Thursday, December 27, 2012

How To Show Adsense Ads Between Post - Blogger

Here I am going to explain that, how to show Google’s Adsense ads directly after the content of each post or in between posts, which can only show after a complete post, which means that they will be pushed back to the very end on single-post pages. 

So here is the procedure
Adsense ads between posts

  1. At first you must be signed up for Adsense or you should have an approved adsense account
  2. Go to blogger and choose the blog you want to show ads in between posts
  3. Then click on Layout - Blog Posts - Click on Edit, one pop up window will open called Configure Blog Posts
  4. Scroll down you will get an option "Show Ads Between Posts just click the check box
  5. Choose the Ad Format i.e. 250x250 Square
  6. That's it now the adsense will show ads in between posts and below comments of the single post
Note: Google will show not more than 3 ads on each page which includes ads in the sidebars. So, if you have 3 ads in the sidebars and end of the blog, then no ads will appear between posts.

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