Saturday, November 12, 2011

Google Chrome Automatically Downloads Pages Instead Of Opening

Google Chrome Automatically downloads pages while you putting the web address in the address bar.Today i faced the problem with Google Chrome. When I tried to open, Google chrome did not open the web page. I Confused, while all other sites are opening and working fine, why Yahoo is not opening, but when i checked the status bar of Google Chrome it was downloading the page.

First thing is what Changes I have made to my PC, only Installed Internet Download Manager, So I got the point it's all about IDM, because before that it was working fine.Then what I did, just Disintegrate Google Chrome from IDM. Now it's working fine for Me.
Google Chrome Automatically Downloads Pages Instead Of Opening - Solution Here

Why This Problem Comes?

This problem or error comes due to outdated Internet download manager installed on your Windows computer or there is wrong configuration with the Internet Download Manager (IDM). This is a common issue and you can easily solve this problem on your Computer, to fix this Windows error please follow the below steps.

If you have the same problem then follow the steps below to Disintegrate Google Chrome with IDM.

  • Open Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  • Go To Downloads Menu and Click on Options.
  • Under General tab find "Capture downloads from the following browsers" just Uncheck Google Chrome from it and click OK.
  • Now your problem is solved, to confirm open Google Chrome and check.
So finally with this way you can solve automatically downloading of web page instead of open it on your Google Chrome browser. Here you will find the solution for wrong integration of add-ons in your browser and this is an example of Google Chrome to configure add-ons correctly.

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