Saturday, December 24, 2011

Face Recognition Login on your Pc or Laptop

Have you ever think, you can login to your computer with your face? yes you can by using face recognition software which help you to lock and login to your computer. Blink from Luxand is a Free software which would just scan your face and log you in to Windows. The software uses your webcam to read a face, match it with the user account and log in the right account.

Luxand Blink Pro Face login on your PC and Laptops

Advanced bio-metric identification algorithms used in Blink! enable it to adjust to changes in your personal appearance. Grow a beard or mustache, or shave it off. Use makeup or dye your hair. Wear or remove glasses or contact lenses - Blink! will recognize your and let you login to your PC.

Blink works with Windows Vista and 7 only. It also needs a PC-cam or webcam to work.

Remember you should have a password for that user account otherwise it will not work, when setup the luxand blink give your windows account password. For other help you can check the product website

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