Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Download Videos, Songs, Photos to Your Nokia Lumia 610

      If you have Nokia Lumia Windows phone and bothering about how to add songs or download videos, Mp3s and photos to your Nokia Lumia phone then here is the step by step way to do it. Here is the example of Nokia Lumia 610 but the process is same for all Nokia Lumia Phone having Windows Operating System. This tutorial helps to find the best way to download songs to your Nokia Lumia 610. For this you need Zune Software, which is available on Microsoft website and it's free. 

1) Download Zune software, Zune Software 4.8 the software is for PC, name ZunePackage.exe and size 270.5 MB. To Download Click Here.

2) Install the Zune Software and Connect the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.

3) Open Zune, which is on the Desktop you will get a window like below screen shot then click on "Go to your Collection" see the below screen shot.

Zune Figure 1
4) First drag mp3 songs from your computer to 'Albums by date added' column, then drag to the phone icon on the end left corner, to sync with Nokia lumia 610. see Figure 2 screen shot.

Zune Figure 2
5)  For Videos,  Click on VIDEOS, then  Drag videos from computer to "video by date added" column,  then drag to phone to sync.

Zune Figure 3
 6) Click on the phone icon (down left corner of Zune window) to see the sync status, it will show the item added to the phone and free memory etc.

Zune Figure 4
That's all after syncing completed just disconnect the phone, and now you will have songs, videos etc. on the Nokia Lumia phone, that you have downloaded, enjoy the music on Lumia.

Regarding the error while connect the Nokia lumia 510

You have already installed Zune software on the computer, but while connect the Nokia lumia 510 or Nokia lumia 610 or any other lumia phone, it will ask again to download and install the zune setup, do not worry about that just follow the below process to solve this problem. 

       If you are getting any error message while connect the Nokia lumia 510 or 610, Like this 'to connect your phone download Zune setup' then just cancel it and go to device manager, you will see a device driver is not successfully installed, a yellow mark with the device. So just right click on the device and click on Update Driver and select 'install the software automatically' Click Next, wait for few seconds the driver will automatically install for you.

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