Lenovo K8 Note ( XT1902-3) FRP Unlock Solution Using Free Tool and Fix DL Mode

Lenovo K8 Note ( XT1902-3) FRP Unlock Solution and Fix DL Mode - Use Free Unlock Tool Miracle Box V2.58. Yes here is the procedure, how you can unlock or bypass or remove or reset frp of Lenovo K8 Note XT1902-3 using a Lenovo Free FRP Unlock Tool 2018, which is Miracle Box and it's working without Box, so you can use it free and unlock your Android smartphones. This software can be download from Internet, just search on Google and download the free frp unlock tool or here in this site you can also get the Free Latest version of Miracle Box working without Box, to download from this website, please search "Miracle Box" in the search box and find the download link.

After frp unlock you may face "Tool DL Image Failed" on the Lenovo boot screen and your device may be continuously restarts, and in that case you must need to solve the error Tool DL Images Failed to get back to normal boot up, so here also we provide how you can solve the Tool DL Image Failed using SP Flash Tool (Smartphone Flash Tool) and a small zip file which helps to recover the phone using the file after extracted and Fix DL Mode using SP Flash Tool. So let's start how to solve the both problem one is Lenovo K8 Note FRP Unlock and Lenovo K8 Note Tool DL Image Failed, please go through the below.

Lenovo K8 Note FRP Unlock Solution Using Free Tool:

As it is MediaTek phone you can use any flashing box to unlock frp of the phone, but here we show how to unlock Lenovo FRP using free tool and 100% tested result, which proof the success report of Reset FRP using free tool, MediaTek (MTK) phone can be unlocked by using Miracle Box and here we will show the free procedure and free tool to unlock FRP.

  • Download Free Miracle Box Software (Search This Website and Download)
  • Open the Miracle Box (working without box)
  • Then go to MTK Tab and select "Reset FRP" and click on Start Button.

Why I Need To Unlock FRP Of My Phone?

If you do hard reset or factory reset of any Android smartphone having Android version 5.0 or higher, then in that case you must need the Email ID and password of your Google account to reactivate the phone and make it usable, otherwise you will stuck on the Wi-Fi screen or Enter your Google account details which synced before on that phone page. So what we got that is if we forgot the Gmail Account details or Google Account details, and without remember the id password, if we do a Factory Reset of the phone after switching on if will ask to enter your Email id and password to pass the Google reactivation process. So in that case you must have to do a FRP Bypass to use the phone and here is the complete procedure for you to unlock your phone.

Note: Only follow this tutorial if the phone belongs to you, otherwise do it at your own risk, as this tutorial is purely for Educational and Tutorial purpose.

Lenovo K8 Note Tool DL Image Failed Solution Using Miracle Box:
  • Open Miracle Box and Go to MTK Tab
  • Go to Extra Tab and Select Fix DL Mode and click on Start button
  • Now connect the switch off phone to PC
  • After repair complete the will reboot and you are done
  • Some version of Lenovo K8 note may not be supported with this process and to solve DL image failed please go through the below solution.

Lenovo K8 Note "Tool DL Image Failed" Solution Using SP Flash Tool:
  • Download SP Flash Tool and DL Image Fix File (Link Given Below)
  • Open SP Flash tool and extract the Fix DL Image file
  • Now choose the Android scatter file and go the SP flash tool OPTIONS
  • Then go to Download and select "DA DL All with Checksum" and flash the phone with below file to solve Lenovo DL Image Failed.
Lenovo XT1902-3 Tool DL Image Fail Solved With SP Flash Tool and File Download Link Given Below

LENOVO XT 1902-3 (K8 NOTE) DL Image Fail File Download

File Name: LENOVO XT 1902-3 (K8 NOTE) DL Image Fail.rar
File Size: 130 KB
Download: Click here to Start Download

So in this way you can easily solve the Lenovo K8 Note XT 1902-3 Android smartphone issue, here you will get the download link of all related tool and drivers and free unlock tool for your Lenovo phone also get the "Tool DL Image Failed" repair file to fix the DL mode of the phone.

Get Free Latest Features of Android Operating System On Your Phone

How to Get the Latest Features Of Android Phone?

