Friday, January 4, 2013

Limitations and Advantages of Computer

Limitations of Computer:

  1. Without power it can not work.
  2. It don not have common sense. That means they operate in a way, which they are programmed to operate.
  3. It has to told exactly what to do.
  4. It can only process jobs can't correct it.
Computer Basic Tutorials
Advantages of Computerization:

  1. Better job opportunities .
  2. Benefit at the place of work.
  3. Better efficiency and increase productivity.
  4. Improvement in quality of products.
  5. Better service to people.
  6. Faster information Retrieval.
  7. Better communication skill.

Use of Computers in Different Fields:

  1. Information processing 
  2. Health care
  3. improved personal safety
  4. Weather forecasting
  5. Education
  6. In the field of communication
  7. Crime detection
  8. Scientific Research
  9. Recreational benefits
  10. Domestic budget planning 

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