Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Use HJsplit to Split and Join Files : Free File Splitter and Joiner

HJsplit is a freeware file splitter which support not only Windows but Linux, Mac and other Platforms also. So why we need HJ-split, to split a large file and recombine it. It's useful while you sending large file on Internet , just make the file into pieces and send it, because it's always easy to send small file than a large one. After downloading the spitted file you can join it by using the Hj-split also, So I thing it's very useful software which is free and less than 200 KB.

Hjsplit help to backup large files on to a CD or DVD, for example you have file with 10 GB capacity and want to burn in DVD then just make the large file into smaller parts then write it on the DVD, and it's very useful while you taking online backup.

Download HJsplit from hjsplit.org or search Google for hjsplit.

How to Split and Join the File using HJ-split:-

  • No need to install the file after downloading just Open HJsplit
  • Click on Split button 
  • Click Input File ( The file you want to Split)
  • Output File let it be default or you can change the destination of split files
  • Then give split file size in Kb or Mb
  • Click Start
  • Then you will get a message Spiltting Completed Hit Ok

Now you can see your file is split, the file name and with extension of  .001, .002, .003 and so on

If you want join the file just open HJsplit then click on Join the select the file which having .001 then click Start, now you will get back the split files in to a single file again.

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