Pen Drive Price list - Pen Drive Price in India

The most recent price list of Moserbaer, Sandisk, transcend, Kingston and Sony pen drives.

Moserbaer Pen Drive Price in India

Moserbaer 4GB Swivel Pen Drive Price Rs.230/-
Moserbaer USB Drive 8GB Swivel Price Rs.320/-
Moserbaer Knight 16GB Pen Drive Price Rs.520/-
Moserbaer Knight 32GB Pen Drive Price Rs.1025/-
Moserbaer Racer 64GB Pen Drive Price Rs.2099/-

SandDisk Pen Drive Price In India

Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4Gb Pen Drive Price Rs.220/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8Gb White Pen Drive Price Rs.310/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade Pen Drive 16GB Price Rs.535/-
Sandisk Cruzer Blade 32Gb Pen Drive Price Rs.1080/-
SanDisk Cruzer Retail 64GB Pen Drive price Rs.1999/-

Transcend Pen Drive Price in India

Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 4GB Price Rs.230/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 8GB Price Rs.330/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 16GB Price Rs.575/-
Transcend Jet Flash 350 Pen Drive 32GB Price Rs.1160/-
Transcend Jet Flash 500 Pen Drive 64GB Price Rs.2410/-

Kingston Pen Drive Price in India

Kingston Data Traveler 109 4GB Pen Drive Price Rs.249/-
Kingston Data Traveler 8GB SE9 Pen Drive Price Rs.379/-
Kingston Data Traveler 16GB SE9 Pen Drive Price Rs.600/-

Sony Pen Drive Price in India

Sony Micro Vault Classic 4GB price Rs.250/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 8GB price Rs.365/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 16GB price Rs.640/-
Sony Micro Vault Classic 32GB Pen Drive price Rs.1289/-

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