Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How To Share A Printer Over LAN - Windows XP

You may know about printer sharing, if not then here is the topic about printer sharing. So first you should know What is printer sharing ? That means use one printer in multiple computers on the network. For example you installed a printer in one computer after sharing the printer you can access this printer in any other computer on the network to give prints.
Share A Printer Over LAN
Suppose you have 4 computers and the names are Office1, PC1, PC2 and PC3. You have installed a printer (i.e HP Laser Jet P1007) on Office1 computer and you want to share it to use in other three computers.


  1. The 4 computers should have networking using a Ethernet switch to communicate each other .
  2. Go to the Office1 PC, on which you have installed a printer, Click on Start go to Control Panel, double click on "Printers and Faxes" Now you can see the printers you have installed.
  3. Right click on the printer you want to share, here HP laser jet P1007 then click on Sharing.
  4. You will see two options, Do not share this printer and Share this printer, Click on Share this printer then Click Apply then OK.
  5. Now go to PC1 Click Start ---> Run or Press Windows Key + R to open RUN dialog box, type the computer name followed by backward slash for you its \\office1 and press ENTER.
  6. The shared resource of office1 computer will appear, Double click on the printer (HP Laser Jet), now you will get a message (See below screen shot Figure 1) Click Yes and wait for few seconds.
Figure 1
That's all now you can use the printer on PC1, for PC2 and PC3 repeat the step 5 and 6.

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