If you are using any Android smartphone, it may be Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Xperia or any other brand, do you know you can use the latest version of Android operating system on the phone and it's completely free from the respective brand of the phone and you will get it through OTA Over The Air, that means you can get the updates online either using the phone itself or you can download the OTA Update Zip file and flash/Update the phone using Android Recovery Option. But you may ask how to get these updates? you are right you can get this free and it's available online, if the brand of the phone released any Android Operating System updated for your phone, you will get a notification that the phone can update to the latest version of Android OS.

If you need to use these free Android upgrade, then you must need to enable Auto Update in your phone's settings, in case you disabled it, you will no more get the update notification regarding latest Android version until you re-enable it, but there is one more way if you disabled Phone Auto Update then you can check for Android Update manually using Check Update Manually option in the Setting About Phone and then check for an update. In that case if the phone has compatible updates from the brand, then download it and install the updates on the phone.

If you need to Update your Android phone to Android versions 8.0 Oreo for Free, then this topic will help you more regarding that. Not only Android 8.0 Oreo, if your phone is eligible for any other upgrade version of the Android such as Android 7.0 or Android 6.0, also you can get these version for free and no need to go any where, just do it yourself.

How to Update My Phone To Android 8.0 Oreo?

If you have an active Internet connection on your phone then, the phone will automatically check for updates periodically, so you don't need to do anything just install after downloading updates or you can schedule it to install later, so you do not need any tips and tricks to get the latest updated of the Android OS, but to get the updates of Android latest version, your phone manufacturer must have released the update for the phone model you are using. 

Not all the Android phone can get the latest updates, only some of these models can get the latest Android update, which meet the minimum Hardware, Storage and Memory to have that latest Android Operating System. Because for latest Android OS there must be high configuration phone to run the system otherwise it will be hanged or not work, so the manufacturers releases Android updates for those phone which have the latest configuration or must have the minimum configuration required for the update, otherwise they won't provide any updates for the phone you have.

If you do not have Internet connection on your device, then you can use any Internet cafe or any other Internet source to download the update manually and flash/update/download the firmware by using phone flash tool, but for that you must have a Computer and Data Cable and some basic idea about how to flash Android smartphones using free flash tools. This process is not safe for every one as it required basic knowledge to flash a phone, so do not try this without having proper knowledge. Get the List of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROMs for Popular Devices.

Can I Install Custom Android 8.0 OS On My Phone?

Now a days you can get various custom Operating System ROMs or Firmware of latest Android version on the Internet. If you get the custom phone OS download link for your phone's model then you can flash the phone using Android flash tool. As it's custom OS not the official Android version after installing the OS you do not get any other official updates for your phone if releases later. 

Not all the custom Android OS are secure to have on your phone, because some OS are pre-rooted and do not have the latest security patch, and it's only have the custom OS which mixing of some features of latest Android version and themes which looks like latest Android version operating system. So we are not prefer to have Custom OS on your Android smartphone as it is less secure then the officially provides operating system, you can get more knowledge about custom OS by searching on the Internet with the help of Google.


So here we know that, how to update your Android devices to have the latest feature of Android operating system with the latest Android security patch, which makes you device more secure and stable. Always use the official updates or Stock ROMs to flash/update you phone and do not use any custom OS if you are using your phone with various online activities.

Get Free 1 GB Data Daily For One Month On Your Airtel Number

Do you know now Airtel Offers Free 1 GB data/day for one month, yes it's right you can get the offer too, and it's so easy to activate free data on your Airtel mobile by dialing the free data activate number. So now you can enjoy free 1GB data/day for one month without paying a single rupee, please go through the below process to activate free data on your Airtel number.

If you are using Airtel SIM then now you can get Free data for one month and this offer can be used once on Airtel number and if you are a new customer of Airtel then dial the number to activate Free data on your phone and enjoy 1GB/day. You can also try on your old number to activate the free data.
Free 1 GB Data/Day On Your Prepaid Airtel Number
If you have availed this offer once, then you can not activate this again, if you try it again you will receive a Message "Hi there! You have already availed this offer on your Airtel number. Enjoy the free data on India's fastest network. Track the data usage on My Airtel App" or Click on the link given in that SMS.

How To Activate Free Data On Your Airtel Number?
  • It's So Simple
  • Open the Phone's Dial-pad
  • Call the number 51111 from your Airtel Number
  • Now follow the voice instruction to activate the offer  
  • After activate you will receive a Message.

