tool to flash the Vivo V5 1601 Android smartphone. The flash file comes with Zip file and includes flash tool and direct download link given below.

If you are searching for Vivo V5 flash and know how to flash the phone using Sp flash tool and recover your software brick phone easily. This is the all in one topic for Vivo V5 FRP, Vivo V5 Flash File, Vivo V5 Flash Tool and the Vivo V5 flashing procedure with video tutorial. Please visit the below link to download Vivo flash file and flash tool.
How To Flash Vivo V5 1601  Vivo V5 FRP Unlock  Vivo V5 Flash Tool  Vivo V5 Flash File

Vivo V5 Firmware File Details:

userdata.img etc.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOADS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Download Vivo V5 Firmware or Flash File and Flash Tool Here

File Name: Vivo_V5_D1612F_MT6750_EX_A_2.7.25_ALPS.M0.MP7.V2.10.zip
File Size: 2.1 GB
Android Verison: 6.0.1

Vivo V5 (1601) Flash File With Flash Tool| Download Link

[Download] Mi Flash Pro Tool V3.3.703.67

Hi ! Welcome to the website and here is the another interesting and very useful tutorial for end users as well as for the Mobile Technicians, if the need to flash Mi smartphones and Download EDL Mode or Fastboot ROM and Recovery ROM. Here we are sharing the Mi flash pro tool and you can download it here, as this is the pro tool means Mi Flash Tool Professional which has more features then the normal Mi Flash Tool, So let's download the latest MiFlashPro Tool.

If you don’t know about MiFlashPro software/tool, here’s a short description. This tool will help you to flash and restore your Xiaomi smartphone, you can easily download the required ROM using the software interface, flash from recovery mode without unlocking the bootloader. It will work even if forgot the key lock pattern or fingerprint. In my opinion this is an ultimate tool for flashing and recovering Xiaomi devices.
Mi Flash Pro Tool V3.3.703.67 - Xiaomi Mi Flash Pro Tool 2018

Big thanks to Xiaomi for starting the development on Mi Flash Pro, this is a revolution in modifying, flashing and bootloader unlocking. In addition Mi Flash Pro is a universal tool for both MTK and Qualcomm devices. Comes with inbuilt SP FlashTool and Mi Flash software and In order to use MiFlashPro with it’s full feature you must have Mi account.

Here are some interesting features to pay attention to:
  • Download required firmware ROM right from the MiFlashPro.
  • Recovery mode flashing without unlocking the bootloader.
  • Factory reset from Custom ROMs.
  • Fingerprint reset.
  • Always check software for updates! In the latest 3.3.703.67 version we’ve got support for more Xiaomi devices.
Download Mi Flash Pro 3.3.703.67 (Developed by Xiaomi)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOAD LINKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Qualcomm Drivers | ADB Driver Installer | Download Here

(MTK Driver Auto Installer v5.1453)
MTK Drivers | MTK Driver Auto nstaller | Download Here

Download MiFlashPro Latest Version 2018-2019

MiFlashPro v3.3.703.67 | miflash_pro_en_3.3.703.67_setup.exe

Mi Flash Pro Tool V3.3.703.67 | Download Link 1
Mi Flash Pro Tool V3.3.703.67 | Download Link 2

Android Fastboot Mode !

Like Android Recovery option, Android Fastboot Mode also very useful to do some extra thing with the phone, such as Hard Reset, Read Info, Version Info, FRP Unlock, Erase Persist, Erase Config etc. using Fastboot Command or you can also download the small ADB and Fastboot tool to use this functions.

So here we will discuss about how you can easily boot in to Fastboot Mode on your Android smartphone, and almost all Android devices are have this option but the boot technique is different. The below is the details to boot into bootloader of the Android smartphone and it's supports all version of Android operating system.
Android Fastboot Mode !

Android Fastboot Mode Method 1:

There are various procedure to boot to bootloader, and we will discuss one by one that you can understand it better. Boot into fastboot mode is easy and simple but you need to find the proper boot key of the particular phone. So you can try the following key or button combination to boot into Fastboot Mode.

  • First press Power Button and (after 2 seconds) then Hold Volume Up or Down Key.
  • Now you will find Fastboot Written on the top of the screen
  • And that is the Fastboot Mode
Android Fastboot Mode Method 2:

Not all the smartphones can boot directly to fastboot mode, but there also an option or way through which you can boot the phone to fastboot mode using the Android Recovery Option.

  • Boot the phone to Recovery Mode
  • Now chose the option "Reboot to bootloader"
  • And now the phone will reboot to fastboot mode
You can try the following button combination to boot the phone to Recovery Mode.

