Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Unexpected exception BOX_AUTH_ERROR:CLEANUP SYSTEM ! Solved

This is another error form UFS - 3, Unexpected exception BOX_AUTH_ERROR:CLEANUP SYSTEM ! . To solve this error I have searched the mobile forums and found the below result.

Go to folder :C:\WINDOWS\system32 and delete 2 files :hwkkiller.dll ufsloader.dll

But I have not found any of these 2 dll file inside Windows System32 Folder in Windows 7, don't know whether it's available in Windows Xp or not . Then I scan the registry with Ccleaner but nothing happened, it shows same error message BOX_AUTH_ERROR:CLEANUP SYSTEM. So how to solve the problem ?

UFS3 HWK Box Auth Error Cleanup System
Finally I backed up the important files and folders from C Drive, then Reinstall the Windows and Install UFS / HWK Suite and now it's working fine for me. Hope this will help you also.

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