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  • In this website you will able to know the specification, features and price of Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Cars, Bikes,  Software features etc. How to use the software or applications on your Mobile Phone or Computer and about many more Technical Products.

  • You can learn basic computer knowledge and also Windows related tricks and tips (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP) in this site.

  • Computer basic tutorials are written by me to have a little bit idea about Computer, Software or application etc. which is not the complete tutorial.

  • Please read the full tutorial and tricks, what you are looking for before going to apply it. If you do not know how to use or apply those Computer tricks then don't use these tricks. Use at your own risk.

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  • All the prices, specifications and features of mobile phone or computers etc. given in this website are collected at the time of Published date, the current market price may differ.

  • Some of the product price are collected from online stores and some from local retailer shop, from a particular place, in your location the price may differ.

  • The prices, specifications and features of mobile phone and computer etc. can be changed by the respective owner/company of the product without any notice.

  •  The price, specifications and features are given to get a basic idea about the product and the same can be changed.

  • The use and details of software/application is based on a particular version and what I know about that. If the version is different then the process to use of the software may be different.

  • Most of the windows tutorial, tips and tricks are tested but some of these are given for the possible solution of the problem.  
  • You can ask your Mobile, Computer and Laptop problems through the comments, for which I will try to solve these problems and publish a new topic about it, if I know.
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