How to Check Your Free Data On The Airtel Number?
  • After activate the free data per day for one month on your Airtel Number.
  • You can log on to the My Airtel App to check the data balance and validity.
  • Or if you do not have My Airtel App then click on the message you have revived and you get an link to check the balance.
Is This Offer For New Customers Only?

This is a promo offer for all Airtel customers, and/or specially works on some specific Airtel number or on the new connection. We have tried it on 3 months old SIM and we get the free Data on that. So as it's free you can try on your Airtel Number, just dial the number 51111 and follow the voice instruction.

How to Make Your Airtel Unlimited Tariff Recharge Free

How to make your Airtel Unlimited Tariff recharge free? yes it's right now you can make a free recharge of your Airtel Mobile Number and that must be the unlimited plan. Just have the patience and read the full topic and we will show you how to make your recharge amount free with 100% cashback on your recharge. Let's have a basic idea, why we called it's free and the answer is, if you recharge with any unlimited packs (minimum Rs. 399) on your Airtel mobile using the My Airtel Android application, for example if you recharge with Rs. 399 then you will get instant cashback of Rs. 400 as gift Coupons, each Rs. 50, which can be used on recharging of any other Airtel number and the minimum the recharge amount must the Rs. 399.

So let's know the complete process to get the 100% cashback offer from Airtel, first thing you must have an Android smartphone with My Airtel application installed, and Internet connection required to use the application for recharging the unlimited pack using and one more thing you must have the recharge amount on your My Airtel Account. Now recharge an Airtel number with Rs.399 and you will receive discount coupons of Rs. 400 each value Rs. 50.
How to Make Your Airtel Unlimited Pack Recharge Free

How to Get Rs. 400 Cashback On Your Airtel Recharge?
  • Recharge with Rs. 399 Unlimited pack using the My Airtel App
  • You will get Rs. 400 cashback on your My Airtel Account as Gift Discount Coupons.
  • You will receive total 8 Coupons or Rs. 50 Each.
  • When you recharge other Airtel Number with Minimum Rs. 399 you can use only one Coupon at once.
  • Like that you can recharge 8 different Airtel number to get the Rs. 400 cash back.

Why We Called It's Free?

This is free, because after recharge you will get cashback of Rs. 400, just use the 8 coupons to recharge other Airtel number, you complete the 100% cashback offer from Airtel. If you have friends or relatives with Airtel Mobile number then you can easily get your cashback very fast. So why are you waiting for just recharge today to get 100% cashback on your Airtel Mobile and follow the above process to complete 100% cashback process from Airtel and enjoy your subscription for Unlimited call and Internet free with Rs. 399 unlimited tariff.

If you are eligible to get the offer then you will received a message after recharge of the unlimited pack, saying that "Congratulations! You have unlocked 100% cashback with 8 coupons of Rs. 50 each. Use these coupons on next recharges with My Airtel App".

How To Check The Cashback Coupons?

To check your cashback gift coupons after recharging the unlimited pack of Rs. 399, open your My Airtel app and scroll down a little bit and you will get an option My Coupons where you will get the full details of the Gift Coupons and you will also know the valid period of these coupons, Remaining Coupons and the recharge amount and the maximum discount amount.

How to Use Airtel Gift Coupons?

Once you receive the Gift Coupons from Airtel, then you can use these coupons on recharging of other Airtel numbers and you can use only one coupon for one recharge and the minimum recharge amount must be Unlimited pack of Rs. 399/-. This is so easy to use the Airtel Gift Coupons, just open the My Airtel application and then enter the Airtel Number and proceed to make payment, and there you will see the net amount to paid by you after automatically using the Airtel Gift Coupon of Rs. 50/-, for example if you choose the Rs. 399/- plan then after discount you need to pay Rs. 349/- and you will have the same tariff of Rs. 399, which is the unlimited pack from Airtel.

So enjoy the new exciting offer from Airtel, which is 100% cashback on your unlimited pack recharge and can the cashback gift coupons can be used on any other Airtel number recharge with the unlimited pack of minimum Rs. 399.

