Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FireFox Browser Integration of IDM Add-ons

If your IDM Internet Download Manager not working, means it’s not showing the downloading option on YouTube or while you click on any link it not download with IDM or when you right click on any web page it not showing the options “Download with IDM” “Download all links with IDM” etc. That means your IDM Add-ons is not working on FireFox or it may be disabled. So first check your FireFox  Add-ons whether it’s Enable or Disable, if Enable Option is there then Enable it and Restart the Browser and now you will be download with IDM but if the Enable Option is not there, Only remove option is showing that means your FireFox is not supporting the IDM Add-ons.

There are two methods one is to update the Internet Download Manager, if you don’t want to update then just download and Install IDM Extension for FireFox. To Install the IDM Extension or Add-on for FireFox follow these steps below, the extension called “idmmzcc.xpi”.

IDM add-ons not enabled in FireFox

To open Add-ons window Click on Tools --> Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A)

To download IDM Extension Search Google for “idmmzcc.xpi” or go to and Click on “Install” then save the File.

After complete the download open idmmzcc.xpi --> Select a program from a list of installed programs then chose FireFox Click OK

Then Software Installation window will open just click on Install Now and restart the FireFox that’s all now you can use IDM for downloading.

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