1) Hold the Power key and press Volume Up or Volume Down.
2) First hold the Volume up or down key then press power button.
3) Hold both Volume Key and press Power Key.
4) Volume Up + Home Key + Power key

Jio Mobile Mic Solution | Jio LYF LF-2403N Mic Ways

Jio LYF LF-2403N Mic not working and how to repair Jio Mobile phone and here is the Mobile repair solution for Mic not working or Mic track missing or Mic track broken on the JIO LYF LF 2403N. So if the Jio keypad phone Mic is broken and there is no print circuit on the Motherboard and you are searching for Mic track from the component to Mic leg, then here the answer you can easily find the solution for Jio LYF mic ways with HD high quality images with mentioned with missing track.

Please see the below image, you can find your Jio LF 2403N Mic Ways and if the connection to the component is missing then apply jumper and the Mic of the phone will work fine. Check with the multi meter using continuity and find the missing mic track and repair the Mobile hardware with the help of the Mic way diagram on the Jio LYG PCB.
LF-2403N Mic Ways - Jio Keypad Phone Mic Ways - Jio LYF Keypad Phone Mic Solution

So here is the solution for Mic ways, Mic jumper ways, Mic track missing, Mic broken, Mic track on PCB, Mic not working and all the Mic issues on the Jio LYF Keypad phone LF 2403N. Please find the image above and check the mic ways and apply jumper if missing.  

If you are facing to find out the Mic track and do not find the correct Mic connection component on the above image then please click on the below link to open the HD image, through which you can easily find out the track as the PCB diagram is very clear. Thank you visit again.....
Click Here To Open Zoomed Image

Miracle Thunder Edition 2.82 Working Without Box !

Here is the topic about how to use Old miracle box loader with the latest Miracle Thunder Edition 2.82 which can be Work Without Box - So here is the example of Miracle Box Loader V2.58 which Working With miracle thunder edition V2.82. The loader shows v2.58 but it must do more work then the old version, such as after installing the latest miracle setup and run this loader you will find more Qualcomm loader file then the older version had.

So here is the complete procedure, how to use Miracle Thunder Edition without box and dongle and also you will find the video tutorials at the end of this post to proof the whether it's working or not. This has been tested  and working on some VIVO model to unlock or bypass frp, which the old version can not do. So after testing this here uploaded the Miracle Thunder Loader which works on latest Miracle Thunder edition v2.82.
Miracle Thunder Edition 2.82 Working Without Box - Miracle Box Loader V2.58 Working With V2.82

1.Qualcomm Add Auto Identify Loader in Models..
2.Qualcomm Improve QCN + IMEI Write.
3.MTK Add MT6765/6762/6799/6739 new ID Support.
4.MTK Add VIVO Y83 Format/IMEI Support.
5.MTK Improve Read Network Code And Add Direct Unlock in Flash Mode.
6.MTK Improve IMEI Repair For Power On.
7.MTK & Qualcomm Add News Models Select support. 

Download and Enjoy

Miracle Thunder Edition V2.82 Full Setup | Download Link

Miracle Box Thunder Loader | Download Link
(Miracle Box 2.58 Loader)
Password for the zip file is = fctmiracle

Watch the Video Below........

Miracle Thunder Edition 2.82 - Miracle Box Latest Setup

Hi friends here you can download Miracle box latest software setup file for your Miracle Box and Miracle Thunder Dongle. This is the latest release from Miracle Team which Setup_Miracle_Thunder_Edition_2.82 and download it here, direct link given with various mirror download links. 

Miracle Thunder Edition V2.82 is one of the great version which is very useful for Unlock, Flashing, Repair, Format and FRP Reset, so you can use this tool if you have the Miracle Box or Miracle Thunder Dongle.
Miracle Box Thunder Edition 2.82 Setup Download Here

Miracle Box Latest Setup V2.82
Miracle 2.82 Thunder Edition Free Setup download here !  Miracle Thunder Edition 2.82 Splendid Update(17th August 2018)

Millions of Mobile Support
World's Only in Miracle
# Connect Auto CPU
# Connect Model Wise


1.Qualcomm Add Auto Identify Loader in Models..
2.Qualcomm Improve QCN + IMEI Write.
3.MTK Add MT6765/6762/6799/6739 new ID Support.
4.MTK Add VIVO Y83 Format/IMEI Support.
5.MTK Improve Read Network Code And Add Direct Unlock in Flash Mode.
6.MTK Improve IMEI Repair For Power On.
7.MTK & Qualcomm Add News Models Select support.


Miracle Box 2.82 Thunder Edition |Download Link 1
Miracle Box 2.82 Thunder Edition |Download Link 2
Miracle Box 2.82 Thunder Edition |Download Link 3
Miracle Box 2.82 Thunder Edition |Download Link 4  

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