Download Miracle FRP Tool 1.07 Free Full Setup File

Miracle FRP Tool 1.07 released new update on 1st July 2018, here you can direct download all updates for Miracle FRP Tool for free and high speed download links are available here. As you know Miracle has released Miracle FRP Tool or Miracle Factory Reset Tool and using this tool you can remove frp lock of all most all Android smartphones and it supports Qualcomm FRP Reset, Spreadtrum FRP Reset, MediaTek FRP Reset and Others FRP Reset. This tool also has a different version for Motorola FRP Reset called Miracle Moto FRP Tool.

If you have Miracle Box, then upgrade to Miracle FRP Tool using dongle and buy it from the authorized dealers. The tool has all the new features and can be unlock frp on any device with latest Android security patch updated. So if you want to download the Miracle FRP Tool, then please download it from links given below.


More then Millions Mobile Supported
Version 1.07

Miracle Eagle / Miracle Box, Please Buy Miracle FRP PACK (4in1)

# FREE Miracle eMMC Tool with Miracle FRP Tool Pack
# FREE Miracle Moto Tool with Miracle FRP Tool Pack
# FREE Miracle VIVO Tool with Miracle FRP Tool Pack

  • Spreadtrum Mobile
  • MediaTek Mobile
  • Qualcomm Mobile
  • MTK Universal = More then anyone
  • Qualcomm Universal = More then anyone
  • Universal Method = More Then Millions
  • Samsung 4 Different Methods for FRP Removal
Method Supported
  • ADB Mode
  • Fastboot Mode
  • EDL Mode
  • Diag Mode
  • Download Mode
  • Factory Mode
  • Universal Fastboot Mode
  • Universal ADB Mode
  • TWRP
Reboot Tool
  • Reboot Fastboot to Edl
  • Reboot Fastboot to Normal
  • Reboot Adb to Bootloader/FastBoot
  • Reboot Adb to Download
  • Reboot Adb to Edl
  • Reboot Ftm to Edl
  • Reboot Adb to Recovery
Miracle FRP Tool V1.07 Free Downloads 

Miracle FRP Tool V1.07 | Download Link 1
Miracle FRP Tool v1.07 | Download Link 2

Download Miracle FRP Tool 1.07 2018 from the above link, and use for Factory Reset Protection bypass/remove/reset/unlock, do it on any Android smartphones which supports Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum FRP Unlock.

Get All MTK Phone FRP Unlock Soluitons Here

Get MediaTek Chipset MTK frp unlock solution here, if you are facing any problem to bypass MTK frp lock then please ask through comments with phone's model number and Android version with MediaTek chipset number MTXXXX and we will provide free solution for all MediaTek Android smartphones bypass or unlock or remove Factory Reset Protection lock on the phone.

This website is providing all in one solution for Android smartphone's firmware, hardware and other related issues along with this, you can get Stock Market News, Stock Market Tips and Tricks, Windows related issues and solutions, Blogger Tips and Tricks, Website and YouTube Monetization tips and tricks and Technical News, with all Beginner Tutorials and Video Tutorials etc. and many more tech news and solutions. Today we will know how to solve MediaTek chipset frp unlock process using free MTK frp unlock tool 2018 download. You can use free MTK frp unlock tool download link here which is working without using the hardware flashing box.

MTK CPU Models:
  • MediaTek MTK MT6223 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6225 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6229 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6230 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6250 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6252 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6260 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6516 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6276/MT6513/MT6573 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6575/MT6575M FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6517/MT6517T/MT6570/MT6571/MT6572/MT6572A/MT6572M/MT6577/MT6577T/MT6580/ MT6582/MT6582M/MT6588/MT6589/MT6588/MT6589M/MT6589X FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6591/MT6592/MT6592M/MT6595/MT6595M/MT6595X FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6732/MT6735/MT6737T/MT6738 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6572/MT6753/MT6750/MT6750T/MT6795/MT6755/MT6757/MT6757DT/MT6762 FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.
  • MediaTek MTK MT6797/MT6797X FRP Unlock/Password Unlock/Read Pattern/Format/Write Flash/Fix Unknown Baseband Solution.

MTK FREE FRP Bypass Tool Download:

Here you can download MediaTek MTK Free FRP bypass/unlock tool, the tool name is Miracle Box v2.54 and it's working without box and you can use the tool for free, just download the tool from the below link, extract it and open Miracle box Windows application and enjoy.


