Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Hard Reset Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 Android

Before reset the Samsung I5500, Copy all your necessary data, Contacts, Messages etc. otherwise your Data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost. If possible back-up the Data to your computer using Samsung KIES. If your Mobile freezes or hangs then just reset the Mobile to function properly. To reset follow the below instruction.

There are so many Android phones, which can be hard reset or you can wipe data/factory reset or wipe cache partition using the recovery mode and it's easy to do. So what the method is? if you are beginner or a good learner, there her is answer for it, you can hard reset all brand Android smartphones using it's buttons, it may be Volume Up, Volume Down, Home, Camera button or any other physical buttons that the phone has, some times soft keys or soft button of the phone also being used for unlocking a Smartphone.
How to hard reset, pattern unlock and password unlock Samsung i5500 Galaxy 5 Android

Samsung I5500 Galaxy Android Mobile Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset Process:

  • Settings ->Privacy ->Factory data reset ->Reset phone->Erase everything
    Enter *2767*3855# (Type in Dial-pad)
  • When the device is turned off, Press and hold VOLUME UP + DOWN + POWER ON the phone.
  • When an exclamation mark appears then select HOME key.
  • (Note: The Mobile should be Charged at-least 30%)

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