Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Startup Your Windows Computer Faster - Disable Unnecessary Startup Items

Are you facing slow start up on you PC? do not worry this topic will help you out regarding the slow start up on Windows Operating System it may Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows 10. When your start up programs is more, then your PC getting slow in start up process, that means your Computer or Laptop takes long time to switch ON or to see the Desktop. The more start up program will also consume RAM which makes the PC run slowly.

Startup Programs in Windows:
What is the meaning of startup programs in PC and how they come? here we will tell you some basic ideas about startup programs on a PC. When you install some application or software on a PC, it puts some registry entry to run a part of the application when the Computer starts, which helps the application to run quickly. but in other case it's takes more RAM which slow down the PC.

Disable Unnecessary Startups on Computer:

You can disable these startup items by using the following process or you can easily do it by using any third party software.

You can use CCleaner to remove temporary files and to disable startups on Windows PC. 

1- Go to Start menu then click on Run or press windows key + R in the keyboard.
Open Run Dialog box and msconfig and press Enter
2- Type "msconfig" without the quot press enter.
How to Disable Windows Startup Programs - Disable unnecessary Startups to speed up your PC
3- In the system configuration go to Startup  then uncheck all unnecessary items but remember except Antivirus program click on OK 

4- You will ask to Restart the Computer click on Restart
System configuration for disabling startup software - Restart the Computer to apply changes
5- After restart you will see the below screen.
System configuration Utility - You have make changes to the way Windows starts
6- Just click on"Don't show this message or launch the system configuration utility when windows start then click on OK. 

That's all now you will start your computer never before. Fast startup speed up your computer & it will work better. In this way you can speed up your Windows computer, just disable the startup software or applications on your Computer and it will work better. This trick is very useful if you have a old Windows computer with low RAM and if you have not disable unnecessary items in the PC it work slow and it will hang again and again. If you are using Antivirus program on your Windows computer then do not disable it on startup program, except that you can disable all other programs.

Today's Tip: 
If you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10 You can take screenshots using the "Snipping Tool". This is the Windows inbuilt program with various features such as you take a screenshot of particular Window "Window Snip" or "Free-Form Snip" or "Rectangular Snip" or "Full-Screen Snip". To Use this application Please Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - Snipping Tool.

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