Monday, January 14, 2013

Introduction To Computer Language - Computer Basic Tutorials

     Language means the communication. A programmer makes use of computer language to communicate with the computer. Computer language divided into 3 types.

1) MLL - Machine Level Language
2) ALL - Assembly Level Languag
3) HLL - High Level Language

Computer Language Computer Basic Tutorials

1) MLL (Machine Level Language) :
         The computer can understand only one language called MLL. In this language all the instructions are coded into '0' and '1'. It is not easy for a programmer, only expert programmer are create programs using  this language. A program that creates in a computer using MLL can't execute in another computer. It is difficult to modify, but one advantage of this language is, it executes very first than other language because it directly related with machine. 

2) ALL (Assembly Level Language) :
         To avoid difficulty using MLL a new symbolic language was developed called ALL Assembly Level Language. In this language one symbol dows one task, like "add" means add tow number. It is also difficult to a programmer and take long time to create a program.

3) HLL (High Level Language) :
         The HLL High Level Language brought a revolution in the fields of computer. The instructions written in HLL are in ordinary English statement, which is very easy to understand. A program that creates in one computer using High Level Language can execute in any computer, with simple modification or not. Today all the language that are use in computer are HLL.

Example : octal, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, C, C++, Java, Pascal etc.

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