Miracle Box Latest Version Software Working Without Box | Download Link

How To Use MTK FRP Unlock Tool?
  • Download the MediaTek FRP Unlock Tool from the above link
  • Open the FRP bypass tool
  • Go to MTK Tab and select Auto Boot (for some models you need to choose the particular boot) 
  • Now select Reset FRP  and click on Start button.
  • Then connect the switched off phone to PC and Install MTK USB driver.
  • After FRP Reset done, switch on the phone manually and it will take 5 to 10 minutes to switch on the phone please wait and have patience.
  • Sometimes you need to do Hard Reset after FRP Reset.
MTK USB Driver Download Here | Free Download Link
Miracle Box FRP Unlock Success Report | Know All Successfully MTK FRP Reset Done With Miracle Box
Know All Mobile Phone FRP Unlock or Reset FRP Lock Free Here
Oppo All Model FRP Unlock Solution and Success Reports.
Android 7.0 FRP Bypass and Unlock Success Reports Here

Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 FREE FRP Unlock Tool and Bypass Procedure

Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 Absolutely FREE FRP Bypass Process Using Free SPD FRP Unlock Tool 2018. Here you will get the free solution for FRP Unlock using Free Spreadtrum SPD frp reset tool 2018, please follow the below steps carefully to unlock your Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 operating system. Intex free frp unlock tool 2018 download link given below and follow the frp unlock procedure here.

Here you will get, Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 FRP Tool download, Intex Aqua S3 How To Unlock FRP Procedure and free frp bypass tool download link given in this article below.
Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 FREE FRP Bypass Process and Tool

Intex Aqua S3 FRP Unlock Tool 2018:

As the Intex Aqua S3 has SPD (Spreadtrum) CPU or Chip-set, you can use a small and tiny Windows application  to unlock Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on the Intex SPD phones. This tool is completely free for everyone download and enjoy free frp unlocking software. This tool is working in fastboot mode so you may need to install ADB and Fastboot driver for Intex Aqua S3 Android smartphone. To download Intex Aqua S3 USB driver search this website using the search box on the right side panel.

How To Use Intex Aqua S3 FRP Unlock Tool?

Download the free frp unlock tool from the link given below, no need to install just extract the zip file and execute the .exe file and you need to choose the SPD FRP Unlock and then put the phone into fastboot mode and enter the number 9 To remove Spd Frp and press Enter and then the phone will reboot and you are done.

Intex Aqua S3 Free FRP Unlock Procedure:
  • Download Intex FRP Unlock Tool (Link Given Below)
  • Open the frp removal tool or reset tool.
  • Now put the phone into Fastboot Mode.
  • Then enter number 9 and then press Enter Key.

Intex FRP Unlock Tool 2018 Download | Download Link Here

Intex Aqua S3 FRP Bypass Video Tutorial

Watch the Video Tutorial to Know How to Bypass/remove/unlock FRP of Intex Aqua S3 | Watch on YouTube

This is the final and tested way to unlock frp of Intex Aqua S3 Android 7.0 smartphone runs on Spreadtrum chipset, follow the above steps carefully and unlock frp for free, no paid tool and no flashing box required to unlock frp.

Top and Best Stock Brokers in India

Hi friends, today we will discuss about Top and Best Stock Brokers in India. Here you will know the best stock brokers according to the brokerage charge, which helps you to choose the right Stock Broker to trade in Share Market Online. Now a days everybody want to invest in share market and income profit from it, for this you need to choose best and cheapest Broker which takes low brokerage charges.

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Top and Best Indian Stock Broking Companies

What is top and best stock brokers in India and how to choose the best one? 

That means you must choose the stock broker for online stock trading which offers lowest and cheapest brokerage rates and offer option trading, commodity brokerage, futures trading and also offer brokerage-free equity investments, retails and institutional broking, currencies and mutual funds etc. The stock financial service company must be member of NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and MCX-SX or MSE (Metropolitan Stock Exchange) and also the stock broker must be provided good and quality service to it's account holders.

Although all the stock broking companies are best as per their service provided,  and it's difficult to mention all the stock broking company here, so we are giving some of these companies which give lowest brokerage rates to it's online trading account holders. This is our own analysis of the stock broking companies and we are not promoting any stock broking companies here. This article is only to get some basic idea to choose best stock brokers in India and we are requested to choose the best one after verifying these features with respective executive or by visiting the stock broking websites.

