Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Introduction To Computer

What is computer :
         Computer is an electronics device, which accepts raw data stores it in the memory and after processing give the result as the out put. Computers are use to perform a wide variety of activities with reliability, accuracy and speed. Though the word "Computer" has been derived from the term "Computing" or "Calculating".

           Basically a computer is an electronic device or huge data processing unit, which process Raw Data into Meaningful Information

DATA: Data is a collection of facts of figures which is processed to give information.  It can be any set of item, such as words, numbers, symbols, graphics etc.

PROCESSING: The process which arranges the data into organized manner to give meaning is called processing.

INFORMATION: When we process data to give the meaning the result is the information. You can also say the end product of data processing is Information.
The Process of Computing

Capabilities and Characteristics of Computer :

   Computers have some significant characteristics, because of which they are becoming more versatile day by day. These are as follows.

SPEED: Computer is a very high speed device it can perform in few seconds. The amount of work that a human being take a long time to do. The speed of computer is measured in-terms of the number of instruction process per second. The unit of measuring speed is Micro Second, Milli Second, Nano Second and Pico Second.

VOLUME: Computer can hold a large volume of data because the memory capacity of modern computer is very high.

ACCURACY: The accuracy of computer is consistency very high. In case of human being one could commit an error per 50 to 100 calculation but computer commit no error and more efficiency and reliability with any amount of data.

COMPLEXITY: Calculation involving complex algorithms are time consuming and have high possibility of inaccurate result if done manually, but use of computer for such calculation not only ensure accuracy but also it does in a very short time.

TIMELINESS: Information is of no value unless received at the right time, computer with capabilities of speed and accuracy have to great extent improved the timeliness of Information.

DILIGENCE: Computers do not suffer from stress, strain and do not get tired. It lake Burden when repetitive task are given.

STORAGE: It not only process data at high speeds and accurately but also today's computer have huge storage capacity. Data or information can be permanently stored on other storage devices like Compact Disks and tapes etc.

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