Saturday, December 29, 2012

Box_AUTH_ERROR: 20 : Sarasoft UFS HWK Box Auth Error 20_Solved

While you open your DCTxBB5 TOOLS HWK SARASSOFT and trying to connect to flash mobiles, sometime the below error massage will show.

Error Log will be like this
UFxBoot V2.2 (c) SarasSoft 2003. Id: 62 CF 1 10
UFS_USB V2.8 (c) SarasSoft 2007. S/n: 95063
HID: 9DDBD7EA4260002E
HWK: A1.04-PRO1
Features: 00000001
Licence : True
LogFile: .\_!_LOG\95063_12292012_94650_LOG.txt

and saying that, Unexpected Exception: Box_AUTH_ERROR: 20
But you can solve it yourself by following the below steps. For this we need UFS REPAIR TOOL which can download by searching in Google and the software is about 6.96MB in size.
UFS Repair Tool
  1. Open UFS REPAIR TOOL click on Enter
  2. Click on REQ FBI and Drag the Req.fbi to Desktop
  3. Now open HWK Update Client click on Next and wait for few seconds if you get any error just click OK
  4. Click on Update UFS Firmware you will get an information "Are you sure to upgrade firmware ? will loose box Registration Data" Click Yes
  5. Browse for Req.fbi which we draged to Desktop select the Req.fbi and click on open
  6. After a few seconds you will get log massage "Request file generated:95063.req the file will be in the HWK Update Client folder (Program Files - SarasSoft - Update Client)
  7. Again go back to UFS REPAIR TOOL and Click on "Twister Activator & Req 2 Fbi" Twister Activator will open
  8. Click on "Convert REQ to FBI" then open your 95063.req file thats all now you have the 00095063.fbi in your Update client folder
  9. Now close the Update Client if Open
  10. Click on Update UFS Firmware 
  11. Browse and Open your 00095063.fbi ( if your are not getting the file, just change the file type in "Files of Type box"
  12. If you get any error massage then wait and try again

Now open the DCTxBB5 TOOLS HWK SARASOFT, click on Connect it will work fine.

Note: the fbi and req may different as per the serial No. of the UFS Box

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