Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Set Up Bsnl Broadband With AN1020-20 Modem

How to Set Up Bsnl Broadband With AN1020-20 Modem - How To Configure BSNL AN1020-20 Modem?

Here I am going to show, how to configure AN1020-20 Bsnl modem to get internet. If you take a new BSNL Broadband connection with the modem and if it's not configured then this tutorial helps you to configure the AN1020-20 modem yourself.

To configure BSNL AN1020-20 Modem Follow the Steps below :

1) Open the Web browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and type in address bar then press ENTER, it will ask to enter User Name and Password, type admin and admin for both User Name and Password Click OK, Now you are inside the modem page where the configuration can be done .

Note: The default IP address of the Modem is and to log on both user name & password is admin but not all the modems has the same, it may be different.

2) Click on Configuration -----> Internet Connection form the right side panel, by default there will be many internet connections. So delete all the connections first, to delete click on select all check box then click on delete all button.

3) Click on Add Button to configure the connection.

4) Configure ATM PVC, Please enter VPI and VCI numbers for the Internet connection which is provided by your ISP. Configure as the below screen shot and Click Next.

Configure ATM PVC

5) Configure connection Type, Select Protocol: PPP Over Internet (PPPoE) Encapsulation Type: LLC/SNAP click Next.

6) Configure WAN IP Settings, Let it be default Click Next.

7) Configure Broadband User Name and Password, enter here the service name : dataone,Your Broadband User name and password provided by the ISP BSNL.

Configure Broadband User Name and Password
8) Summary, Make sure that the settings below match the settings provided by your ISP then click Apply.

9) Now Click on Admin ------> Reboot on right panel and make sure that the Reboot From : Last should be selected then click Reboot button. It will take up to 2 minutes to reboot.

Now you have done the configurations of the modem, just go to the browser and type any web address to surf.

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