Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Introduction To Microsoft Word - Computer Basic Tutorials

MS word is an application software and is also called a word processor. This application software is developed by Microsoft. This software is used to design letters, words and paragraphs etc. to look attractive and meaningful. We can easily set the margin, insert pictures, create colorful text, Underline and bold any character. It also help to create grammatical and spelling errors free documents.
Ms Word 2010
What is Word Processing ?

The application program, which enable to processing of words is called the word processing program or simply word processor. A word processor is a software package that helps the user to crate and edit documents. Creating a document involves typing into the internal memory of the computer and saving it by writing it onto a disk.

Editing the documents involves correcting the spelling mistakes (if any) deleting, coloring, designing, change the letter size and deleting or moving words, sentences of paragraphs.

The followings are some example of popular word processor:-
(1) word perfect (2) word star (3) Microsoft Word etc.

How to start Ms Word ?

start -----> Program ----> Ms Word
start ------> program ---- Ms Office ----Ms Word
Start ---- Run -----> winword
Windows Logo Key + R then type winword press Enter

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