Top and Best Stock Brokers in India:

1) Zerodha
2) Angel Broking
3) Kotak Securities
4) Sharekhan
5) 5 Paisa
6) Motilal Oswal


Zerodha is one of the best discount broker in India, which offers the lowest and cheapest brokerage rated in the online stock trading in India. Zerodha is a zero brokerage firm and an Indian financial service company that offers very low brokerage on equity investments, retail and institutional broking, currencies and commodities trading and also it has mutual funds.

If you look at the Discount broking model of Zerodha, then it charges 0.01% or Rs. 20 which ever is lower on Equity Intraday trades squared on your own, otherwise for auto square off zerodha charges Rs. 23 per trades. For futures 0.01% or Rs. 20 which ever is lower and for Options Flat Rs. 20 per executed order as per the website information. For more information you can visit the Zerodha Official website.

Zerodha has various platform and products for the users, such as Kite Web, Kite Application for Mobile, Kite Connect, Coin Web and Mobile Application etc. The best part of Zerodha is it has Online Zerodha Brokerage Calculator, where you can know the brokerage charges and all other taxes for your trade amount and find the Net Profit details instantly. The Zerodha Online Stock Brokerage Calculator available for Equities F&O which includes Intraday Equity, Delivery Equity, F&O Futures and F&O Options and it also offers to know the Brokerage charges for Currency and Commodities.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking offers Online share trading in India by opening Demat Account online. This is also a leasing brokerage firm in India and get the live updated on stock prices, news and market research reports. Angel Broking is an Indian Stock Broking firm established in 1987. The company is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited. Angel Broking also has various products such as Angel Eye, Angel Speed Pro, Angel Trade etc for Online stock trading. It also has Angel Broking App for Mobile and it offers flash 20% discount on brokerage and Angel Broking offers to be a sub broker.

The Angel Broking website has Knowledge Center section from which you can learn  about Demat Account, Trading Account, Online Share Trading, Intraday Trading, Share Market and IPO etc. It also provide Angel Broking Welcome offer of opening a Demat and Trading Account. For more information please visit the Angel Broking Official website.

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities Limited online trading also offers to Trade online in Share Market. According to the website not it offers Free Intraday Trading to open an account with Kotak Securities visit www.koataksecurities.com and register their. For other brokerage charges you can visit the above official site of Kotak Securities Ltd.

Benefits of Free Intraday Trading:
  • Zero Account Opening Charges
  • Instant Account Opening
  • Multiple Online Platforms
    Annual subscription fees of just Rs. 999
  • Low Brokerage on Delivery Trades
Trading Platforms:
  • Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App.
  • KEAT Pro X: A trading platform designed with smart features for a faster trading experience.
  • Trade Smart Terminal: A web based terminal loaded with portfolio analytics, market data, watch list etc.
  • Kotak Securities Website: Visit the Trade website and lot in to trade.
Enjoy Free Intraday Trading:

It offers brokerage free intraday trading on the online platforms for Cash, Futures and Options (excluding Currency) and the mentioned that now you can do unlimited intraday trading without the hassle of paying brokerage.


If you are thinking to invest in shares, then Sharekhan also offers to Open Demat Account and start stock trading online. Sharekhan Corporation is founded in 2005 and headquarters situated at Mumbai, India. On their website you can get the Educational Stock market Tutorials about share trading and all other related tutorials, get the market research reports, you can get more details on the official Sharekhan webstite.

5 Paisa

5Paisa Capital Ltd, is also an Indian Stock broker which offers discount broker with lowest price. 5Paise Capital limited also trading on NSE in the name of 5PAISA and founded in 2007. Open account online with 5 paisa and use the Free Mobile app and desktop platform to trade in stock market. On their website you can get "5paisa Exclusive Money Making Ideas" with 5 Multi Bagger Stocks, 5 Intraday Ideas, 5 Mutual Funds and 5 Short Term Trades. https://www.5paisa.com

Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswan is an Indian Businessman, He is the chairman and managing director of Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. You can open free Demat account online free with Motilal Oswal website. According to it they have 30 years of wealth creation experience, Wide range of customized investment solutions, Award wining research and advice, Multi asset trading across multiple platforms and Dedicated Call and Trade Assistance etc. They have two different app one is MO INVESTOR APP AND MO TRADER APP, it also has it's own share trading on stock market MOTILALOFS - https://www.motilaloswal.com/